List of First Ascents

1888 Normalveien
FA. Martin Ekroll, Angel Johannesen 1888
1903 Østryggen (Austre Rulten)
FA. W. Cecil Slingsby, J.Norman Collie, H.S.Mundahl, D.Northall-Laurie 17.8.1903
1910 1910 ruta
FA. Carl Wilhelm Rubenson, Alf B.Bryn, Ferdinand Shcjelderup 1910
FA. Carl Wilhelm Rubenson, Alf Bonnevie Bryn, Ferdinand Schjelderop 1910
Nordvest ryggen
FA. Alf B.Bryn, Carl Wilhelm Rubenson, Ferdinand Schjelderup 3.8.1910. Several attempts were made on Trakta before the notable first ascent - yet another pearl in the long string of famous firsts done by Bryn, Rubenson and Schjelderup in 1910. It was an arduous endeavour taking many hours.
1933 Småkallanryggen
FA. Most of this ridge was traversed in 1933 (after an attempt the year before) by Arne Randers Heen and his cousin Eirik Heen. The pair started in Trolldalen, climbed a gully up onto the ridge, and then ascended Lille Vågakallen, Kallebordet and Litlkallen before descending to Kalle.
1936 Sydpilaren
FA. Arne Næss, Else Hertzberg 1936. An audacious ascent for the time, Arne had learnt about the use of pegs in Austria - the new-found techniques came in very useful.
1937 Vesteggen
FA. Arne Næss, Boss Walther 1937. The crux wide crack was climbed using wooden wedges. FFA. Anders Lundahl, Eva Selin 1980
1938 Baksida
FA. (P1) G.Santesson, E.Tjerneld 1938. (P2) Bjørn Bommen, B.Lyche 1928
1939 Nordryggen
FA. Arne Randers Heen, Lars Nordby 6.1939
1945 Sydrenna (Vestre Rulten)
FA. Lars Nordby, Martin Heggedal, Emil Olsen, Magnar Pettersen 7.1945
1947 Forsida
FA. W.Höyer, A.Krane 1947. ,FA. (West Wall Finish) B.Bommen, B.Lyche 1928
1955 Østryggen (Vestre Rulten)
FA. Magnar Pettersen, Wilhelm Höyer, Emil Olsen 7.1955. This was the first ever traverse of both of the summits. Magnar fondly remembers when his climbing partners put a large rock in his rucksack before they started the descent as payment for his doing a lot of the leading on the ascent when they had to carry his pack for him, plus their own!
1966 Vestveggen
FA. J.Bruskeland, N.Faarlund, A. Næss, K.Støren, J.Voll (some aid) 1966,FFA. Anders Lundahl, Eva Selin 1980
1969 Østkammen
FA. Eric Stoltenberd Hansson, Leif Storfjord 1969
1971 Pianohandler Lunds rute
FA. Arild Meyer, Kjell Skog, Ulf Prytz made the first ascent of Lofoten's most popular easy route in 1971 whilst looking for routes for students from the Nord Norsk Klatreskole. The route name, suggested by one of the students, honours a popular comic character from an early 70s radio show.
FA. Bob Barton, John Cardy 1971
FA. A Cambridge University Party 1971
1972 Sauegjerderyggen
FA. Ulf Prytz, Arild Meyer and some NNKS climbing students, early 1970s.
Recht Rinne
FA. Svein Smelvær, Bjørn Hanche-Olsen 1972
1973 Nordøsteggen
FA. Erik Stoltenberg Hansson 1973
1974 Mygga
FA. Bo Nyborg Andersen, Sverre Søgaard 6.1974. They managed to drop a bag containing most of their pitons from high on the route. The name Mygga was given by a later team of climbers.
1975 Vegetarianeren
FA. The story goes that two Scottish climbers made the first ascent, in extremely bad weather, in the mid 1970s. We also have a report of an ascent of the first two-thirds of the route by Peter Pearson and Martin Beecham in July 1968 but they abseiled off because of bad rock.
FA. Tom Pedersen and some NNKS climbing students in the mid-1970s.
1976 Slemgutt risset
FA. Kjell Ove Storvik, Kjell Skog 6.1976
FA. Ben Campbell-Kelly, Kjell Skog 1976. Campbell-Kelly, an Englishman, had climbed extensively in Yosemite Valley in California and, “with this climb he introduced us to harder jam cracks that had a much higher pain threshold,” said Kjell Skog.
FA. John Whittle, Chris Dale 1976
Vestpillaren (Trakta)
FA. Arild Meyer, Johnny Lauritsen, Kjell Skog 7.1976. 9 hours of climbing, 20 hours tent to tent. It was so warm that the climbers sunbathed naked on the summit and waved hello to a passing plane flying low overhead.
1977 Spurven
FA. Arild Meyer, Kjell Skog 7.1977
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold first top-roped pitch 3. Arild Meyer and Kjell Skog first climbed pitch 5 during the first ascent of Spurven in 7.1977. Pitch 6 - Thorbjørnsrisset - was first climbed by Thorbjørn Enevold and NNKS students in the summer of 1989. Ed Webster and Leif Henriksen climbed the complete route described on 29.7.1998
Rom and Cola
FA. Arild Meyer, Finn Tore Bjørnstad, Hans Bjørnstad 8.1977. Finn Tore was singing a line from a popular political song called 'Rom and Cola', by the Swedish rock group, Norrbottens Järn, which went something like, “We're drinking rum and cola, laying in the sun, with no worries about tomorrow.” The singing stopped when the rain started, on the last pitch.
FA. Arild Meyer, Finn Tore Bjørnstad 8.1977
1978 Gandalf
FA. Arild Meyer, Kjell Ove Storvik, Brynjar Tollefsen 5.1978. Not by today's standard route. They climbed left around the pitch 2 overhang, then aid climbed straight through the crack above the Eagle's Nest ledge. Later parties added the now traditional second and third pitches and free climbed the Eagle's Nest finish.
FA. Arild Meyer and Brynjar Tollefsen 10.6.1978 (14 hours). The team carried their courage in their rucksack - pitons of all sizes, bongs and skyhooks. Meyer and Tollefsen swung leads, but high on the face, "we became very wet and cold." The upper section was climbed during a heavy rainstorm. "Shall we go down now?", asked Brynjar when the rain began. "Absolutely not!", replied Arild, typically determined to push on no matter what, and the pair succeeded. This ascent has normally been dated as the 18th June, though this appears to be an error.,FFA. Hans Christian Doseth, Håvard Nesheim (using the Original avslutning) 6.1979.
