List of First Ascents

1807 The Original Route
FA. J.W.Puttrell, E.A.Baker late 1800s
1890 Solomon's Crack
FA. J.W.Puttrell 1890
1895 Swimmer's Chimney
FA. J.W.Puttrell 1890s
Silver Crack
FA. J.W.Puttrell 1890s
1902 Grey Slab
FA. Rucksack Club members early 1900s
1906 Left Flake Crack
FA. J.W.Puttrell 1906
North Climb
FA. J.W.Puttrell 1906
Nursery Slab
FA. J.W.Puttrell 1906
1912 Route One
FA. Henry Bishop 1912
1913 Diamond Crack
FA. Henry Bishop 1913
1942 Terrace Crack
FA. Freda Rylett early 1940s
1945 Trapeze
FA. Rupert Davis 1945
Sickle Buttress
FA. R.Davies 1945
1947 Heather Wall
FA. Dick Brown late 1940s
Pinnacle Face
FA. Gilbert Ellis 1947
1948 Sunset Slab
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Sunset Crack
FA. Len Chapman 1948
Turret Crack
FA. Don Chapman 1948
Slab and Crack
FA. Nat Allen 1948
Holly Groove
FA. Slim Sorrell 1948
Hawk's Nest Crack
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Cave Crawl
FA. Slim Sorrell 1948
Tody's Wall
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Bollard Crack
FA. Slim Sorrell 1948
Silver Traverse
FA. Wilf White 1948
Three Pebble Slab
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Pinnacle Arete
FA. Slim Sorrell 1948
Chapman's Crack
FA. Len Chapman 1948
Slab Recess Direct
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Slab Recess
FA. Sandy Alton 1948
Trapeze Direct
FA. Wilf White 1948
Congestion Crack
FA. Nat Allen 1948
Brown's Eliminate
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Green Gut
FA. Nat Allen 1948
Pedestal Crack
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Janker's Crack
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Janker's Groove
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Janker's End
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Broken Crack
FA. Joe Brown 1948
Sickle Buttress Direct
FA. Joe Brown 1948
1949 Right Flake Crack
FA. Wilf White 1949
FA. Joe Brown, Wilf White 1949
Chequers Climb
FA. Joe Brown 1949
1950 Cave Crack
FA. Joe Brown 1950
1951 Skogul
FA. Joe Brown 1951
FA. Nat Allen 1951
Allen's Slab
FA. Nat Allen 1951
Great Slab
FA. Joe Brown 1951
FA. Nat Allen 1951
Beech Nut
FA. Don Whillans, Nat Allen 1951
Chequers Crack
FA. Don Whillans 1951
1952 Synopsis
FA. Nat Allen 1952. FFA. Steve Bancroft 1974
1953 Left Broken
FA. Slim Sorrel 1953
1954 Slipper Slab
FA. Wilf White 1954
1956 Neb Crack
FA. Nat Allen 1956
Crooked Start
FA. Wilf White 1956
Tinsel's Tangle
FA. Wilf White, Tinsel Allen 1956
Brookside Crack
FA. Wilf White 1956
FA. Don Whillans 1956
1957 Scarper's Triangle
FA. (Original) John Fearon 1957
Downes' Crack
FA. Geoff Sutton 1957. Named for Bob Downes, killed in the Himalayas.
Morty's Corner
FA. Joe (Morty) Smith 1957
1958 Cave Wall
FA. Don Whillans 1958
1962 Strapiombante
FA. Dave Brearly 1962
Chequers Buttress
FA. John Gosling 1962
FA. Len Millsom 1962
Thin Crack
FA. Len Millsom 1962
1965 Soft Option
FA. Dave Gregory 1960s
1968 Oedipus Ring Your Mother
FA. Tom Proctor 1968
Long John's Slab
FA. Paul Grey (1 peg as a foothold) 1968. FFA. Al Rouse 1969
1969 Motorcade
FA. D.Warriner 1969
1972 Sundowner
FA. John Allen 1972
Four Pebble Slab
FA. John Allen 1972
1973 The Big Crack
FFA. John Syrett 1973. In 1955 the mighty Whillans used a machine nut for aid, the sharp-eyed may still spot it.
