List of First Ascents

1952 Louisette
FA. Albert Shutt 1952
FA. Albert Shutt 1952
FA. Albert Shutt 1952
Three Tree Climb
FA. Albert Shutt 1952. After some over-exuberant pruning in about 2010 there is less than half a tree left now!
Pulpit Groove
FA. Albert Shutt 1952
Lawrencefield Ordinary
FA. Albert Shutt 1952
1953 Great Wall Traverse
FA. Richard Brown 1953
FA. Albert Shutt 1953
FA. Albert Shutt 1953. FFA. John Fearon 1955
Snail Crack
FA. Albert Shutt 1953
Great Harry
FA. Harry Hartley 1953
Cascara Crack
FA. Richard Brown 1953
Stonemason's Climb
FA. Peter Rickus, Reg Pillinger 1953
1955 Excalibur
FA. Peter Biven 1955
Once Pegged Wall
FAA. Don Morrison 1955
Limpopo Groove
FA. Dave Gregory 1955. One of Dave's first new routes. In 2014 he climbed it once again, on his 80th birthday, with his son and granddaughter.
Cordite Crack
FA. Peter Biven 1955
Gregory's Slab
FA. Wilf White 1955
FA. Dave Gregory, Albert Shutt, Tom Collins 1955
1956 Boulevard
FA. Peter Biven 1956. FFA. Ed Drummond 1975
High Street
FA. Peter Biven 1956. FFA. Jim Reading 1975
FA. Don Morrison 1956
Delectable Direct
FA. Peter Biven 1956. FFA. Don Morrison 1964
Red Wall
FA. Don Morrison 1956
The Delectable Variation
FA. Don Morrison 1956
FAA. Mike James 1956. FFA. John Allen 1976
Great Peter
FA. Peter Biven 1956. FFA. Clive Jones 1976
FAA. Peter Biven 1956. FFA. John Allen 1975
1956 Austin's Variation
FA. Allan Austin 1956
Summer Climb
FA. Albert Shutt 1956
Blacksmith's Climb
FA. Reg Pillinger, Albert Shutt, Alan Clarke (2 pegs) 1956
1958 Shallow Chimney
FA. Eric Byne 1958. One of his first new routes.
Straight Crack
FA. Eric Byne 1958
Rocking Groove
FA. Fred Williams 1958
Pool Wall
FA. Alan Clarke 1958. FFA. Roger Greatrick early 1980s
1964 S.A.E
FFA. Don Morrison, Les Gillot, Alan Clarke 1964. Don had actually made the first ascent eight years earlier with a single peg for aid.
Tuesday's Child
FA. John Loy 1964
Sinister Crack
FA. John Loy 1964
1972 J.J.2
FA. Nicky Stokes 1972. The JJ = Jealous Jelly, a dig at a chubby brother.
1975 Billy Whizz
FA. Geoff Birtles 1975
1976 Spec Arete
FA. Nicki Stokes 1976
1977 High Plains Drifter
FA. Jim Reading 1977
Holy Grail
FA. Jim Reading 1977
1978 Redbits
FA. Pete Blackburn 1978
1981 Rattus Norvegicus
FA. Gary Gibson 1981
FFA. Daniel Lee 1981
Block Wall
FFA. Daniel Lee 1981
Going for the One
FA. Phil Baker, Adey Hubbard 1981
1982 Brain Cells in Collision
FA. Paul Mitchell c1982
1983 Morning Glory
FA. Dominic Stainforth 1983
1985 Von Ryan's Express
FA. Tony Ryan 1985
1989 Bole Hill
FA. Simon Jaques 1989
The Last Wet Wednesday
FA. Dave Gregory 1989
Positively 4th Street
FA. David Simmonite 1989
1996 Chilly Days and Purple Acorns
FA. Ian Loombe 1996