FA. Arild Meyer, Finn Tore Bjørnstad 14.6.1978. It took them four-and-a-half hours. They used one point of aid (for a rest) on pitch 7, but typically still gave the pitch a rating of 5+!
Vestpillaren Direct
FA. Twelve days after doing the Westpillar Original, Arild returned with Finn Tore Bjørnstad and made the first ascent of the Normal avslutning (Normal Exit) 30.6.1978. The Slanting Corner pitch was first climbed by Helge Stokstad and Harald Henden in 1982. Arild and Finn Tore Bjørnstad did the Direct Start used here "sometime in the 1980s'.
1979 Tromsø ekspressen
FA. Håvard and Sjur Nesheim 1979 or 1980. They may have used a different finish to the one described.,FA. (Pitch 2) Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold 1993
Guns 'n' Roses
FA. Sjur and Håvard Nesheim climbed the vertical hand-crack on pitch 2 in 1979, calling it Kvite spøkesla (White Ghosts) because it was the first time they had ever used chalk. Odd-Roar Wiik and Gunnar Austrheim climbed all of pitches 2 and 3 in 1990, using a start up the crack system round to the right of pitch 1. The route as described was first climbed by Thorbjørn Enevold and Truls Seines in 6.1993.
FA. Hans Christian Doseth 1979. It had previously been aided.
FA. Hans Christian Doseth, Finn Jensen 1979
FA. Finn Jensen, Niels Poulsen 14.7.1979. They thought they were climbing Spurven but later realised that they had done a new route. ,FA. (The Direct Crack) Odd-Roar Wiik, Egil Eliassen 5.1992
FA. Kjell Skog and partner 7.1979. ,FA. (Pitch 1 and pitch 3 direct) Knut Storvik, Andreas Christiansen 1999.
Pianohandler Lunds drøm
FA. Sjur Nesheim, Kjell Ove Storvik 7.1979
1980 Nordøstpilaren
FA. Tommy Nilsson, Gudmund Soderin 1980
FA. Arild Meyer, Kjell Skog, Finn Tore Bjørnstad 7.1980. They took 26 hours. ,FFA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Robert Caspersen, Arild Meyer 2001. The young hotshots brought the grand master along because they needed someone to lead them up the last grotty pitches. In 2006 Jonas Dahlstrup and Erik Grunnesjö did it car-to-car in 12 hours - speedy!,FFA. Oskar Alexandersson free climbed the original line on p4, 1.8.2013
1981 Korstoget
FA. The first ascent of To krigere by Sjur Nesheim and Yngvar Julin in 1981 included pitches 8 to 11 for the first time. A similar line to today's pitches 1 to 4 was first climbed by Håvard Nesheim and Tom Pedersen in 1979, but they finished up Vestpillaren. In 1980, Sjur Nesheim and Kjell Skog descended from the top of pitch 5 without bolting the crux slab. Bengt Flygel Nilsfors and Odd-Roar Wiik then added the necessary bolts and linked the complete free first ascent together, on their fifth attempt, in 8.1992
Flua på veggen
FA. Edly Grape took a serious leader fall attempting the crux pitch in 1981 - and rope-burned the mouth of his partner, Ivar Olsen, who held him. Olsen returned with Bent Svinnung and completed route on 20.5.1982
FA. Bjørn Braathen and partner climbed the main finger-crack 6.1981. Anders Bergwall, Mark Diggins, Johan Arnegård, Dick Johansson, Anders Swensson, Stefan Palm made the first complete ascent of the route during a guide assessment for the Swedish Mountain Guides Organization, 8.1992
Odins bue
FA. Ivar Olsen and Edly Grape climbed the first 2 pitches and the overlap start of pitch 3 on aid in 1981. Arild Meyer and Ed Webster free climbed the first 2 pitches on 23.7.1993 but were thwarted by the pitch 3 overlap. Returning on 4.8.1993, after a start up Fingerrisset, Meyer and Webster placed one bolt each on aid on the overlap. The pitch 3 arch above was dripping wet; Webster led it almost entirely on aid, but Meyer followed it free except for the 2 aid bolts! These were eliminated by Jonas Tetlie, Andreas Christiansen, Knut Storvik in the summer of 1998.
FA. Arne Nybråten (top-rope) 7.1981
To krigere
FA. Sjur Nesheim, Yngvar Julin from 25.11.1981 to 1.12.1981. They finished the route in a storm after having had a fire on their portaledge!
1982 Himmelen kan vente
FA. (Pitches 2 and 3) Helge Stokstad, Harald Henden 1982. They climbed the initial crack system plus the Slanting Groove pitch of the Vestpillaren. ,FA. (as described) Patrik Fransson, Thorbjørn Enevold 15.6.1997,FA. (Variation finish) Jonas Dahlstrup et al 2000s
FA. Bent Svinnung, Bjørn Braathen 1982
Love Me Two Times
FA. Bjørn Braathen (top-rope) 1982. FA. Arild Meyer, Finn Jensen 1985. They placed three bolts on abseil - these were later removed. The route may still await a fully clean lead!
Svenske diedret
FA. Originally an aid route, two Swedish climbers made the first free ascent in the early 1980s.
Zig Zag
FA. Arild Meyer, Bjørn Braathen, summer 1982
FA. Helge Stokstad, Rune Thrap-Meyer 1982
1983 Sagostunden
FA. Tommy Nilsson, Peter Lundgren 1983
1984 Klokkeren
FA. Tommy Nilsson and partner (some aid on pitch 7) 1984 or 1985 ,FFA. Tim Hansen, Ingun Raastad Summer 1986
Thirst in the Clouds
FA. (First 11 pitches) Arild Meyer and Finn Jensen (5+/A1) 1984 ,FA. A Russian team of Orujov Alex, Andrew and Varvarkin Shamukov Alexander 6.2009
1985 Kirkegårdsrisset
FA. Kjell Arne Andreassen 1980s. ,FFA. Robert Caspersen 2003
FA. Arild Meyer 1980s
FA. Arild Meyer, Sjur Nesheim 1985
Biff Tartar
FA. Arild Meyer and partner, mid-1980s
FA. Arild Meyer (top-rope) 1985
Rått kjøtt
FA. Arild Meyer, Sjur Nesheim, Håvard Nesheim mid 1980s
FA. Arild Meyer and friends 1980s
FA. The route was an aid climb back in the 1980s. The FFA was by Petter Restorp in 2000 though it had been top-roped the previous year.
