Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Western Grit, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Inverted StaircaseThe RoachesDiff
BoomerangRamshaw RocksVD
Right RouteThe RoachesVD
YongThe RoachesHVD
Maud's GardenThe RoachesHVD
Pedestal RouteThe RoachesHVD
Answer CrackDovestones EdgeHVD
Fern CrackThe RoachesS
Black and TansThe RoachesS
Black VelvetThe RoachesS
Great ChimneyHen CloudS
Via PrincipiaShining CloughS 4a
Long ClimbLaddowS 4a
Via DolorosaThe RoachesVS
ValkyrieThe RoachesVS
Central ClimbHen CloudVS
Phoenix ClimbShining CloughVS 4c
Scoop FaceCastle NazeHVS
Saul's CrackThe RoachesHVS
The SlothThe RoachesHVS
DelstreeHen CloudHVS
Hen Cloud EliminateHen CloudHVS
Bachelor's Left-handHen CloudHVS
Parker's EliminateHobson MoorHVS 5a
East RibShining CloughHVS 5a
Pisa Super DirectShining CloughHVS 5a
HawkwingThe RoachesE1
Safety NetRoaches SkylineE1
CameoWilton 1E1 5a
Shivers AreteWilton 3E1 5b
Ocean WallStanding StonesE1 5c
ElegyThe RoachesE2
Commander EnergyThe RoachesE2
The Golden TowerAnglezarkeE2 5c
Ascent of ManThe RoachesE3
Smear TestThe RoachesE3
ChalkstormThe RoachesE3
Appaloosa SunsetThe Five CloudsE3
Traveller in TimeRamshaw RocksE4
Ramshaw CrackRamshaw RocksE4
Wings of UnreasonRoaches SkylineE4
TierdropRamshaw RocksE5
Clive CoolheadThe RoachesE5
Thin AirThe RoachesE5
Track of the CatRoaches SkylineE5
Entropy's JawRoaches SkylineE5
Barriers in TimeThe RoachesE6
A Fist Full of CrystalsThe RoachesE6
Piece of MindThe RoachesE6
Painted RumourThe RoachesE6