List of First Ascents

1873 Sharp Edge / Halls Fell traverse
FA. G. Seatree and Party 1873
1880 Cust's Gully
FA. Cust and Party 1880
1890 Steep Gill
FA. J.N Collie, Wilson 12/1890
1905 Black Chimney
FA. S. Prior,
1909 Engineers Chimney
FA. C.L. Worthington, J.D. Gemmel 1909
1911 Great Gully
FA. 1911
1913 Woodhouse's Route
FA. R.Murray and Party 1913
1914 Walkers Gully
FA. S.W.Herford, G.S.Sansom, C.F.Holland 1914
1915 North Gully
FA. T.Birkett 1915
1924 New West
FA. G.Basterfield, T.G.Brown 30/12/1924
1941 Birkness Chimney
FA. 1941
1945 Low Water Beck
FA. 1940s
1959 Central Gully
FA. 1959
Pillar North East Face -Low Man (North West Climb)
FA. R.Mcaffie, L.Kendal 1959
1960 Gillercombe Buttress
FA. A.Greenbank and Party, R. Mcaffie and Party 1960's
Central Chimney
FA. D. Greenop and party 1960
Chapel Crags Gully
FA. D. Greenop and Party 1960
Harrow Buttress
FA. A Greenbank, Diggery, J. Quinn 1960
1962 Summit Route
FA. J. Hool 1962
South Gully
FA. J. Hool 1962
North Gully
FA. J. Hool 1962
1963 Central Chimney
FA. R. Mcaffie, J Holliwell, A Quey. 1963
Eagle Front
FA. R.Mcaffie + Party. 1963
1964 Grey Crag Icefall
FA. Barrow MC. 1964
1968 Dollywagon Gully
FA. D.Park, D.Kay
1969 The Direct Route
FA. R.Bennett, R.Lavender 30/01/69
Dandle Buttress
FA. M.Lynch,D.Jewell
South East Buttress
FA. I. Roper, I. Mcnaught-Davis 1969
1970 Spiral Gully
FA. D. Roberts, A. Austin 01/1970
Hen Crag Buttress
FA. C.Brown 1970
1972 Chimney Finish
FA. R. Bennett, R. Lavender 1972
Lost Arrow Traverse Variation
FA. R.Bennett, R.Lavender 1972
1976 Shoulthwaite Gill
FA. C.Downer 1976
The Contrived Eliminate
FA. R.Bennett, R.Tresidder 1976
1978 Intermediate Gully
FA. T.Sorenson, R.Matheson 1978
Right Hand Groove
FA. B. Jenkins, and Party 1978
Left Hand Groove
FA. B. Jenkins, and Party 1978
Girdle Traverse
FA. R. Bennett and Party 1978
1979 Southern Corner
FA. A.Phizacklea, E.Cleasby 12/1979
1980 Hen Crag Buttress - Left Finish
FA. G.Cocks, D.Andrews 1980
1981 Cooks Tour
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Geere
FA. A.Phizacklea, B.McKinley 1981
Crinkle Cut
FA. A.Phizaklea, B.McKinley, P.Fleming
1982 White Ghyll Chimney
FA. A.Hyslop, S.Hubbard
1983 Photon Corner
FA. D.Kay,R.Andrews 9/02/83
1984 Jones's Route Direct
FA. A.Phizacklea, E.Cleasby 21/01/84
Sod's Law
FA. A.Phizacklea, G.Smith 21/01/84
Botterill's Slab
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Kay 15/02/84
Colliers Chimney
FA. T.Furness, J.Fotheringham 18/02/84
White Slab
FA. E.Cleasby, A.Phizacklea 18/02/84
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Geere 01/03/84
Slime Chimney
FA. J.Fotheringham, S.Howe 24/03/84
The Wrinkled Crinkle
FA. J.White 1984
FA. A.Phizacklea 1984
Urchins Groove
FA. J.Fotheringham and Party. 1984
1985 Moss Gill Grooves
FA. B.Davison, R.Jones, A.Perkins 19/01/85
The Eagles Claw
FA. S.Clark, J.Rigg, A.Wardropper 27/1/85
Goat Gill
FA. M.Armitage 14/02/85