FA.Øyvind Vadla, Jonas Holmen, Bernt Pedersen 1985
1986 Bare blåbær
FA. Tim Hansen, Ingun Raastad 1986
1988 Ant Line
FA. Haakon Christiansen and Niels Poulsen climbed the first pitch in 7.1988. Soon after Kjell Ove Storvik and Niels Poulsen completed the line.
1989 Gandalf's kamin
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Kjell-Arne Andreassen 5.1989
Dagens rett
FA. (Pitch 1) Niels Poulsen, Haakon Christiansen 1989. Thorbjørn Enevold and NNKS climbing students climbed the top finger-crack around the same time. Ed Webster and Arild Meyer linked the pitches together on 18.5.1994
FA. Niels Poulsen, Odd-Roar Wiik 1989
Thiras Mirith
FA. (Middle section - the traverse and hand-crack) Odd-Roar Wiik, Jørgen Sundby, Borghild Hansen 7.1989. FA. (as described) Thorbjørn Enevold, Per Kylner, Jenny Gustavsson 8.7.1993
1990 Skomaker Grus
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold (Skomaker) with a party, and Odd-Roar Wiik with another party (Grus) more or less on the same date in 1990. Nobody could remember who went first, so they added the two names together to share the fame and glory. Odd-Roar Wiik and team did the left-hand start.
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 9.1990
1991 Sea Breeze
FA. (to top of pitch 3) Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fageri 5.1991,FA. (full route) Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold 8.1991
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 26.7.1991
Lys og skygge
FA. (P1) Ed Webster, Trond Solberg 2.8.1991 ,FA. (P2) Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold 3.8.1991
The American Tourist
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Andreas Bergwall, Ed Webster 4.8.1991
Butter Arms
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 5.8.1991. They aid climbed the top crack on nuts. FFA. Håkon Hansen 2.8.1998. He gave it 9- initially.
Living in Paradise
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 5.8.1991. Probably done before.
Highway to Heaven
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 12.8.1991. Two days were spent cleaning the route. They were met upon their descent after one day of cleaning by a local policeman and the Svolvær Mountain Rescue team. Their dislodging of loose rocks and warning shouts had prompted an elderly woman to telephone the police to say some climbers needed rescuing. This was duly reported the next day on the local radio and in Lofotposten. Øyvind Vadla free climbed part of pitch 2 on 2.7.1993
Applecake Arete
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 13.8.1991
Kongens hjørne
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik 8.1991. The day that King Harald was visiting Henningsvær. He stopped his car to watch Odd-Roar finish the pitch.
Tynne ting
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 9.1991
1992 Ypperstepresten
FA. Bengt Flygel Nilsfors, Aart Verhage 5.1992
FA. Arild Meyer, Thorbjørn Enevold 5.1992
Straight Albatross
FA. (Starting up Lundeklubben) Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 5.1992. They climbed part of pitch 2 (not the crux) plus all of pitch 3.,FA. (as described) Thorbjørn Enevold 1990s
Fire forsøk
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Aart Verhage, Bengt Flygel Nilsfors 5.1992
FA. Bengt Flygel Nilsfors, Aart Verhage 5.1992
FA. Arild Meyer - The Old Puffin, Thorbjørn Enevold - The Young Puffin 5.1992
Johan Boyer
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Morten Solberg, Trond Solberg 5.1992,FRFA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 6.2008
Den Siste Viking
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 5.1992
FA. Patrick Fransson, Odd-Roar Wiik early 1990s
Sorte Orm
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 1992. They finished leftwards via a loose crack - not recommended. ,FA. (as described) Mathias and Eirik Andersen 1992
Dream of White Whales
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 1992. The route is as long as a whale.
Nye tider
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, early 1990s
Fremmed på veien
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg (point of aid in the groove) 1992,FFA. Erik Grunnesjö, Arild Meyer 8.2006
Blod eller gull
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Johan Sandberg 6.1992
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen (3 points of aid on the last pitch) 6.1992. After climbing two other pitches at the start, Arild Meyer free climbed the top overhang with Ottar Skog in October 1993.
FA. Daniel Bidner early 1990s. It had previously been aided.
The Italian Route
FA. A strong Italian team, summer 1992
Sva i September
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Enevold 1992. Thorbjørn returned a few short weeks later with Trond Solberg to make the first winter ascent on the obvious major line to the right.
FA. (Pitch 1) Thorbjørn Enevold, Johan Sandberg 7.1992. ,FA. (as described) Odd-Roar Wiik, Thorbjørn Enevold 6.1993. They managed to break a key foothold on the crux in the process.
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik and partner 7.1992. They used 1 point of aid on the crux overlap. FFA. Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold 12.7.1993
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 8.1992
Shivering Dick
FA. Dick Johansson, Anders Bergwall 8.1992
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 9.1992
Variasjon til en variasjon
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 9.1992
1993 Soria Moria
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen (aid) 3.1993,FFA. Linus Kullstad late 1990s
Ormen Lange
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen, Anders Jacobsson 4.1993,FFA. Gustaf Leijonhuvud, Joachim Vagner 15.8.2003
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Brynjar Østgaard, Odd-Birger Hanssen 11.6.1993
FA. Ed Webster, Arild Meyer, Odd-Roar Wiik 1993
Sticky Fingers
FA. Arild Meyer, Odd-Roar Wiik 1993
Luke Skywalker
FA. (Original) Johan Sandberg, Truls Seines 1993,FA. (Left-hand finish) Thorbjørn Enevold, Johan Sandberg 1993
FA. Odd-Road Wiik, Thorbjørn Enevold 6.1993. On the first ascent, Odd-Roar promised to belay part-way up the crack, but it was so good that he led it all in one go, with a cuckoo singing in the background.
Wandering Albatross
FA. Ed Webster and Tormod Klepper 1.7.1993
Running for Rasmus
FA. Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold, Truls Seines 4.7.1993
Rasmus ekspressen
FA. Tom Cosgriff, Sjur Nesheim (with one fall) 5.7.1993. The day Rasmus Enevold was born.
