Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Lakes Bouldering, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Pike RidgeChapel Stile Bouldersf3
Easy SlabChapel Stile Bouldersf3
Pocket Slab LeftChapel Stile Bouldersf3+ 4b
Problem 11Langdale Bouldersf3+ 4c
High SlabWrynosef3+ 4c
Fruitbat's DelightEskdale Fishergroundf3+ 4c
Problem 4Eskdale Fishergroundf3+ 4c
Overhanging Wall LeftChapel Stile Bouldersf4 5a
Problem 19Langdale Bouldersf4 5a
Slab CentralKentmeref4 5a
Murray’s CornerConistonf4 5a
Oak CornerEskdale Fishergroundf4 5a
Billy BadgerEskdale Fishergroundf4 5a
Pocket Slab CentreChapel Stile Bouldersf4+ 5b
The CrackLangdale Bouldersf4+ 5b
Rolling Rock WallUllswaterf5 5c
The TraverseEskdale Fishergroundf5 5c
The DiamondEskdale Fishergroundf5 5c
Arete and TraverseWasdalef5+ 5c
No Feet WallChapel Stile Bouldersf5+ 6a
Eiger AspirantWrynosef5+ 6a
Crevasse WallWrynosef5+ 6a
Boardman's AreteCarrock Fellf5+ 6a
MushroomCarrock Fellf5+ 6a
Problem 6Fleswick Bayf5+ 6a
The RunnelFleswick Bayf5+ 6a
Captain KirkCarrock Fellf6A
Terrace WallCarrock Fellf6A
Boardman's Right-handCarrock Fellf6B
The CrackThe Bowderstonef6B
Feeling RoughChapel Stile Bouldersf6C
The OverhangLangdale Bouldersf6C
The PocketLangdale Bouldersf6C
Problem 11Langdale Bouldersf6C
Problem 15Langdale Bouldersf6C
Gwrast the RaggedKentmeref6C
Rouse's WallCarrock Fellf6C
V6 TraverseLangdale Bouldersf7A
Negative Reality InversionKentmeref7A
J MascisGouther Cragf7A+
Problem 31Carrock Fellf7A+
Picnic SarcasticThe Bowderstonef7A+
Eat Yourself WholeLangstrath Bouldersf7B+
Ears of PerceptionThe Bowderstonef7B+
Impropa OperaThe Bowderstonef7B+
Carlisle SlappersGouther Cragf7C
Unfinished OperaThe Bowderstonef7C
NightriderCarrock Fellf7C+
Lateral Gruntings - Power Pinch LinkThe Bowderstonef7C+