List of First Ascents

1965 Mohammed the Mad Monk of Moorside Home for Mental Misfits
FA. Les Ainsworth 1960s
1966 Mohammed the Medieval Melancholic
FA. Les Ainsworth 1966
Mohammed the Morbid Mogul
FA. Les Ainsworth 1966
Concave Wall
FA. John McGonagle 1966
Complete Streaker
FA. Les Ainsworth 1966
Splash Arete
FA. Les Ainsworth 1966
1969 Mad Karoo
FA. Dave Knowles 1969
1973 Timepiece
FA. Les Ainsworth 1973
1973 Time
FA. Dave Cronshaw 1973
End of Time
FA. Les Ainsworth (1 peg) 1973. FFA. Les Ainsworth 1977
That's All it Takes
FA. Brian Evans (aid) 1973, Dave Knighton (1 peg) 1977. FFA. Dave Kenyon 1980
1977 Flick of the Wrist
FA. Dave Knighton 1977
Last Day but One
FA. Dave Knighton 1977
1980 Going For the One
FA. Tony Brindle 1980
1986 Mohammed Arete
FA. Eric Dearden 1986