FA. Ed Webster, Johan Sandberg 5.7.1993. The hand-traverse pitch had been climbed before.
FA. Tom Cosgriff, Sjur Nesheim 9.7.1993. The first ascent took 11 hours and was done with all nut protection.
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 10.7.1993
Himmel og Helvete
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 12.7.1993. The first complete ascent which they finished at 1:30 in the morning. Arild Meyer, Sjur Nesheim and Ulf Prytz made the first attempt on the general line in 7.1971. “... but luckily we got rained off before we got into trouble,” said Arild. Niels Poulsen and Jørgen Sundby added pitch 3 - the Yosemite Dihedral - in 1989.
FA. Johan Sandberg, Bo Andersson 7.1993
FA. Ed Webster, Maria Hannus 16.7.1993
Gin Fizz
FA. Ed Webster, Sander Koetsier 21.7.1993
Gamle rev
FA. Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold 25.7.1993,FA. (Revungen) Asgeir Larsen, Jonatan Rask 6.2007
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Thor Solberg Kvande 3.8.1993 ,FA. (Direct version) Stephen Gaass, Marius Jakobsen 6.2010
Månens døtre
FA. Ed Webster, Johan Sandberg 15.8.1993. On their second attempt.
Solens sønner
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 16.8.1993. On their third attempt.
FAA. Odd-Roar Wiik (solo) 11.1993 as Teknisk Trening (Aid Practice).,FFA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Thorbjørn Enevold 6.1995. They had plans for Presten but ended up in the Cafe making pizza for tourists. Eventually they nicked a couple of slices and headed off to free this fine route.
Nemesis trollkirka
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 11.1993. They abseiled off above pitch 2.
1994 Live Aid
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 1.1994. Ascent made by headtorch.
Mackøl og måsegg
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 6.5.1994
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Ed Webster 6.5.1994
Meyer/Wiik ruta
FA. Arild Meyer, Odd-Roar Wiik 8.5.1994
FA. Ed Webster, Knut Fausa Storvik 12.5.1994. The 6th anniversary of Webster's near summit day on Mt. Everest's Kangshung Face.
FA. Patrick Fransson, Thorbjørn Enevold 1994
Happy Campers
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 1994
Moody Blue
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 1994
BB King was Wrong (the Thrill isn't Gone)
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Johan Sandberg 1994
Jerry Lee
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 1994
Sterk, Naken og Biltyvene
FA. Niels Poulsen, Odd-Roar Wiik (some aid) 1994,FFA. Bjarte Bø, Anne Grete Nebell 29.7.1997
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Patrik Fransson 1994
Four Pitch Route
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 6.1994,FA. (Trollmannens...) Odd-Roar Wiik, Johan Sandberg 1996
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Paulsen, Truls Seines (some aid) 1994 ,FFA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Patrik Fransson 1995
Sørvest pillaren
FA. Trond Seem, Haakon Christiansen 7.7.1994
FA. Andy Perkins, Clive Davis 7.1994
1995 Vår pump
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Patrik Fransson (with some aid) 30.4.1995,FFA. Patrik Fransson, Thorbjørn Enevold 5.1995
Tom Jones
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 1995
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Martin Jakobsson 1990s
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen (some aid and called Kaos) 1990s ,FFA. Petter Restorp and Hanna Melin
I rampelyset
FA. Robert Caspersen 1990s. Bolted and climbed with an audience from a NNKS course to show how sport climbing actually works. He stopped between moves to explain what he was doing!
Snickar glädje
FA. Unknown Swedes in 1995 (or at least their entry in the New Routes' Book was illegible).
FA. Petter Restorp 1990s
FA. Jimmy Halvardsson 1990s
FA. Jimmy Halvardsson 1990s
Blåhval superstar
FA. Petter Restorp 1990s
Du gamla du fria
FA. Geir-Rune Holm 1990s
FA. Simond Thyr 1990s
Frøken Sverige
FA. Simond Thyr 1990s
I rampelyset direkte
FA. Knut Storvik 1990s
Kjære frøken Johansson
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Arild Meyer 6.1995
Djupfjord Buttress
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 1995. A nice piece of rock that may have been climbed earlier and not recorded.
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Johan Sandberg 1995
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Arild Meyer 1995
Full fart
FA. Krister Jonsson, Anders Lundkvist 1990s
FA. Krister Jonsson, Erik Berglund 1990s
Easy Rider and the Fat Boy
FA. Patric Fransson, Krister Jonsson 1990s
Spinning Wheel
FA. Anders Lundkvist, Krister Jonsson 1990s
Massor av kubik
FA. Patric Fransson, Anders Lundkvist 1990s
Kaptein Sabeltann
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Trond Helge Hansen 1995
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Ketil Lunde 1995
Migan Pillaren
FA. Arild Meyer, Odd-Roar Wiik 1995
Gelbe kante
FA. Knut Storvik mid 1990s. Initially top-roped by Arild Meyer and Magnar
A Cry in the Dark
FA. Jørgen Sundby, Niels Paulsen 1990s
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Johan Rosander 1990s
Bibel hjørnet
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 7.1995
Nøttolfs fristelse
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Patrik Fransson (one point of aid) 7.1995,FFA. Patrik Fransson and Anders Lundquist shortly after.
Ingen sommerferie
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Paulsen 12.8.1995
Skårungens hevn
FA. Arild Meyer, Odd-Roar Wiik 9.1995
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Arild Meyer 9.1995
1996 Kakadu
FA. Krister Johnsson 5.1996. Originally done on aid.
FA. Jimmy Halvardsson, Thorbjørn Enevold 1996
FA. Krister Jonsson, Hanna Falkestrøm 1996
FA. Kirster Johnson and NNKS students 1996
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Eirik Skjeseth, Kenneth Jensen 1996
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Knut Storvik, Ragnar Ekker (aid) 1996. ,FFA. Andreas Christansen, Knut Storvik 1998
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Andreas Christansen 1996
Hardt klientell
FA. Andreas Christiansen, Eivind Storvik, Jonas Tetlie 1996. The original route on the cliff by quite a few years.
