List of First Ascents

1925 Cave Crack
FA. Eric Byne 1920s
1928 Tree Crack
FA. Eric Byne 1928
Sloping Crack
FA. Eric Byne 1928
Cave Climb
FA. Eric Byne 1928
1932 Left Twin Crack
FA. Eric Byne early 1930s
Empress Crack
FA. Eric Byne early 1930s
Prince's Crack
FA. Eric Byne early 1930s
Emperor's Struggle
FA. Eric Byne early 1930s
1935 Emperor Crack
FA. Eric Byne 1930s
1940 Emperor Flake Climb
FA. Eric Byne 1940. FA. (Direct Finish) Al Evans 1990
Princess Crack
FA. Eric Byne 1940
1949 O'Reilly's Staircase
FA. Harry Pretty 1949
Calypso Crack
FA. David Penlington 1949
1951 Strangler's Groove
FA. Don Chapman 1951
Strangler's Crack
FA. Don Chapman 1951
Throttled Groove
FA. Don Chapman 1951
Puppet Crack
FA. Joe Brown (with a little aid from the rope) 1951
Anarchist's Arete
FA. Don Chapman 1951
1952 The Zig-zag Finish
FA. Don Chapman 1952
FA. Don Chapman 1952
1957 Emerald Crack
FA. Joe Brown (1pt) 1957. FFA. Jim Campbell 1967
1958 Mort Wall
FA. Colin Mortlock 1958
1959 High Step
FA. Ernie Marshall 1959
FA. Eric Price 1959
Sentinel Crack
FA. Don Whillans 1959. Runnerless, or so the stories go!
1963 Monk's Park
FA. Alpha Club members 1963
FA. Black and Tans Club members 1963
1970 Wrinkled Nose
FA. Colin Winfield c1970
1971 Lichen
FA. Keith Myhill, Bill Haley, J.Crown 1971
FA. Keith Myhill 1971
Vibrio Direct
FA. Keith Myhill (one point of aid) 1971. FFA. John Allen 1976
1975 Slip Arete
FA. Gabe Regan 1975
Thin Air
FA. John Woodhouse 1975
1976 Jumpers
FA. Bill Briggs 1976
1977 Sentinel Buttress
FA. Mick Fowler 1977
FA. Tim Leach 1977
1978 Pretty Vacant
FA. John Stevenson 1978
The Clasp
FA. Martin Boysen 1978
1979 Twisted Reach
FA. Bob Berzins 1979
1984 Sidewinder
FA. Paul Harrison 1984
1985 Where Next, Colombus?
FA. Paul Pepperday 1985
Mark Pretty
FA. Ben Moon 1985
1987 Diamond Life
FA. Andy Elliott 1987
1990 Three Pebble Slob
FA. Chris Craggs 1990
Good Vibrations
FA. Chris Craggs 1990
High in the Thin Cold Air
FA. Chris Craggs 1990
Up the Establishment
FA. Chris Craggs 1990
1991 Cadenza
FA. Mark Turnbull 1991
FA. Ian Milne 1991
FA. Ben Moon 1991. Initially unnamed, Desperot has become the norm.
1993 Shut Your Mouth
FA. Mark Turnbull 1993
The Tyrant
FA. Geoff Hornby 1993
2002 No One Here Gets Out Alive
FA. Pat King 2002. Previously claimed in two parts with side-runners.
2003 Sentinel Groove
FA. Johnny Dawes 2003