List of First Ascents

1914 Original Route
FFA. Seigfreid Herford 1914. FA. Samuel Turner 1903, on a top-rope. He completed his ascent with an impressive headstand on the top.
1932 Original Route
FA. Frank Elliott 1932
1950 Pickering Ridge
FA. Joe Brown early 1950
1955 Pickering's Overhang
FA. Joe Brown 1950s
FA. Steve Read, Rod Leeming, D.Carnell, P.Brown, S.Hunt mid 1950s,FFA. (well almost - 2pts) Paul Nunn, Jeff Morgan 1969
1956 Phil's Route
FA. Steve Read, Roy Leeming, Derek Carnell, Phil Brown, Steve Hunt (aid) 1956. Phil Brown returned 25 years later to attempt the route free. Unfortunately he fell off
FA. Steve Read, Ron Leeming, D.Carnell, P.Brown, S.Hunt 1956
FA. Steve Read, Ron Leeming, D.Carnell, P.Brown, Steve Hunt 1956
1963 Venery
FFA. H.Smith 1963. FA. Joe Brown 1950s
Brown's Blunder
FFA. Pete WIlliams, John Amies 1963. FA. Joe Brown (aid on P2 ) 1950s
Beginner's Luck
FA. Pete Williams, John Amies 1963
Snakes Alive
FA. Pete Williams, John Amies 1963
Stanley Wall
FA. Tony Howard, Tony Nicholls, Bill Tweedale 1963
Dr Livingstone
FA. Tony Howard, Tony Nicholls, Bill Tweedale 1963
1964 John Peel
FA. Pete (Trog) WIlliams, John (who peeled) Amies 1964
1965 Bill Baley
FA. R Hassall, A Critchlow (3pts) 1965
Southern Rib
FFA. Rod Leeming 1965. FA. Joe Brown (2pts) 1950s
FA. Roy Leeming (1pt aid) 1965. The original finish moved left above the roof to join what is now The Rattler.
FA. Nat Allen, D.Carnell (1pt) 1965
1966 Claw Left-hand
FA. Jack Street, Al Evans 1966
Parrot Face
FA. Jack Street 1966
1967 The Claw
FFA. Jack Street, Al Evans 1967. FA. A Critchlow, R Hassell (1pt) 1965
Left-hand Route
FFA. Jack Street, Geoff Birtles 1967. FA. John Sumner, Brian Knox 1950
1968 Aquarius
FA. Jack Street, Tom Proctor 1968
1969 Central Wall
FFA. Tom Proctor, Keith Myhill (1pt) 1969.,FA. Rod Leeming (aid) 1950s.
The Bat
FA. Al Evans 1969
The Groove
FFA. Jack Street, Alan McHardy 1969. FA. Slim Sorrel, Nat Alan 1950s.
The Flake
FA. S.Read (aid) 1969. FFA. Unknown
Adjudicator Wall
FA. Jack Street, Geoff Birtles (one rest) 1969
Yew Tree Wall
FA. Paul Nunn, Jeff Morgan (1 sling) 1969
FA. Paul Nunn, Jeff Morgan (1 sling) 1969
1970 Flying Blackberry
FA. T. Bolger, D. Constable (HVS A1) 1970 FFA. Alan Rouse Neil Foster 1983
FA. Paul Nunn, Ken Jones 1970
Harold Wilson
FA. Jack Street, Alan McHardy 1970
1971 Raven
FA. Keith Myhill, Bill Hayley (almost free - 1 nut aid) 1971
1972 Tennessee Waltz
FA. A Hill, G.Dunn 1972
Easter Island
FA. Ed Ward-Drummond, Hamish Green-Armytage 1972
1973 Watchblock Direct
FFA. B.Whittaker 1973. FA. Nat Allen, D.Carnell (1pt) 1965
Nancy Whisky
FFA. B.Whittaker, K.Mercer, Brian Cropper 1973. FA. Nat Allen 1960s
1976 The Gladiator
FFA. Ron Fawcett, Chris Gibb 1976. FA. Rock and Ice members early 1950s
The Wong Edge
FFA. Ron Fawcett, Chris Gibb 1976. FA. Joe Brown, Don Whillans 1950s
FA. Pete O'Donovan, Mark Stokes 1976
FFA. Malc Taylor 1976. FA. R.Leeming S.Read late 1950,
FFA. Bob Dearman 1976. FA. Roy Leeming (4pts) 1965
1977 Quiet Life
FA. Chris Calow, N.Channon 1977
1978 Central Wall Direct
FA. Chris Hamper 1978
The Umpire
FA. John Codling, Dave Wiggin 1978
The White Edge
FFA. Ron Fawcett 1978. FA. Joe Brown, Ron Mosley early 1950s
Chunky Punky
FA. John Codling, D.Wiggin 1978
What Crisis?