Engineers Slabs
FA. B.Davison, R.Durran, M.Phillips 16/2/85
Plaque Route
FA. D. Sanderson, M.Halsey 1985
Intermittent Chimneys
FA. 1985
1986 Tricouni Slab
FA. A. Phizacklea, G.Smith 01/01/86
Left Hand Route
FA. A.Hyslop, R.Graham
Right Hand Route
FA. B.Wightman, D.Seddon
Stoats Crack
FA. R.Graham, A. Hyslop
FA. A.Hyslop, R.Graham
FA. D.Kay, J.Grinbergs 07/01/86
Duncan's Groove
FA. D.Richards, B. Birkett 25/01/1986
Middling Buttress
FA. T.Walkington, B.Rogers
Steep Gill Grooves
FA. T.Stephenson, K.Murphy, L.Rutland 09/02/86
Age Concern
FA. S.Howe, J.Grinbergs, D.Kay, M.Lynch 09/02/86
Sinister Slab
FA. S.Reid, R.Graham
Siamese Chimneys
FA. R.Wightman, R.Graham
Border Buttress Gully
FA. P. Dowthwaite, G. Phillips, D. Liddy 02/1986
Oxford and Cambridge Climb
FA. P. Dowthwaite, G. Phillips, D. Liddy 02/1986
Hopkinson's Gully
FA. R.Wightman, M.Lynch 16/02/86
West Wall Climb
FA. D.Kay, S.Lowe 16/02/86
Ray of Sunshine
FA. J.White, J.Thorpe 18.02.86
Restless Natives
FA. D.Kay, J.Grinbergs 19/02/86
Bridge of Sighs
FA. S.Howe, T.Stephenson, P.Andrews 19/02/86
Wight Out
FA R.Graham, R.Whightman
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Richards 22/02/86
Accidental Discharge
FA. D.Kay J.Grinbergs
Sod All
FA M.Lynch, A.Phizacklea 02/03/86
Upper Deep Gill Route
FA. A.Phizacklea 16/03/86
FA. J.White, S.Reid 1986
Great Gully - Traverse and Slab Variation
FA. 1986
Great Chimney
FA. J.Fotheringham, C.Bonington 1986
Overhanging Wall
FA. J.Fotheringham, C.Bonington 1986
Dollywagon Great Chimney
FA. J. Grinbergs, R. Kenyon, S.Ely
Huckleberry Grooves
FA. M.Halsey, S.Coxon
1987 Tic Tac Man
FA. S.Miller
Left of Centre
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Kirby 17/01/87
Slate Cap
FA. C. Downer, M. Armitage 18/01/87
FA. B. Davison, A. Wells 21/02/1987
FA. P.Cornforth 1987
FA. A.Phizacklea 1987
1988 Portcullis Ridge
FA. N.Kekus,S.Kekus,J.Fotheringham
Cofa Wall
FA. N.Kekus,S.Kekus,J.Fotheringham
1989 Slanting Groove
FA. B.Davison, B.Attwood 25/02/89
Horizon Climb
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Kirby 25/02/89
Sleet Wall
FA. B.Davison B. Attwood
Right of Centre
FA. B.Davison, B.Attwood 26/02/89
1990 Deep Gill Integrale
FA. A.Phizacklea, J.Holden 28/01/90
Starboard Chimney
FA. N.Kekus, J.Fotheringham 1990
FA. A. Phizacklea, A.Rowel 28/11/90
1991 Dollywagon Chimney Right Hand
FA. J.Bumby, M. Curtis
Ledge and Groove
FA. R.Graham, L.Steer
Right Hand Route Direct Start
FA R.Graham, L.Steer
Steep Gill Direct start
FA. B.Davison, N.Hewitt 27/01/91
Central Route
FA. R.Graham, L.Steer
Direct Route, Pillar Variation
FA. K.Phizacklea, J.Daly 08/02/91
Diagonal Gully
FA. J.Coyle, C.Moyle 12/02/91
Central Icefall
FA. C. Moyle, J. Coyle 13/02/91
Variation Finish
FA. J.McKeever, R.Gordon 16/02/91
1993 Hen Direct
FA. A. Hyslop, A. Greenbank
1994 Right Wall Eliminate
FA. B.Attwood, B.Davison
Right Buttress Crack
FA. B.Davison
