List of First Ascents

1918 Fingal's Flue
FA. JW.Puttrell, H.Bishop, D .Yeomans c1918. "VDiff with three matches".
1933 Aurora
FA. Frank Elliott 1933
Fingal's Cave
FA. Eric Byne, Clifford Moyer, Frank Elliot 1933
The White Knight
FA. Eric Byne, Clifford Moyer, Frank Elliot 1933
1950 Golden Gate
FA. Joe Brown, Slim Sorrell, Nat Allen, Frank Elliott 1950. Given HS for years.
How the Hell?
FA. Joe Brown 1950
Morning Crack
FA. Joe Brown, Don Chapman 1950
1951 Kink
FA. Joe Brown, Ron Moseley 1951. FFA. John Kirk 1977
Glory Road
FA. Joe Brown, Ron Moseley 1951
1952 Frisco Bay
FA. Don Whillans 1952. An atypical Whillans route.
FA. Don Whillans 1952
FA. Ron Moseley 1952
1957 Gabriel and the Pearly Gates
FA. (Gabriel) Jack Soper, Nev Crowther, Dave Johnson 1957,FA. (Pearly Gates) Dave Mellor, Dave Johnson 1959
FA. D.Johnson, T.Brooks, J.Wade, J.Childs 1957
FA. R.Salt, B.Salt 1957
Lost Horizon
FA. R.Salt, B.Salt 1957
What the Hell?
FA. Jack Soper and members of SUMC 1957
1959 Kingdom Come
FA. Dave Johnson, Dave Mellor 1959. FFA. John Kirk, Paul Mitchell 1978
FA. Dave Mellor, Dave Johnson 1959
FA. Dave Mellor, Dave Johnson 1959
Minus Ten
FA. Dave Mellor, Dave Johnson 1959
Minus Wall
FA. Dave Mellor, Dave Johnson 1959
1960 Windhover
FA. Dave Mellor, Dave Johnson 1960. FFA. Barry Webb 1960
Drainpipe Groove
FA. Cioch Club members, about 1960
1961 Compositae Groove
FA. Barry Web, Charlie Curtis 1961
FA. Len Millsom, M.Rainey 1961. The remains of the tree stump that used to grow 1/3 of the way up the crack still resides in Chris Craggs' garden.
Roman Candle
FA. MGC members 1961
FA. Barry Webb 1961
Rosehip Wine
FA. MGC members 1961
Brown Corner
FA. Barry Webb, Charlie Curtis 1961. The route was very dirty and loose. There was also a massive tree in the corner which you could step into.
Mortuary Steps
FA. Barry Webb, Charlie Curtis 1961
1963 Little Plum
FA. Chris Jackson, Geoff Birtles 1963. The ascent took five days, they kept running out of pegs. A caving ladder was used to return to the high point.,FA. (P1 ) Geoff Birtles, John Kirk (some aid) 1979. FFA. Jerry Moffatt 1981.,FFA. (P2 ) Jerry Moffatt, Neil Molnar 1982
FA. Geoff Birtles, Chris Jackson (2pts) 1963
Aurora Arete/Tiger Trot
FA. (Aurora Arete) Bob Dearman (2pts)1963
Aurora Arete
FA. Bob Dearman (2pts)1963
FA. J.Atkinson 1963. Previously aided.
FA. Jack Street, Geoff Birtles 1963,FFA. Tom Proctor 1975 then again in 1980 after losing a massive flake.
FA. Jack Street and friends 1963
FA. Jack Street and friends 1963
1964 Icarus
FA. J.Street, G.Birtles 2.64
The Flakes Direct
FA. Bob Dearman, M.Battersby 1964
FA. Chris Jackson, B.Starkey 1964
FA. Chris Jackson, Jim Ballard, C.Moore (5pts) 1964
The Flakes
FA. Bob Dearman, M.Battersby 1964
Fe Fi Fo Fum
FA. Brian Moore, Geoff Birtles 1964
FA. Brian Moore, Geoff Birtles 1964
1965 Evasor
FA. Paul Nunn, Mike Richardson 1965
FA. Bob Dearman, Richard Brown (1pt) 1965
FA. Brian Moore, P.Fieldsend, much aid and many pendulums.,FFA. Jack Street, Chris Jackson 1960s
Scoop Wall
FA. Rod Leeming 1965. FFA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles 1967
FA. Jack Street 1965
Double Scotch
FA. Martin Barnicott 1960s
FA. Brian Moore 1965
John Peel
FA. Jack Street, John Ibbotson 1965. The second tried to lead the route first, but his attempts resulted in the route name.