Lille vikke vire
FA. Kirster Jonsson, Johan Reuterholdy 7.1996
Generation X
FA. Jason Porter, Mike Ayres 29.7.1996
Ayers Rock
FA. Matt Heason, 'Max' 20.8.1996
Kjærlighetens kjøtere
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Arild Meyer 9.1996
1997 Jørn Roger
FA. Andreas Christiansen, Jonas Tetlie, Easter 1997
Blod eller gull Right-hand Finish
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Trond Helge Hansen 1997
Mordar Anders
FA. Krister Jonsson, Anders Lundkvist 1997
Øst pillaren
FA. Arild Meyer, Jonas Tetli 1997. Repeating the route many years later Arild discoverd the 'easy scramble approach' had turned into Grade 5 climbing - such is the passage of time!
Søring variant
FA. Anne Grete Nebell, Bjarte Bø 1997
Fast Foot
FA. Andreas Christansen, Runar Eilertsen 1997
Left Approximation
FA. Ole Klingeman, Eggert Keller 7.1997
Permit to Åsgård
FA. Holger Jantsch, Ole Klingeman, Eggert Keller 7.1997. The stances were bolted top-down despite the local ethic.
1998 Famous Grouse
FA. Andreas Christiansen, Ragnar Ekker, Lars Ekker, Knut Storvik 1998
Herman Hedning
FA. Andreas Christiansen, Ragnar Ekker 6.1998
Three Lions on the Shirt
FA. Nick Ashton, Vidar Kolstad 1.7.1998
Ørnens brødre
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Arild Meyer 7.1998. "We are not really the Brothers of the Eagle. The name is strongly ironic. We just wanted it to match with the rest of the names on the cliff."
FA. Robert Jasper, Daniela Jasper 7.1998,FFA. Martin Skaar Olslund 07.2015. Thomas Meling followed 'most of it' free cleaning the pitches.
Ptarmigan Slabs
FA. John Holden, Roger Brown 4.8.1998
For Cod's Sake
FFA. Dave Musgrove, Nick Ashton 10.8.1998
Whale Meet Again
FA. Nick Ashton, Glenn Henry, David Musgrove 11.8.1998
Coley Smoke
FA. Nick Ashton, Glenn Henry, Dave Musgrove 11.8.1998
1999 Sørveggen
FA. Ruth Fenn, Stefan Grisser (Switzerland) 6.6.1999
Dr. Jekyll
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 1999
Mr Hyde
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 1999
FA. Martin Jakobsson, Krister Johnson 19.6.1999
Måken Sven
FA. Aina Konradsen, Stein Stenkjær 3.7.1999
FA. T.Sieger, F.Moell 4.7.1999. The ascent took 7 hours.
Wee Beastie
FA. Mark Garthwaite, Mick Fowler 4.7.1999
The Codfather
FA. Mark Garthwaite, Mick Fowler 5.7.1999. A couple of prolific days for Mark and Mick who also completed the first ascent of Wee Beastie on Myggapillaren the previous day.
Swedish Highway Blues
FA. V.Šatava, M.Vrkoslav 16.7.1999
Disco Volante
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Mathias Sjöberg 11.1999
2000 Djupfjord sprickan
FA. Simon Thyr 5.2000
Kom igjen for Helvete
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Kurt Kristiansen c2000
Automatic for the People
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Ken Pettersen 2000. The first fully bolted pitch in Lofoten - Thorbjørn sees what is coming and gets in first.
Myror i ballorn
FA. Rick McGregor, 29.6.2000
Lofoten Panorama
FA. Ole-Bjørnar Norstad, Jonas Tetlie 7.2000
Ladies' Jigsaw
FA. Pauline Bird, Donna Thompson 24.7.2000
2001 Grus i øgat
FA. Peter Restorp, Erik Westling 2001
Ridderne av det runde bord
FA. Knut Storvik, Eivind Storvik 9. 2001
Child's Play
FA. Michael Hayes, Graham Weston 8.8.2001
2002 Aprilsnarr
FA. Ragnar Ekker, Knut Storvik 1.4.2002
Camping vogna
FA. Knut Storvik 4.2002
Crusaders of the Metal Blade
FA. Eivind Storvik 4.2002
Ridderne av Niih
FA. Knut Storvik 4.2002
FA. Jan Helge Furnesvik, Odd-Roar Wiik 2.6.2002
FA. Frøydis Ravlo, Robert Caspersen 2.6.2002
FA. Robert Caspersen 10.6.2002. The route was named in memory of Robert's brother Pål Espen who died in an abseiling accident on Presten on 10.6.2000.
Borr i Bekkmørtna
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Knut Storvik 2002. Named after a renowned Norwegian wanderer.
Kor e hammaren Edvard
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Knut Storvik 2002. Named after a well-known traditional Lofoten song.
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2002
FA. Eivind Storvik, Knut Storvik 2002
Bære baill
FA. Jonas Tetlie 2002
2002 Snykov
FA. Knut Storvik, Andreas Christiansen 2002
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
Revenge of the Niña
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2002
Rage of Honour
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
FA. Knut Storvik, Andreas Christiansen 2002
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
Power of the Dragonflame
FA. Eivind Storvik 2002
Fu Manchu
FA. Andreas Christensen 2002
Sko and garn
FA. Andreas Christensen 2002
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2002
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
Holms mammutsko
FA. Knut Storvik 2002 and 2003
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
Herman Kraghs vei
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2002
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2002
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
i Urrisse
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
FA. Hendrik Bollingmo 2002
FA. Eivind Storvik 2002
Skate or Die
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2002
Jævle mærr
FA. Geir Rune Holm 2002
Dr Dread
FA. Geir Rune Holm 2002
Boss Dewalt
FA. Geir Rune Holm 2002
Märtha and Ari
FA. Geir Rune Holm 2002
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
Langbeins svaparadise
FA. Knut Storvik 2002
Bormeister Fausa
FA. Hendrik Bollingmo 2002
A Wee Nip
FA. Jonathan Bertalot, Jim Church 10.7.2002
FA. Knut Storvik 7.2002
2003 Skrovafestivalen
FA. Andreas Christiansen 5.6.2003
Skrova festivalen
FA. Andreas Christiansen 5.6.2003
FA. Knut Storvik 2003
FA. Knut Storvik, Andreas Christiansen 2003
Turistens klagan
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2003
Drømmen om Michaela
FA. Robert Caspersen with NNKS students - Marius, Piter, Erika, Ilse, Olav and Øyvind 2003
Genus Locy
FA. Martin Jakobsson, Fredrik Rapp 2.7.2003. Pitches 3, 4 and 5 were done by Arild Meyer and Nils Paulsen "a long time ago" in a free attempt on Storpillaren.,FFA. Martin Skaar Olslund 7.2015. Torbjørn Solheim cleaned the route on jumar.
