Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Western Grit, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Inverted StaircaseRoaches - UpperDiff
Right RouteRoaches - UpperVD
Answer CrackDovestones EdgeHVD
Maud's GardenRoaches - UpperHVD 3c
Black VelvetRoaches - UpperHVD 4a
Pedestal RouteRoaches - UpperHVD 4a
Via PrincipiaShining CloughS 4a
Long ClimbLaddowS 4a
Black and TansRoaches - UpperS 4a
Great ChimneyHen CloudS 4a
Fern CrackRoaches - UpperS 4b
Crack and CornerRoaches - UpperS 4c
Phoenix ClimbShining CloughVS 4c
Via DolorosaRoaches - LowerVS 4c
ValkyrieRoaches - LowerVS 4c
Central ClimbHen CloudVS 4c
Parker's EliminateHobson MoorHVS 5a
East RibShining CloughHVS 5a
Pisa Super DirectShining CloughHVS 5a
Scoop FaceCastle NazeHVS 5a
Saul's CrackRoaches - UpperHVS 5a
The SlothRoaches - UpperHVS 5a
DelstreeHen CloudHVS 5a
RubberneckRoaches - The Five CloudsHVS 5a
Bachelor's Left-handHen CloudHVS 5b
CameoWilton 1E1 5a
HawkwingRoaches - LowerE1 5b
Safety NetRoaches - SkylineE1 5b
Hen Cloud EliminateHen CloudE1 5b
Shivers AreteWilton 3E1 5b
Ocean WallStanding StonesE1 5c
ElegyRoaches - LowerE2 5c
Commander EnergyRoaches - LowerE2 5c
The Golden TowerAnglezarkeE2 5c
Appaloosa SunsetRoaches - The Five CloudsE3 5c
Ascent of ManRoaches - LowerE3 6a
Smear TestRoaches - LowerE3 6a
ChalkstormRoaches - LowerE4 5c
Traveller in TimeRamshawE4 6a
Ramshaw CrackRamshawE4 6a
Wings of UnreasonRoaches - SkylineE4 6a
Thin AirRoaches - LowerE5 6a
Track of the CatRoaches - SkylineE5 6a
TierdropRamshawE5 6b
Entropy's JawRoaches - SkylineE5 6b
Painted RumourRoaches - UpperE6 6a
Barriers in TimeRoaches - LowerE6 6b
A Fist Full of CrystalsRoaches - LowerE6 6b
Piece of MindRoaches - LowerE6 6b