FA. John Flemming, Tom Carruthers 1978
Tales of the Riverbank
FFA. (nearly) John Fleming, Chris Calow (1pt) 1978. FFA. Ron Fawcett 1978,FA. Steve Read, Roy Leeming, Derek Carnell, Phil Brown, Steve Hunt 1950s
Orange Peel
FA. John Codling, Chris Calow, Pete Douglas 1978
Wild Bill
FA. John Codling, D.Wiggan 1978
FA. John Codling, Chris Calow 1978
Ten Craters of Wisdom
FA. Chris Calow 1978
Suspended Sentence
FA. John Codling (solo) 1978
Red Eye
FA. Chris Calow, Mike Browell,, Dave Jones, John Codling 1978
Final Witness
FA. John Codling, P.Douglas, Dave Jones, Chris Calow, Mike Browell 1978
1979 Swallow Tails
FA. Dave Jones, R Cope 1979
1979 Deltoid Shuffle
FA. John Codling, Dave Jones 1979
Judge Jeffries
FA. John Codling, Dave Jones 1979
Wild Country
FA. (Wild Country) John Codling, R.Cope (tension) 1979. FFA. Dominic Lee, Daniel Lee 1982
Rose Bowl
FA. John Codling, Chris Calow 1979
1980 The Temptress
FA. John Codling, Dave Jones 1980. Originally done in two pitches.
Uncontrollable Urge
FA. Gary Gibson 1980
Bob Hope
FA. Gary Gibson, Derek Beetlestone, Phil Gibson 1980
1981 Wall of Straws
FA. Ed Cleasby, Rob Matheson, B.McKinley 1981
Manna Machine
FA. Gary Gibson 1981
1982 The Doldrums
FA. Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn 1982
FA. Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn 1982
Police and Thieves
FA. Jim Moran, Nick Plishko, Steve Webster, Chris Addy 1982
The Wicked
FA. Chris Craggs, Colin Binks 1982. Rapidly neutered by the addition of many extra bolts.
Eye of the Tiger
FFA. Ron Fawcett 1982. FA. Pete Williams, John Amies 1963
FFA. Johnny Woodward 1982. FA. Chris Calow, Richard Haszko (3 pegs) 1978
FA. Dominic Lee, Daniel Lee 1982
American Style
FFA. Keith Sharples 1982. Previously aided.
Jungle Land
FFA. Dominic Lee 1982. FA. Steve Read and others 1950s
And the Weather
FA. Gary Gibson 1982
The Lime Arch
FA. Gary Gibson 1982. Bolted in 2010
1983 The River
FA. Mark Elwell, Andy Grondowski 1983
Bob Can't Cope
FA. Nick Dixon 1983
Blue Sister
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
Black Flip
FFA. John Codling, Steve Allen 1983,FA. Paul Nunn, Jeff Morgan (5pts) 1969
Destot's Gap
FA. Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn 1983
Archibald the Grim
FA. Chris Jackson, Bill Wintrip 1983
A Secret State
FA. Gary Gibson, Hazel Carnes 1983
The Man with X-Ray Eyes
FA. Gary Gibson, Phil Gibson 1983
1984 Pumping Iron
FFA. Craig Smith Johnny Dawes 1984,FA. John Codling, Steve Allen, J.Lockett (1 rest) 1983
Three Piece Combo
FA. Chris Plant, Mike Hammill 1984
Sold Down the River
FA. Gary Gibson 1984
Under Pressure
FA. Bill Wintrip, Chris Jackson 1984
Things Ain't Like They Used to Be
FA. Gary Gibson 1984. Bolted in 2010
1985 Tendonitis Sucks
FA. Nick Dixon 1985
FA. Nick Dixon 1985
Middle Stump
FA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 1980s
Zulu Dawn
FA. Gary Gibson 1985
1987 Monsieur Mange Tout
FA. Mark Pretty 1987. Originally climbed as Point Blank, E5 6b but this stepped left to avoid the last move. FA. Andy Grondowski 1983
The Jaguar Smile
Ian Munro 1987
Arch Enemies
FA. Andy Pollitt 1987
1988 Follow the Bear
FA. Malc Taylor 1988
The Archers
FA. Mark Pretty 1988
The Rattler
FA. Bill Wintrip 1988. Much of this was the original line for Anaconda.
Pogles' Wood
FA. Neil Foster 1988
Bolt it and Believe it
FA. Mark Pretty 1988
French Technique
FA. Malcolm Taylor 1988
1990 Restricted Practices
FFA. Keith Sharples 1990. FA. Zep Dyszwicz, P.Pearson 1969
1992 Daylight Robbery
FA. Clive Allen, Rob Wright 1992
No Turning Back
FA. Andy Taylor, Alison Taylor, Malc Taylor 1992
1995 Don van Vliet
FA. Nick Taylor 1995
Jonah's Boner
FA. Simon Lee 1995
1999 Ribit
FA. Bill McKee 1999
2003 Bye, George
FA. Mark Pretty, Jon Haswell 2003
2007 Steve's Route
FA. Steve McClure 2007
Crazy Horse
FA. Mark Pretty, Paul Freeman 2007
2010 There Will Be Blood
FA. Mark Pretty 2010
Sworn Enemy
FA. Jon Clark 2010
Arch Rival
FA. Jon Clark 2010