Kneeling Jesus
FA. Gustaf Leijonhovud, Jens ?...strøm, Nils J. Vagner 3.8.2003
Storm Pillar
FA. Mike 'Twid' Turner, Louise Turner 9.2003
2004 No Place to Flounder
FA. Max Durson, Will Wykes 12.6.2004
The Hobbit
FA. Jonas Dalstrup 2004
Heimlich maneuver
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2004
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik 2004
Fjell og vidde klatring
FA. Ragnar Ekker, Knut Storvik 2004
Surprise Cafe
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2004
FA. Robin Thomas, Andrew Norton 18.7.2004 ,FFA. Andreas Klarstöm, Mats Mosti 24.7.2014
Shine a Light
FA. Andrew Norton, Klaus von Aynaten 21.7.2004
Jammen, Jammen
FA. Øvind Utby, Andreas Capjon 23.7.2004
Hot Fisk, Jumping Weasel
FFA. Dave Barnes, Robin Thomas 24.7.2004. Really the name should have been Hot Fisk, Jumping Røyskatt.
Riz Raz
FA. Øyvind Utby, Andreas Capjon 24.7.2004,FA. (Alpinisten) Anders Bergwall, Odd-Roar Wiik 1.1993
Reidar Sjuse
FA. Knut Storvik 28.7.2004
Sex on the Beach
FA. Oskar Alexanderson, Jonas Dahlstup 30.7.2004
Haakon's Restless Crack
FA. Haakon Christiansen, Nils Paulsen 1.8.2004. Rather than join the queue for 'Bilberries' the team decide to go off and do a new route.
Hoppalong Knut
FA. Knut Hatteland Sømme 1.8.2004
Stinker's Corner
FA. Andreas Christiansen 1.8.2004
Power of the Locals
FA. Knut Storvik, H. Sømme 15 .8.2004
Lille vakre Anna
FA. Eivind Storvik 14.10.2004
2005 Crux-Judas
FA. Knut Storvik 7.4.2005
Mølje kalas
FA. Andreas Christiansen 11.4.2005. Named after a typical north Norwegian dish (the whole fish).
Rutger Hauer
FA. Knut Storvik 16.4.2005
Svart magi
FA. Sindre Sæther 25.5.2005
The Next Best Thing
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Adam Stack 2005.
Norwegian Sheep Ranch
FA. Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden 2005
FA. Knut Storvik 2005
Tante Bente
FA. Knut Storvik, Andreas Christiansen 2005
Oves kvalbiff
FA. Knut Storvik, Andreas Christiansen 2005
FA. Knut Storvik 2005
Very Expensive Ticket
FA. Pawel Grenda, Bartek Malinowski, Marcin Szymelfenig (Poland) 16.6.2005
Joker nord
FA. Sindre Sæther 24.6.2005
Ellinor's vise
FA. Andreas Christiansen 25.6.2005
FA. Eivind Storvik 2.7.2005
Full belastning
FA. Andreas Christiansen 5.7.2005
It's All About the Numbers
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Adam Stack 7.7.2005
Looks can be Deceiving
FA. Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden 7.7.2005
FA. Knut Storvik 7.7.2005
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik 9.7.2005
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik 12.7.2005
FA. Andreas Christiansen 15.7.2005
Time is a Disaster
FA. Nigel Redshaw, Alex Pearce 20.7.2005
FA. Andreas Christiansen 27.7.2005
FA. Knut Storvik 29.7.2005
Live 8
FA. Andreas Christiansen 6.8.2005
Uvørn sjænking
FA. Knut Storvik 6.8.2005
FA. Miro Mrava, Brano Turcek 10.8.2005
The Joker
FA. Nic Bassnett, Roger Brown (alts) 11.8.2005
FA. Jonatan Rask, Jonas Dahlstrup (as an aid route, because they forgot their rock shoes) 12.8.2005. FFA. Erik Grunnesjø, Jonas Dahlstrup 2007
2006 Søndagskole turen
FA. Robert Caspersen, Andy Cave 6.2006
The Caveman
FA. Robert Caspersen, Andy Cave 6.2006. Onsight and without falls.
FA. Arild Meyer 2006
Jann's Adventure
FA. Lofoten Tindeklubb 2006
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2006
FA. Knut Storvik 2006
FRA. Rick McGregor, 24.7.2006
FRA. Rick McGregor, 24.7.2006
2007 Attaca con tufa
FA. Eirik Birkelund Olsen 28.5.2007
FA. Lex Pearce 3.6.2007
Milburn 25
FA. Lex Pearce, Nigel Redshaw 3.6.2007
FA. Lex Pearce, Nigel Redshaw 10.6.2007
Frozen in Time
FA. Nigel Redshaw, Alex Pearce 12.6.2007
Shark Ride
FA. Nigel Redshaw, Lex Pearce 13.6.2007
Tyngre enn du Tror
FA. Leif Gunner Bradal, Øyvind Haug 2007
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Ola Modéer 2007. Also recorded as 'Anti Ant' by Rick McGregor Mikael Grumstedt 26.07.2009
FA. Fredrik Rapp 2007
FA. Knut Storvik 2007
FRA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 2007
Seaside Special
FRA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 2007
FRA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 2007
Venus Passagen
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Johan Sandberg 7.2007
FA. Mie Kastet, Odd-Roar Wiik 7.2007
Heart of Paradise
FA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 28.7.2007. We are aware that this may have been soloed by Arild Meyer in the 1980s, in his rubber boots, whilst setting up a top-rope for his students.
FA. Knut Storvik 8.2007
2008 Pizzatyven Direct
FA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 6.2008. Climbed just after the guidebook launch. The harrowing rightward mantel was the first sign that the line given for Pizzatyven in the brand new book might not be quite right.