The Slurper
FA. J.Street (2 pegs) 1965
1966 Boat Pusher's Wall
FA. Jack Street 1966. Well ahead of its time.
Bingo Wall
FA. Jack Street 1966
FA. Jack Street (solo) 1966
1967 Inquisitor
FA. Geoff Birtles 1967 FFA. Ron Fawcett 1976.
Dies Irae
FA. Tom Proctor, M.Peters 1967
Our Father
FA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles 1967. An awesomely impressive ascent for the time and graded HVS. The roof is probably a V5 boulder problem that Tom could do in his town shoes.
Wee Doris
FA. Tom Proctor, C.Winfield (rests) 1967. FFA. Al Rouse 1971
FA. Geoff Birtles, Tom Proctor (2pts) 1967. FFA. Ron Fawcett 1977
Pygmies Walk Tall
FA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles 1967. The A Team resort to a peg for aid on what was then a HVS.
Lucy Simmons
FA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles 1967. Named after a girl in a calendar, or so they said.
1968 Dead Banana Crack
FFA. Tom Proctor 1968. FA. Jack Street, Chris Jackson (1pt) 1965
FA. Geoff Birtles 1968
Green Crack
FA. Stu Tyrrell, Brian Manton and others 1968
1969 Kellogg
FA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles 1969. FFA. Steve Haston 1976/7
1970 Helicon
FFA. Jack Street, Paul Nunn 1970. Previously aided.
1971 Rippemoff
FFA. Keith Myhill 1971. FA. (2pts) Chris Jackson, Geoff Birtles 1965
Special K
FA. Tom Proctor, A.Dawson 1971. An impressive ascent for the time.
FA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles 1971
FA. Tom Proctor, T.Rogers 1971
1975 Bubbles Wall
FA. Tom Proctor 1975. Originally Tom started from Flake and Pillar, but later he added the described direct start.
FA. A.Parkin 1970s
Little Capucin
FFA. Chris Jackson 1975. FA. Tony Howard, Pat Fearnehough 1961
1976 Bitterfingers
FA. Gabriel Reagan, Geoff Birtles 1976. FA. (GL) Paul Mitchell (solo) 1988
Mottled Wall
FA. Gabe Reagan, Andy Barker 1976
Gesemini Direct
FA. Mark Stokes, Dave Humphries 1976,FA. (Original) Geoff Birtles, Chris Jackson 1964
Great Escape
FA. Geoff Birtles, Earnie Marshall, Al Evans 1976
FA. Steve Bancroft 1976
FA. Gabe Reagan (2pts) 1976. FFA. Tom Proctor (via a left variation) 1979.
FA. Ron Fawcett 1976
Millionaire Touch
FA. Geoff Birtles, Tom Proctor (1pt aid and a rest in the tree - long deceased) 1976 FFA. Nick Colton 1980.
Easy Action
FA. Dave Knighton, A.Bonnett 1976
1977 Circe
FA. Tom Proctor, Steve Bancroft 1977
1978 Flycatcher
FA. Tom Proctor, Nick Stokes, Steve Bancroft 1978
1979 Colonel Bogey
FA. Tom Proctor 1979
1979 Chewemoff
FFA. Tom Proctor 1979. FA. (1pt) Geoff Birtles, Tom Proctor 1968
Kelly's Eye
FA. Tom Proctor, John Kirk 1979
Traffic Jam
FA. Tom Proctor 1979
This Shit Wall
FA. John Reagan, Paul Mitchell 1979
Vinegar Fly
FA. Al Evans 1979
FA. Al Evans and a cast of thousands 1979
FA. Geoff Birtles 1979. Lost holds in the 1980s.
Cabbage Crack
FFA. Tom Proctor, John Kirk 1979. Previously aided.