1974 Ratbag
FA. John Allen 1974
Stiff Cheese
FA. Steve Bancroft 1974
1975 The Gully Joke
FA. John Allen 1975
C.M.C. Slab
FA. Castle Mountaineering Club members 1970s
FA. John Allen 1975. FA. (KC) Paul Mitchell 1993
Heartless Hare
FA. Steve Bancroft 1975
Hairless Heart
FA. John Allen 1975
Hairy Heart
FA. Mick Fowler 1975
1976 Strapadictomy
FA. John Allen 1976
Truly Pathetic
FA. John Allen 1976
FA. John Allen 1976
Nutty Land
FA. John Allen 1976
FA. Mick Fowler 1976
Silver Spoon
FA. Mick Fowler 1976
1977 Indoor Fisherman
FA. Steve Bancroft 1977
FA. Al Evans 1977. FA. (Direct) by Steve Bancroft 1977
Downhill Racer
FA. Pete Livesey 1977. "Cleaned with a wire brush with 6" nails for bristles".
FA. Alec Burns 1977
Hard Cheddar
FA. Tom Proctor 1977
1978 English Overhang
FA. Dave Gregory 1978
Oss Nob
FA. Colin Banton 1978
FA. Gary Gibson 1978
Origin of Species
FA. Gary Gibson 1978
Two-sided Triangle
FA. Gary Gibson 1978
FA. Steve Bancroft 1978
1979 Narcissus II
FA. Steve Bancroft 1979
Bacteria Cafeteria
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
1980 Science Friction
FA. Mark Miller 1980
FA. Phil Burke 1980. FA. (BDTS) Stephen Fearn 1994
1981 Greedy Pig
FA. Paul Mitchell (with pre-placed runners, hence the name) 1981
FA. Daniel Lee 1981. The prophetically-named earlier version fell down.
Mean Streak
FA. Dominic Lee 1981
Spock's Missing
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
1982 Beau Geste
FA. Johnny Woodward 1982
Beau Brummel
FA. Martin Veale (encouraged, spotted and followed by Chris Craggs) 1982
FA. Daniel Lee (with side-runners) 1982. Ben Heason (without) 2005
1983 The Mint 400
FA. Ron Fawcett 1983. Direct start added at a later date.
Neon Dust
FA. (from the right) Ron Fawcett 1983. FA. (direct) Ron again 1986
Jugged Hare
FA. Johnny Dawes 1983
Parting Hare
FA. Nick Dixon 1983
1984 Benign Lives
FA. Johnny Dawes 1984
Spine Chiller
FA. Steve Bancroft 1984
The Famous Chris Ellis
FA. Paul Mitchell, Chris Ellis 1984
1985 Performing Flea
FA. Matt Boyer 1985. The old route, Sickle Buttress Arete, fell down.
1986 Parallel Piped
FA. Graham Hoey 1986
FA. Martin Veale 1986
Silver Lining
FA. Peter Beal 1986
Toy Boy
FA. Ron Fawcett 1986
1987 Polyp Piece
FA. Nick Dixon 1987 (with a side-runner). FA. Ben Heason (solo) 2000
The Screaming Dream
FA. Mark Leach 1987
Turd Burglar
FA. Nick Dixon 1987
1988 Slide Show
FA. Paul Mitchell (side-runners) 1988. FA. Ben Heason (without) 2003
Rock the Casabah
FA. S.Purdy 1988
1989 Fatal Attraction
FA. Darren Thomas 1989
1990 What's up Doc?
FA. Graham Hulley 1990
Nanoq Slab
FA. Tom Metcalf 1990
1992 Mild
FA. Julian Lines 1992
1994 Dick Van Dyke Goes Ballistic
FA. Dave Pegg (solo) 1994
Cock Robin
FA. Robin Barker 1994
Heather in My Face
FA. Andy Grill (solo) 1994
1995 Epiphany
FA. (Left start) Nick Dixon 1990s. FA. (As described) Ben Heason 1999
FA. Andy Popp 1990s
My Newt
FA. Brian Rossiter 1990s
Art Brut
FA. Dave Thomas 1990s
Renegade Master
FA. Jerry Moffatt 1995
1997 Germination
FA. Iain Farrar late 1990s
1999 Strappotente
FA. Seb Grieve 1999
Horizontal Pleasure
FA. Andy Healy 1999
2000 Soul Doubt
FA. Adrian Berry 2000
Dogs Die in Hot Cars
FA. Iain Farrar 2000
2001 Birthday
FA. Ben Heason 2001
2002 Ghost of the Brook
FA. Ben Heason 2002
Crooked Start Direct
FA. Steve Clarke 2002
FRA. Steve Clark 2002
Oz Bound
FA. Ben Heason 2002
2003 Lonely Heart
FA. Ben Heason 2003
Blind Vision
FA. Adrian Berry 2003
2009 Harrow
FA. Pete Whittaker 2009