Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Dorset, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Pulpit RouteCattle TroughsDiff
Cormorant Buttress WestCormorant LedgeS
First CornerSubluminalS
Second CornerSubluminalS
Fallen SlabBlacknor Beach3a
Fallen Slab AreteBlacknor Beach3a
Diamond BoulderBlacknor Beach4a
Best DestinyBlacknor Central4c
JamThe Cuttings4c
Lost in TimeSeacombe4c
Six Good BicepsBlacknor Beach4c
BehemothBoulder RuckleHVS
Finale GrooveBoulder RuckleHVS
Lightning WallBoulder RuckleHVS
Slings ShotBlacknor North5a
Shit Happens, ActuallyBlacknor Central6a
Monsoon MalabarBlacknor Central6a
Go With the FlowBlacknor Central6a
Reptile SmileBlacknor North6a+
Pregnant PauseBlacknor Central6a+
Stalker's ZoneWallsend South6a+
ConsomméThe Cuttings6a+
Stone MasonWinspit6a+
ElysiumBoulder RuckleE1
The SpookGuillemot LedgeE1
The CongerFisherman's LedgeE2
Tudor RoseGuillemot LedgeE2
Ocean BoulevardBoulder RuckleE3
Buoys Will Be BuoysBattleship Back Cliff6b+
Downtown Julie BrownBlacknor North6c
Turned to StoneBlacknor South6c+
Wolfgang ForeverBlacknor North7a
To Wish the ImpossibleBlacknor South7a
Medusa FallsBlacknor South7a
Mother AfricaBoulder RuckleE4
Freeborn ManFisherman's LedgeE4
Wall of the WorldsBoulder RuckleE5
England's DreamingBlacknor North7a+
Victims of FashionBattleship Edge7a+
Pump HitlerBattleship Back Cliff7a+
Twangy PearlBlacknor Central7b
Sweet Smell of SuccessWallsend North7b
Stay GoldenWallsend North7b
Zinc Oxide MountainBattleship Back Cliff7b+
Sign of the VulcanThe Cuttings7b+
The Big BlueLighthouse Area7c+