List of First Ascents

1932 The Dover and Ellis Chimney
FA. Harry Dover, Gilbert Ellis 1932
1934 Roof Route
FA. Jack Macleod 1934
Tower Climb
FA. Byron Connelly 1934
Brooks' Crack
FA. Rupert Brooks 1934
Byne's Crack
FA. Eric Byne 1934
Fox House Flake
FA. Frank Burgess 1934
1951 Lethargic Arete
FA. Joe Brown 1951
FA. Joe Brown 1951
FA. Joe Brown 1951
FA. Nat Allen 1951
FA. Nat Allen 1951
Ribbed Corner
FA. Joe Brown (no kidding) 1951
1957 Tower Crack
FA. Geoff Sutton 1957
1958 Goliath
FA. Don Whillans 1958. Possibly the hardest route of its era.
Millwheel Wall
FA. Len Millsom 1958
1961 Charlie's Crack
FA. Charlie Curtis 1961
1962 Keep Crack
FA. Alan Clark early 1960s
FA. Gerry Rogan early 1960s
The Cock
FA. Gerry Rogan early 1960s
Perched Block Route
FA. Gerry Rogan early 1960s
French Kiss
FA. Gerry Rogan early 1960s
1964 Triglyph
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
The Thistle Funnel
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
Abu Simbel
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
Dowel Crack
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
FA. Dave Gregory (5' 4") 1964
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
1965 The Boggart
FA. Allen Clarke (2pts, a shoulder and a nut)1960s. FFA. John Allen 1975
1969 Zeus
FA. Jack Street 1969. Originally called 'Tramlines'.
1971 The Knack
FA. John Allen 1971
1972 The Gnat
FA. Neil Stokes 1972
FA. Neil Stokes 1972
FA. John Allen 1972
The Verdict
FA. Ken Jones 1972
1974 Unfinished Symphony
FA. John Allen 1974
1975 The Knock
FA. John Allen 1975
FA. John Allen (solo) 1975
Silent Spring
FA. Steve Bancroft, John Allen 1975
1976 Boggart Left-hand
FA. Steve Bancroft 1976
FA. Dennis Carr 1976
Pebble Mill
FA. John Allen 1976
Dork Child
FA. John Allen 1976
Coldest Crack
FA. Mick Fowler 1976
1977 Gable Route
FA. Mark Vallance 1977
1977 The Gutter
FA. Dave Gregory 1977
Little Pig
FA. Dominic Lee 1977
FA. Dominic Lee 1977
Friar's Wall
FA. Dominic Lee 1977
Captain Sensible
FA. Steve Webster 1977
The Birth of Liquid Desires
FA. Clive Jones 1977
1978 Movie Star
FA. Colin Banton 1978
1979 Pretzel Logic
FA. Dave Jones 1979
1980 Nosferatu
FA. Andy Barker 1980
1981 The Simpering Savage
FA. Paul Mitchell 1981
1982 Big Bad Wolf
FA. Paul Mitchell 1982
Renobulous Bongetl
FA. Andy Barker 1982
Recurring Nightmare
FA. Andy Barker 1982
Fade Away
FA. Paul Mitchell 1982
Nick Knack Paddywack
FA. Andy Barker 1982
Booby Prize
FA. Andy Barker 1982
1984 The Braille Trail
FA. Johnny Dawes 1984. FA. (Grandad's Slab) Pete Whittaker
Mad Llehctim
FA. Paul Mitchell 1984. Reverse the route name for a clue.
Sling Shot
FA. Chris Craggs 1984
FA. Jerry Moffatt 1984
1985 Off Spring
FA. Johnny Dawes 1985
1986 The Little Rascal
FA. Johnny Dawes 1986
Ron, Ring Home!
FA. Ron Fawcett 1986
1987 Press On
FA. John Allen 1987
The Searing
FA. Pete Oxley 1987
We Ain't Gonna Pay No Toll
FA. John Allen 1987
Stockbroker on the Woodpile
FA. Paul Mitchell 1987
1988 Life Assurance
FA. John Dunne 1988
1989 Parthian Shot
FA. John Dunne 1989. In 2011 Canadian climber Will Stanhope broke the flake and took a ground-fall. Ben Bransby reclimbed the route in 2013.
1991 Captain Invincible
FA. Sean Myles 1991
1995 The Notorious B L G
FA. Pete Hurley 1990s
FA. Darren Thomas 1995
Bobby Dazzler
FA. Darren Thomas 1995
Balance It Is
FA. Neil Foster 1995
1998 Wow!
FA. Johnny Dawes 1998
2000 Equilibrium
FA. Neil Bentley 2000
Confidence of Youth
FA. John Jeed 2000
2001 Crikey!
FA. Niall Grimes 2001. FA. (Fade Away) Paul Mitchell 1982
2002 Fagus Sylvatica
FA. Miles Gibson 2002
2005 Simba's Pride
FA. Toby Benham 2005. FA. (Stampede) Simon Jones 1995
Shadows on the Wall
FA. Ally Smith 2005
2007 Back Down Under
FA. Pete Whittaker 2007
2008 Dynamics of Change
FA. Pete Whittaker 2008
2009 Black Out
FA. Toru Nakajima 2009
Silent Scream
FA. Pete Whittaker 2009
2011 Inspiration Dedication
FA. Pete Whittaker 2011
2012 Psychosomatic Pigeon
FA. Pete Whittaker 2012