Scott Gully
FA. S. Miller 1994
Overhanging Wall-Original Finish
FA A.Phizacklea 1994
1995 Firedragon Finish
FA. R.Graham,I.Weetman
Great Gully Direct
FA. P.Noble, K.Grinrod
Oblique Reference
FA. J.Fotheringham 02/95
Corner and Rib
FA. B.Attwood, B.Davison
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 9/03/95
Ride the Wild Turf
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 9/03/95
Epsilon Chimney
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 9/03/95
Gully of the Plods
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 9/03/95
Beta Hammer Belter
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 9/03/95
1995 Parallel G
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 9/03/95
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 9/03/95
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 9/03/95
Low Man by the Right Wall of Steep Gill
FA. B.Davison, C.Wells 12/03/95
Captain Patience
FA. C.Downer, D.Sanderson, A. Stockford 03/95
Slingsby's Chimney Route
FA. B.Davison, C.Wells 18/03/95
Buttress Right of Right Hand Groove
FA. R. Graham 19/03/1995
North Gully
FA. B.Davison, C.Wells 19/03/95
Green Gable End
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 19/03/95
Garden of Eden
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 19/03/95
East of Eden
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells 19/03/95
Great Western
FA. C.Wells, B.Davison. 21/03/95
Summertime Blues
FA. B.Davison, C.Wells 27/03/95
Buttress Left of Left Hand Groove
FA. R. Graham 1995
Hopkinson's Crack
FA. B.Davison, P.Clay
Threshwaite Gully
FA. B.Davison P.Clay
Far West Rib
FA. R.Graham
Western Avenue
FA. R.Graham
1996 Blake Rigg Icefall
FA. B.Birkett, J.White
Hole in One
FA. B.Davison
Two Under Par
FA. B.Davison
Pitch and Putt
FA. B.Davison
Chimney Crack
FA. B.Davison
Hidden Gully
FA. B.Davison
The Caddy
FA C.Spark, N.Lewis
Half Way Up
FA. B.Davison, N.Green, N.Lewis
Sunday Special
FA. N.Lewis, B.Davison
Green Buttress
FA. N.Lewis, B.Davison
Dandle Face Direct
FA. B.Davison,C.Wells
Shelter Corner
FA. B.Davison
Shelter Icefall
FA. B.Davison
Central Chimney
FA. B.Davison
A Gully
FA. B.Davison
B Gully
FA. B.Davison
Vulcan Buttress
FA B.Davison
Great Gully Wall
FA B.Davison
Great Gully
FA B.Davison
Twisting Turf
FA B.Davison
Tower Buttress
FA B.Davison
No. 1 Gully
FA B.Davison
Smart Exit
FA. S.Crowe, B.Bennett 21/02/96
Tia Maria
FA. K.Phizacklea, S.Merry 24/02/96
Arête, Chimney and Crack
FA. D. Sanderson, J. Coe
Broadrick's Crack
FA. B.Davison, C.Wells
Centre Route
FA. B.Davison, N.Green 28/02/96
Zero Gully
FA. B.Davison
Left Corner
FA. B.Davison
Y Route One
FA. B.Davison
Y Route 2
FA. B.Davison
First Chimney
FA. B.Davison
Second Chimney
FA. B.Davison
Third Chimney
FA. B.Davison
Fourth Chimney
FA. B.Davison
Fifth Chimney
FA. B.Davison
Doctors Chimney
FA. B. Davison 31/03/96
Oblique Chimney
FA. N.Kekus, A.Park 1996 climbed in snowy conditions in 1893 by O. Jones