FA. Leif Magnussen, Jørgen Aamot, Stein Møller, Lena Dahl 2008
There is to Do
FA. Kristian Westerlund, Johanna Wernqvist 2008
Job to Do
FA. Kristian Westerlund, Johanna Wernqvist 2008
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, Simon Svendsen 2008
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Bobo Gustavsson 2008
Den Siste Sommaren
FFA. Magnus Eriksson, Frej Wichman 2008
Traverse of the Cods
FRA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 2008
Paradise Regained
FRA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 2008
Lost in Living
FRA. Rob Pizem, Brian Heppner, 2008
Master Class
FRA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 6.2008
Demon Rib
FRA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 6.2008
Demo Route
FRA. Colin Binks, 6.2008. The 2nd failed to follow and got a strop on!
Man Hands
FA. Andrew Burr, Brian Heppner, Ari Menitove, Mike Brumbaugh, Rob Pizem (all USA) 6.2008
Ninja Survive
FA. Knut Storvik 2008
Bare blåveis
FA. Rolf Bae, Robert Casperson, Jonas Dahlstrup, Eiliv Ruud 24.6.2008
Asturia Route
FA. Augel Castro, Miguel Angel Adrados 25.6.2008
Turborg Classic
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, Simon Svendsen 5.7.2008
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Mie Kastet 11.7.2008
Til ungdommen
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Mie Kastet 12.7.2008
Danske Ruta
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, Simon Svendsen 15.07.2008 Jonas promised that more details would follow shortly! A similar line was claimed a couple of months later by Matej Knavs and Primoz Kunaver, they called it Medina.
FA. Magnus Eriksson, Frej Wichman 7.2008
Todarodes Sagittatus
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Mie Kastet 7.2008
Bånn hyling
FA. Mie Kastet 7.2008. FA. (Halv fart) Odd-Roar Wiik 7.2008
Rolling Stone
FRA. Leif Gunnar Brandal, Karin Sørlie 16.7.2008
Den Engelske Turist
FA. Paul Josse, John Venier 17.7.2008
Hellskardtindan Slabs
FA. Terje Lokken, Paul Josse, Steve Brown, John Venier 26.7.2008
After Work
FA. Erik Grunnesjö, Jonas Dahlstrup 28.7.2008
FA. Erik Grunnesjö, Mathias Stromqvist 31.7.2008
The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll
FA. Jonas Dalstrup, Otto Romfo 7.8.2008
King of Rock 'n' Roll
FA. Jonas Dalstrup, Otto Romfo 7.8.2008
2009 Filling in the Blanks
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, Simon Svendsen 5.6.2009
Fish Restaurant
FA. Lukáš Marecek, Jirí Švihálek (Cze) 11.6.2009
Goodbye High School
FA. Jirí Švihálek, Lukáš Marecek (Czk) 12.06.2009. They had just finished High School and the reward was six weeks in Lofoten - see story page 78.
Fremdeles Tapir
FA. Jonas Dalstrup, Otto Romfro 2009
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Bobo Gustavsson 2009
Vestpillaren Variation Start
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, Simon Svendsen 6.2009
Hungry Eyes
FA. Lukáš Marecek, Jirí Švihálek (Cze) 18.06.2009. After three weeks climbing in Lofoten and four days sheltering in the ferry waiting room the team were really hungry, for food and climbing.
Sound of Waves
FA. Jirí Švihálek, Lukáš Marecek (Cze) 19.06.2009. The route was so called because they spent lot of time climbing in the clouds with just the sound of the sea far below.
Ticket to Greenland
FA. Lukas Marecek, Jiri Švihálek (Cze) 26.06.2009. Named as they saw this route as training for an upcoming Greenland trip.
Aina suger kantarell
FA. Andreas Holm, Ola Kalen 3.7.2009
Doktor Spirit
FA. Leif Gunnar Brandal, Kari Hjelkem 10.7.2009
Sva Magen
FA. Kari Hjelkrem, Ole Marius Gaupseth, Leif Gunnar Brandal 12.07.2009
Pure Addiction
FA. Andreas Holm, Ola Kalen, Henrik Sjöqvist 13.7.2009
Aanie Onyoo
FA. Mick Tighe, Doug Lee 2.8.2009
FA. Calle Martins, Per Forsberg 8.2009
Can't Believe it's not Butter
FRA. Stuart Day 30.8.2009
The Altar Boys
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, Jonathan Rask 7.09.2009
2010 Risset Rider
FA. Robin Thomas, Alex Moran, 09.06.2010
FA. Roman Kamler, Janek Bednarik (Czech Republic) 6.2010
Ole Johnny tribute
FA. Anders Rake, Joel Frans 2010-ish
May I?
FA. Morgan Sahlen, FFA. Carl Granlun both c2010
FA. Morgan Sahlen c2010. FFA. Carl Granlun c2010
Hungry Moose
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup (solo) 2010. Whilst on the route a moose came up to checkout Jonas's pack - it ate all of his lunch.
Be Calm
FRA. Eric Parker, Ron Kenyon 18.6.10
Bunkered Paradise
FRA. Ron Kenyon, Eric Parker 18.6.2010
Escape to Paradise
FRA. Ron Kenyon, Eric Parker 18.6.2010
Första approximationen
FA. Joakim Söderström, Jonas Wiklund, 27.7.2010
Den fantastiske Mikkel rev
FA. Mikkel Seeberg, Yugve Solendal 9.2010
2011 Ørneunge
FA. Jukka Leinonen, Petri Juntunen 25.5.2011. The team drove from Finland in search of a new multi-pitch route, as there are none where they come from.
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Martin Jakobsson 2011. Carl Granlund climbed the same line in May 2016 but kept right of the fin - Penan, N7-.
Home boy
FA. Martin Jakobsson, Fredrik Rapp 2011
Heaven and Hell
FA. Filip Zahradnik, Radovan Kunc (Czech Republic) 20.6.2011
Von viel Hilft viel
FA. Daniel Sonsbacher, Hannes Scmitt, Hannes Gamger 30.6.2011
Ant Pillar Extension
FRA. Hannu-Pekka Hyppanen, Jukka Leinon, Olli-Pekka Kaurahalme 3.7.2011 though NNKS teams have been doing it for years
Der König Hat Gesprochen
FA. Stvefer Peter, Schrott Hannes (Italy) 7.7.2011
Castle Dracula
FA. David Pickford, Malin Holmberg 07.2011
Lady of the Lake
FA. David Pickford, Malin Holmberg 07.2011. Climbed on-sight, ground up, alternate leads, using the alternative easier finish due to a rainstorm. The crux pitch 6 was led by Holmberg, headpoint style, after top roping several days later. The route awaits a continuous ascent as described.
