List of First Ascents

1890 Steep Gill
FA. J.N Collie, Wilson 12/1890
1969 The Direct Route
FA. R.Bennett, R.Lavender 30/01/69
1972 Lost Arrow Traverse Variation
FA. R.Bennett, R.Lavender 1972
1979 Southern Corner
FA. A.Phizacklea, E.Cleasby 12/1979
1984 Jones's Route Direct
FA. A.Phizacklea, E.Cleasby 21/01/84
Sod's Law
FA. A.Phizacklea, G.Smith 21/01/84
Botterill's Slab
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Kay 15/02/84
Colliers Chimney
FA. T.Furness, J.Fotheringham 18/02/84
White Slab
FA. E.Cleasby, A.Phizacklea 18/02/84
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Geere 01/03/84
Slime Chimney
FA. J.Fotheringham, S.Howe 24/03/84
FA. A.Phizacklea 1984
Urchins Groove
FA. J.Fotheringham and Party. 1984
1985 Moss Gill Grooves
FA. B.Davison, R.Jones, A.Perkins 19/01/85
Intermittent Chimneys
FA. 1985
1986 Tricouni Slab
FA. A. Phizacklea, G.Smith 01/01/86
Steep Gill Grooves
FA. T.Stephenson, K.Murphy, L.Rutland 09/02/86
Age Concern
FA. S.Howe, J.Grinbergs, D.Kay, M.Lynch 09/02/86
Hopkinson's Gully
FA. R.Wightman, M.Lynch 16/02/86
West Wall Climb
FA. D.Kay, S.Lowe 16/02/86
Restless Natives
FA. D.Kay, J.Grinbergs 19/02/86
Bridge of Sighs
FA. S.Howe, T.Stephenson, P.Andrews 19/02/86
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Richards 22/02/86
Sod All
FA M.Lynch, A.Phizacklea 02/03/86
1986 Upper Deep Gill Route
FA. A.Phizacklea 16/03/86
Great Chimney
FA. J.Fotheringham, C.Bonington 1986
Overhanging Wall
FA. J.Fotheringham, C.Bonington 1986
1987 Left of Centre
FA. A.Phizacklea, D.Kirby 17/01/87
FA. A.Phizacklea 1987
1989 Slanting Groove
FA. B.Davison, B.Attwood 25/02/89
Right of Centre
FA. B.Davison, B.Attwood 26/02/89
1990 Deep Gill Integrale
FA. A.Phizacklea, J.Holden 28/01/90
FA. A. Phizacklea, A.Rowel 28/11/90
1991 Steep Gill Direct start
FA. B.Davison, N.Hewitt 27/01/91
Direct Route, Pillar Variation
FA. K.Phizacklea, J.Daly 08/02/91
Variation Finish
FA. J.McKeever, R.Gordon 16/02/91
1994 Overhanging Wall-Original Finish
FA A.Phizacklea 1994
1995 Low Man by the Right Wall of Steep Gill
FA. B.Davison, C.Wells 12/03/95
Slingsby's Chimney Route
FA. B.Davison, C.Wells 18/03/95
Great Western
FA. C.Wells, B.Davison. 21/03/95
1996 Tia Maria
FA. K.Phizacklea, S.Merry 24/02/96
Centre Route
FA. B.Davison, N.Green 28/02/96
Twisting Gill
FA. P.Dowthwaite, S.Edmondson 24/11/96
2000 Harvest Crunch
FA. B.Davison, R.Mulvaney 11/01/87 Awaiting a
Mechanical Orange
FA. B.Davison, R.Jones 14/02/87 Awaiting a
FA. R.Bennett, M.Willey and Party, probably done
Mickledore Chimney
FA. Descended in 1881 by A.L. Mumm and