List of First Ascents

1958 Frore
FA. John Loy, W.Woodward 1958
1959 Shattered Crack
FA. John Loy, R.Precious 1959
Cave Corner
FA. John Loy 1959
1960 Tria
FA. Dave Johnson, Dave Mellor 1960
FA. John Loy, Dave Mellor 1960
FA. John Loy, Dave Johnson, Dave Mellor 1960
The Gymnic
FA. John Loy, Harry Gillott, Brian Stokes, Ted Howard 1960
Mealy Bugs
FA. Dave Johnson, Dave Mellor 1960
Via Vita
FA. John Loy, Dave Mellor (1pt) 1960
FA. Dave Johnson, Dave Mellor 1960
FA. Dave Johnson, Dave Mellor 1960
FA. John Loy (solo - who would have guessed?) 1960
Pedestal Branch
FA. John Loy 1960
1961 Bifurous Chimney
FA. Don Morrison 1961
1964 Ploy
FA. Oliver Woolcock, Rod Brown 1964
FA. Paul Nunn, Oliver Woolcock (1pt) 1964
FA. Clive Rowland, Paul Nunn 1964
1965 Gruesome Groove
FA. John Loy, G Armstrong 1965
FA. Bob Dearman, Rod Brown 1965
FA. Wilf White, Ernie Marshall (1 peg) 1965
1966 Scorpion
FA. M.Quinn, J.Dutton, B.Samuals (2 pegs) 1966
1968 Malpossessed
FA. Ernie Marshall, John Loy (2 pegs) 1968,FFA. Ken Myhill, Terry King 1970
1969 The Wick
FA. John Loy, M.Walsh, G.Armstrong 1969
1970 Purple Haze
FA. Bob Dearman, D.Riley (2pts) 1970
1976 Via Vita Direct
FA. Chris Jackson 1976
1978 Cut Loose or Fly
FA. Phil Burke, Keith Myhill 1978
Russian Roulette
FA. Mick Horlov, Bob Dearman 1978
FA. Chris Jackson, Rod Haslam 1978
Rock Biter
FA. Chris Jackson, D.Sant 1978
1979 Hydrolysis
FA. Gary Gibson, J.Norris 1979
Looking at Blue
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
The Bigot Direct
FA. (Direct) Gary Gibson 1979. FA. (Original) John Fleming 1976
1980 Bullets
FA. Gary Gibson 1980
1981 Cold Shoulder
FA. Mark Kemball, Bill McKee 1981
1982 Wilt
FA. Ron Fawcett 1982
1984 Pagan Man
FA. Johnny Dawes, Tony Kartawick 1984
1985 The Wilt Alternative
FA. Quentin Fisher 1985
1994 Freedom Slaves
FA. Paul Fearn 1994
2005 Amnesiacs
FA. Graham Parkes, Dave Vincent, Chris Craggs 2005. So called because, when it came to write it up, we couldn't remember anything about it.