Norwegian Wood
FA. David Pickford, Malin Holmberg 07.2011
Trapezium Wall
FA. David Pickford, Malin Holmberg 7.2011. Pitch 1 was led free placing all gear on lead by Pickford after some cleaning, pitch 2 was led by Holmberg.
Holy Diver
FA. Jo Arve Repp, Bror Morten Raum, Steinar Grynning 7.2011
FA. Jonas Jakobsen 7.2011
Lofoten Reality
FA. Helmut Gargitter, Pauli Trenkwalder 21.7.2011
FA. Onkel Knut Storvik, Bror 'Svartkniven' Ranum, Steinar Forskern Grynning 26.07.2011
Highway 108
FA. Roger Brown, Nicola Bassnet (alts) 4.8.2011
2012 Hankatten
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Martin Jakobsson 5.2012
Tre grïsor smô
FA. Martin Jakobsson 5.2012
FA. Fredrik Rapp 5.2012
Losing my Religion
FA. Jonathan Preston, Ian and Sue Stirrups 6.6.2012
We ain't got our Butter
FA. Believed to be Martin Murr 10.6.2012
'Cos the Shop Burnt Down
FA. Believed to be Martin Murr 6.2012
Children Playing
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, NNKS students 22.6.2012
Butter Biceps
FA. Saku Korosuo 9.7.2012
FA. Saku Korosuo 7.2012
One Move Wonder
FA. Ted Ekberg (Swe), Ian Gough (NZ) 18.7.2012
Swedish-Kiwi route,
FA. Ted Ekberg (Swe), Ian Gough (NZ) 19.7.2012
Sweet Dreams then Beautiful Nightmares
FA. Jiri and Ondra Švihálek (Cze) in an 18-hr push 30-31.07.2012
The Only Flower She Gets
FA. Max Duensser, Christina Huber 14.8.2012
2013 The Best of Nothing
FA. Jan Bourek, Jan Hajek and David Bezdek (Czech Republic) 7.2013
One Hundred Years Later
FA. Ivan Calderon, Fredrico Pisani (Venuezuela), Fernando Gonzalez Rubio (Colombia), Simon Kehrer, Helmut Gargitter (Italy) 10-11.08.2013
Trolls meet Latinos
FA. Fernando Gonzalez Rubio (Colombia), Ivan Calderon (Venezuela) Simon Kehrer, Helmut Gargitter (Italy) 8.2013
2014 Them Crooked Seagulls
FA. Morgan Salen, Lars Martin Solberg 6.5.2014
Hoist the Colours
FA. Lars Martin Solberg, Johanne Broch Hauge 05.06.2014
FA. Andreas Klarström, Adam Pustelnik, Karolina Adamowska 2014. The first three pitches were Set Trippin' (FA. F.Rapp (roped solo) 10.1999)
Bare Bacalao
FA. Charlie Long, Thomas Sloss 24.6.2014
There and Back Again
FA. Carl Granlund, Lars Martin Solberg 05.07.2014
FA. Jonas Jakobsen, Johan Nils Sward 7.2014
Dama Dablam
FA. Dan Østling 26.7.2014
Cello Torre
FA. Dan Østling 26.7.2014
Trango Towel
FA. Dan Østling 26.7.2014
Thunder in Paradise
FA. Frej Wichmann, Martin Fransson, Oskar Alexandersson 29.7.2014
2015 Øl som medisin
FA. Jarle Kalland c2015
Terra i mar
FA. Jordi Esteve, Gerber Cucurell (Spain) 18.06.2015. Further right on the same face they climbed the first 80m of what has been dubbed 'The Catalan Route'. They encountered blank rock, returned to the ground, had a brew and then set off up Terra i mar the same day!
FA. Salvador Llorens, Guillermo Cuadrado (Spain) 19.06.2015. They climbed it in a single 15 hour push.
FA. Salvador Llorens, Guillermo Cuadrado (Spain) 19.06.2015
FA. Rick McGregor 21.6.2015
Achilles Tendon
FA. G Cuadrado, G Cucurell (Spain) 21.06.2015
FA. Lars Martin Solberg, Thomas Thorstein 10.7.2015
Long Lost Cousin
FA. Harry McGhie 12.07.2015
Smakløs, Slem og Slibrig
FA. Lars Martin Solberg, Thomas Meling 25.7.2015
Loose Crusin'
FA. Carl Granlund, Morgan Sahlén 8.2015
Stine in Wonderland
FA. Fan Yang, Ola Tidemandsen, Sylvain Vallaghé (alts) 18.8.2015
2016 Wonderboy
FA. Eskild Pedersen (aid-solo) 6.2016
FA. Ingvild Øyjordet (aid-solo) 6.2016
Give some
FA. Kaisa Markhus, ?...sne ?...rhus 6.2016
FA. Sindre Selvig (aid-solo) 6.2016
Farfar (grandpa)
FA. Aslak Lima Braut, Christine Tilley 6.2016 ,FFA. Aslak Lima Braut 8.2016
Still Hard,
FA. Jonas and Helen Dahlstrup 2016
Guidinens travers
FA. Victoria Skram (aid-solo) 6.2016
FA. Ingrid Grønnestad, ,FFA. Jonas and Helen Dahlstrup 2016
Not giving up!
FA. Knut Magnus Haukeland (aid-solo) 6.16
FA. F. and G. Queipo Cucurella 2016. The team thought they were repeating Hungry Eyes and only realised later they had done a new route. The route is named 'Sea Man' as it requires considerable navigation skills to ensure a safe passage.
Right Pillar
FA. J Esteve, P Gómez. 2016
Han far e tilbake
FA. Andreas Christiansen 2016
Disappointment in Her Eyes
FA. Jonas Jansen Ramsfjell, Scott Wilton 20.6.2016
FA. Thomas Thorstein 7.2016
The Babysitter
FA. Jonas and Helen Dahlstrup 7.2016
FA. Rob Lamey, Mike Rolf 26.07.2016
Highway to Hell
FA. Åsmund Vaage, Steinar Holden 28.07.2016
Bilberry Meadow
FA. Rob Lamey, Mike Rolf 28.7.2016
FA. Mike Rolf, Rob Lamey 31.7.2016
FA. Rob Lamey, Mike Rolf 4.8.2016