Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Northern Limestone, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Town Hall CornerCastleberg Crag4a
Settle FestivalCastleberg Crag4a
Jean JeanieTrowbarrow QuarryVS
HarijanTrowbarrow QuarryVS
Coral SeaTrowbarrow QuarryVS
ClubfootMalham CoveVS 4c
Hollow EarthTrowbarrow QuarryHVS
AssagaiTrowbarrow QuarryHVS
Red LightAttermire ScarHVS
Little Pink ClareCrummackdaleHVS
Pikedaw WallMalham CoveHVS 5a
Junkyard AngelMalham CoveHVS 5b
Boogie WonderlandTrow Gill6a
The Inertia Syndrome (Revisited)Robin Proctor's Scar6a+
Wheels on FireRobin Proctor's Scar6a+
Subterranean Homesick BluesRobin Proctor's Scar6a+
Cracked ActorTrowbarrow QuarryE2
The DiedreKilnseyE2 5b
CrossbonesMalham CoveE2 5c
WombatMalham CoveE2 5c
Midnight CowboyMalham CoveE3 5c
Face RouteGordaleE3 6a
Black Swan RisingGiggleswick South6b
The Mute SwanGiggleswick South6b
Freak OutTrow Gill6b+
A Fistful of SteroidsScout Scar6b+
The DirectissimaKilnsey6c
Tufa King HardChapel Head Scar6c
Interstellar OverdriveChapel Head Scar6c+
The Jim GrinTroller's Gill7a
Rose CoronaryMalham Cove7a
War HeroChapel Head Scar7a
Yosemite WallMalham Cove7a+
La Mangoustine ScatouflangeChapel Head Scar7a+
Frankie Comes to KilnseyKilnsey7b+
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'Yew Cogar7b+
ObsessionMalham Cove7b+
WargamesChapel Head Scar7b+
New DawnMalham Cove7c
Phantom ZoneChapel Head Scar7c
The AshesKilnsey7c+
The BulgeKilnsey8a
ZoolookMalham Cove8a
RaindogsMalham Cove8a
Grooved AreteKilnsey8a+
G.B.H.Malham Cove8a+
Overnite SensationMalham Cove8a+