List of First Ascents

1968 Dollywagon Gully
FA. D.Park, D.Kay
1986 Dollywagon Great Chimney
FA. J. Grinbergs, R. Kenyon, S.Ely
Huckleberry Grooves
FA. M.Halsey, S.Coxon
1987 Tic Tac Man
FA. S.Miller
1991 Dollywagon Chimney Right Hand
FA. J.Bumby, M. Curtis
2001 Thanks for the Tip
FA. A Clifford,
2002 Central Route
FA. S.Wood, A.Hyslop
Ramp Route
FA. A.Hyslop, S.Wood
Bobbins Groove
FA. S.Wood, A.Hyslop
2003 Ramp It Up
FA. A.Hyslop
South Gully
FA. A.Hyslop
2003 Coco-Tara Direct
FA. A Clifford, P Newton
Thrash Corner
FA. A.Hyslop, J.Lagoe
Dolly Mixture
FA. J.Lagoe, A.Hyslop
Swallow Gully
FA. P,Jackson
Mono Culture
FA. J.Lagoe, A.Hyslop
Rescue Groove
FA. A.Hyslop, J.Lagoe
Turf Corner
FA. A.Clifford 11.01.03
FA. P.Sanday, C.Pope,
Swallow's Rake
FA. P.Jackson, M. Would, R.Rushworth
FA. A.Hyslop, S.Ashworth
FA. S.Ashworth, A.Hyslop