List of First Ascents

1952 Crabbie's Crack
FA. Bob Downes early 1950s
1965 Elastic Arm
FA. Dave Salt 1960s
The Little Flake
FA. Dave Salt 1960s
1967 Rubberneck
FA. Robin Barley 1967
1968 Boysen's Delight
FA. Martin Boysen 1968
Crabbies Left-hand
FA. John Yates 1968. FA. (Bakewell Tart) John Hudson 1991
Flower Power Arete
FA. Martin Boysen 1968
1970 Private Display
FA. John Yates (in ripped trews) 1970
1977 Meander Variation
FA. Chris Hamper 1977
Mirror, Mirror
FA. Andrew Woodward 1977
Roman Nose
FA. Dave Jones 1977
Appaloosa Sunset
FA. Dave Jones 1977. They graded it E1 5b as they thought that was as hard as they could climb. Protection included a 'big hook like one off a ladder' weighted down with steel krabs.
Icarus Allsorts
FA. Al Simpson 1977
1977 KGB
FA. Ian Johnson 1977
1979 Tim Benzadrino
FA. Dave Jones 1979
Legends of Lost Leaders
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
1983 Eclipsed Peach
FA. Alan Williams 1983
The Big Flake
FA. Simon Nadin 1983
1984 Laguna Sunrise
FA. Simon Nadin (with side-runner) 1984. FA. Andi Turner (without) 2008
1986 Cloudbusting
FA. Simon Nadin 1986
1993 Sands of Time
FA. (Sands of Time) Richard Pickford 1993
1995 Geordie Girl
FA. Geoff Hornby 1990s
1996 The Shining Path
FA. Mark Katz 1996
1998 The Outdoor Pursuits Cooperative
FA. Peter Buswell 1998
2002 Roman Candle
FA. John Henry Bull 2002