List of First Ascents

1971 Mather Crack
FA. Terry Wyatt 1971. FFA. Dennis Cars 1977
1972 Original Route
FA. Terry Wyatt early 1970s
1976 The Arete
FA. (in two bits) Al Evans 1976 (in one push) Jim Burton 1977
The Overlooked Groove
FA. Al Evans 1976
1977 Alcove Crack
FA. Dennis Carr 1977
Piggy's Crack
FA. Al Evans 1977
The Steeple
FA. Loz Francomb 1977
Clotted Cream
FA. Al Evans 1977
Electric Circus
FA. Dennis Carr 1977 FA. (Short Circuit) Al Evans 1977
Cracked Corner
FA. Al Evans 1977
Viaduct Crack
FA. Dennis Carr 1977 Direct Finish Al Evans 1989
1977 Viaduct Wall
FA. Al Evans 1977
FA. Al Evans 1977
Heavy Duty
FA. Al Evans 1977
1979 Porky's Wall
FA. Jim Burton 1979
Oak Tree Wall
FA. Nick Colton 1979
The Grim Reaper
FA. Nick Colton 1979
FA. Nick Colton 1979
Bionic's Wall
FA. Dave Beaver 1979
1985 The Redemption of a Grit Pegging Antichrist
FA. John Gosling 1985
Hallelujah Chorus
FA. Mike Warwick 1985
1989 King of the Swingers
FA. Al Evans 1989