Twisting Gill
FA. P.Dowthwaite, S.Edmondson 24/11/96
FA. P.Bunting, D.Bodecott 24/12/96
Blea Water Cleft
FA. D.Scott, P.Braithwaite
1997 Main Ridge Climb
FA. C.Wells,M.Hill 1/01/97
Lesser Fall
FA. B.Davison 04/01/97
Engineers Slab Arete Finish
FA. D Hetherington, D Donovan 08/01/97
Savage Gully
FA. N.Kekus, B. Davison 11/01/97
High Beck
FA. N Kekus, B Davison 11/01/97
Bottleneck Blues
FA. C.Bonington, D.Bodecott 22/01/97
1999 Back Off
FA. S.Wood, S.Ashworth 07/01/99
Mallorys Right Hand Route
FA. S.Ashworth, P.Ashworth 27/12/99
2000 Grendel
Pendulum Ridge
Long Ledge Entry and Exit
FA. A.Phizaklea,
FA. A. Rutherford,
Little Stanger Gill
Arctic Spring
FA. S.Miller,
Force Crag
Pudding Beck
FA. M.Lynch,
Turf at the Top
FA. C.Downer,
Quarryman's Fall
FA. C.Downer,
Harvest Crunch
FA. B.Davison, R.Mulvaney 11/01/87 Awaiting a
Mechanical Orange
FA. B.Davison, R.Jones 14/02/87 Awaiting a
FA. R.Bennett, M.Willey and Party, probably done
Mickledore Chimney
FA. Descended in 1881 by A.L. Mumm and
Gable End
Shamrock Chimneys
FA. D.Kay,
Pinnacle Crack Direct
FA. S.Ashworth, D.Noddings 20/01/00
FA. R.Kenyon, D.Bodecott 04/03/00
2001 Arete Direct
FA. S. Ashworth, P. Rowlands 20/01/2001
Thanks for the Tip
FA. A Clifford,
Rape and Pillage
FA. S.Ashworth, D.Davies,
2002 Skint and Single
FA. M.Thomas, D.Almond
The Serpent
FA. S.Ashworth, M.Fryer 28/02/02
Thor's Corner
FA. S.Ashworth
Prince of Darkness
FA. S.Ashworth, B.Gimp
Blade Runner
FA. Stuart Wood, J.Corrie 08.12.02
V-Corner Extended Finish
FA. A.Huddart,D.Maudsley
Central Route
FA. S.Wood, A.Hyslop
Ramp Route
FA. A.Hyslop, S.Wood
Bobbins Groove
FA. S.Wood, A.Hyslop
Master of Talking
FA. D.Birkett, A.Hyslop
Groove and Ramp
FA. D.Birkett, M.Jenner
The Neckband
FA. A.Hyslop, J.Hughes
2003 Ramp It Up
FA. A.Hyslop
South Gully
FA. A.Hyslop
FA. S.Ashworth, S.Wood 03/01/03
Coco-Tara Direct
FA. A Clifford, P Newton
FA. D.Birkett, M.Jenner 04/01/03
Thrash Corner
FA. A.Hyslop, J.Lagoe
Dolly Mixture
FA. J.Lagoe, A.Hyslop
Swallow Gully
FA. P,Jackson
Trundle Ridge
FA. S.Ashworth, S.Wood 07/01/03
Mono Culture
FA. J.Lagoe, A.Hyslop
Rescue Groove
FA. A.Hyslop, J.Lagoe
Right Hand Gully
FA. I.Clark, G.Pike 10/01/03
Turf Corner
FA. A.Clifford 11.01.03
FA. P.Sanday, C.Pope,
Swallow's Rake
FA. P.Jackson, M. Would, R.Rushworth
Juniper Groove
FA. D.Hunter, A.Hyslop, H.Davis
In Her Mouth
FA. K. Williams, R. Horton, 12/01/03
Sledgate Ridge
FA. S.King, J.Watts 01/03
West Gully Tunnel Route
FA. A.Clifford 17/01/03
Fast Burn
FA. M.Hunter
FA. A.Hyslop, S.Ashworth
FA. S.Ashworth, A.Hyslop
Bleaberry Chimney
FA. S.Reid, T.Suddaby 31/1/03 (Probably climbed before)
Variation Direct Start
FA. S.Reid, S.Prior 05/02/03
Variation Direct Start
FA. S.Reid, S.Prior 05/02/03
East Ridge and Gully
FA. A.Clifford 15/02/03
West Gully Cave Route
FA. A.Clifford, C.Thistlethwaite, 22/02/03
FA. D.Birkett, P.Deady 06/03/03