List of First Ascents

1954 The Thorn
FA. Joe Brown, Ron Mosley (some aid) 1954
1957 Ivy Gash
FA. John Sumner late 1950s
1963 Bertram's Chimney
FA. Nat Allen, D.Burgess 1963
1966 The Web
FA. D.Burgess, Nat Allen (1pt) 1966
Central Wall
FA. D.Burgess 1966
Beeston Eliminate
FA. G.Smith, T.Burnell 1966
West Wall Climb
FA. D.Burgess 1966
1968 The Spider
FA. G.Smith, Nat Allen (3pts) 1968
FA. Des Hadlum, G.Smith (3pts) 1968
The Fly
FA. G.Smith, Nat Allen, B.Metcalfe (5pts) 1968
1969 Perforation
FA. Paul Nunn, T.Briggs 1969. Recorded at the time as Armadillium.
1970 Nocturne
FA. Nat Allen D.Burgess 1970
The Beest
FA. Jeff Morgan, Zep Dyszlewicz (8pts) 1970. FA. (TBB) Nigel Slater 1987
1974 Black Grub
FA. John Yates 1974
1978 Gary Gobstopper
FA. Dave Jones, R.Cope 1978
FA. Dave Jones, R.Cope 1978
Pocket Symphony
FA. Dave Jones R.Cope 1978
FA. Gary Gibson R.Hewitt 1978
Enough Time
FA. Gary Gibson, Derek Beetlestone 1978. Graham Hoey had previously climbed the last pitch in mistake for Beeston Eliminate. The pitch was first described in the 1970 Southern Limestone guide as an aided direct version of the Eliminate (2 pegs and many threads).
1979 Budgie
FA. John Codling, T.Bristling 1979
FA. Dave Jones 1979
Deaf Dove
FA. John Codling 1979
Lord of the Dance
FA. John Codling, Dave Jones 1979
1980 Double Top
FFA. Phil Burke, Rab Carrington 1980. FA. Bob Dearman (aid) 1966
Flying Doctor
FA. Phil Burke, Pete (the eponymous flying doctor) Thexton 1980
1982 Pat-trick
FA. Mark Elwell, Andy Grondowski 1982
1983 Faience
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
Solution Pollution
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
Midnight Mass
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
Principle of Moments
FA. John Fleming, Jim Shackleton 1983
Cleo's Mood
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
1989 666
FA. Simon Nadin 1989
2005 Honoray Buoux
FA. Mark Pretty 2005
2006 The Beesting
FA. Kristian Clemmow 2006
Beast It!
FA. Mark Pretty 2006
2007 The Beeston Bomber
FA. Kristian Clemmow 2007