Cardiac Arrest
FA. Tom Proctor, Ernie Marshall 1979
The Morgue
FFA. Tom Proctor 1979. FA. Bob Dearman, Al Evans 1977
Speed Kills
FFA. Tom Proctor 1979. FA. Bob Dearman 1977
1980 Four Minute Tiler
FA. Tom Proctor 1980. Tom's last new route at Stoney and also his hardest.
FFA. Chris Hamper (onsight) 1980. FA. Al Evans 1971,FA. (Hysterectomy) Jerry Moffatt 1981
Emotional Rescue
FA. Steve Bancroft, John Stevenson 1980
The Heat
FA. R.Fawcett 1980
Helmut Schmitt
FA. Jerry Moffatt 1980
1981 Hysterectomy
FA. (Hysterectomy) Jerry Moffatt 1981
Black Kabul
FA. Jerry Moffat 1981
1982 St. Paul
FA. Paul Cropper 1982
1984 Easy Skanking
FA. Andy Pollitt 1984
Mind Blind
FA. Paul Mitchell 1984
Swine Vesicular
FA. P.Mitchell 29.6.84
Virgin on the Loose
FA. A.Pollitt, M.Pretty 5.11.84
1985 Hart Attack
FA. M.Pretty, J.Hart, C.Plant 17.4.85
FA. Al Rouse 1980s
Jam Sandwich
FA. Mark Pretty 1985
All Systems Go
FA. Q.Fisher 6.85
1986 La Belle et la Bete
FA. Mark Pretty 1986
1987 Alex It was Nothing Really
FA. Simon Cundy 1987
Nice in Nice
FA. Gary Gibson 1987
Stuff the Turkey
FA. G.Gibson 25.12.87
1988 Big Boris
FA. N.Slater 9.4.88
The Great Leveller
FA. Paul Mitchell 1988
Ozone Bozo
FA. Paul Mitchell 1988
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
One 'ard Move
FA. D.Hall 1988
1991 Squeek
FA. N.Slater 31.3.91
Flake and Pillar
FA. Unknown. FA. (Squeek) Nigel Slater 1991
1993 Daedalus
FA. J.Kelly 4.5.93
FA. J.Kelly 11.5.93
1995 Golden Boy
FA. Gary Gibson 1995
1997 Hell Hath No Fury
FA. Warren Trippett, David Law 1997
2001 X Calibre
FA. Gary Gibson 2001
Creeping Flesh
FA. Gary Gibson 2001
Beta Blocker
FA. Gary Gibson 2001
2002 The Lover's Leap
FA. Mark Pretty 2002
2006 Dig Deep for Victory
FA. Kristian Clemmow 2006
2007 The Big Apple
FA. Kristian Clemmow 2007
Ming the Merciless
FA. Mark Pretty 2007. Done with a high pre-clipped bolt on Little Plum, due to the hard clips. The route was done properly by Jon Clark in 2009.
Virgin King
FA. Mark Pretty 2007. Top section is on Big Nose (FA. Mark Pretty 1985 ), bottom section includes Virgin on the Loose (FA. Andy Pollitt 1984).
FA. Mark Pretty 2007
2012 I Hate You
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
Empty Cartridge
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
Two Ton Ted from Teddington
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
Knockin' on the Bread Man's Door
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
FA. Gary Gibson 2012
2013 Can't Stop Now
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
Four Thousand
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
Trouble with Rubble
FA. Kris Clemmow 2013
Onwards and Upwards
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
Nowt about Change
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
Two Thousand
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
2014 Dig Deeper
FA. Kris Clemmow 2014
FA. Kris Clemmow 2014
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
Glue 'em Back
FA. Mark Pretty 2014
Turf 'em Off
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
There May Be Rubble Ahead
FA. Mark Pretty 2014
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
Brachiopods Bite Back
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
Pearls from the Shell
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
Red Mist
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
Corner, it is
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
Corner, it is not
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
2015 Gulp and Go
FA. Ian Carr 2015
FA. Gary Gibson 2015
End, Stop, Finale
FA. Gary Gibson 2015
The Last Stop
FA. Gary Gibson 2015
2016 Double the Rubble
FA. Mark Pretty 2016