Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 27 of the best routes on Scotland - DWS, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Upper East GirdleAberdeen Area5a S1
Depth ChargeAberdeen Area6a S3
Monkey BusinessIsle of Mull6b
Land of Milk and HoneyReiff6b S0
Brine ShrineIsle of Mull6b S0
Depth Charge DirectAberdeen Area6b+ S1
Lean MeatAberdeen Area6b+ S1
ManukaReiff6b+ S1
AcaciaReiff6b+ S1
The GangesReiff6b+ S1
Please Rub Salt into my WoundsIsle of Mull6b+ S1
TarkaIsle of Mull6c S0
Semi-skimmedReiff6c S1
Cyber PimpReiff6c S1
Raw MeatAberdeen Area6c S2
Wet PussyAberdeen Area6c S3
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaAberdeen Area6c S3
MowgliAberdeen Area6c+ S2
DreamlineIsle of Mull7a S1
Hell and High WaterAberdeen Area7a S2
Drowning in AdrenalineIsle of Mull7a S2
Roaring FortiesAberdeen Area7a+ S0
Hole in the WallAberdeen Area7a+ S1
War Without TearsAberdeen Area7b S1
BagheeraAberdeen Area7b+ S2
SushiAberdeen Area7c S1
Shere KhanAberdeen Area7c+ S1