List of First Ascents

1961 Doggone Groove
FA. Malc Baxter, Jim Heys 1961
1963 Great Central Route
FA. Rod Brown, Alan Wright (aid) 1963
1964 The Chopper
FA. John Amatt and others 1964
Chee Tor Girdle
FA. Chris Jackson, J.Atkinson, B.Starkey 1964
1965 Hergiani
FA. Paul Nunn, Oliver Woolcock (aid) 1965
FA. J.Taylor, Graham West (aid) 1960s
Gulle Gulle Groove
FA. Tony Howard and others (aid) 1965
Leering Wall
FA. Tony Howard and others (aid) 1965. FFA. Unknown
Clive's Route
FA. Clive Rowland 1965
1970 Sleepwalkers
FA. J.Morgan, K.Myhill (aid) 11.4.70 FFA. J.Moran, S.Horrox 6.6.76
FA. Jeff Morgan, Dave Lester (aid) 1970
The Last Laugh
FA. A.Sanderson, K.Bassindale (aid) 9.8.70. FFA. T.Proctor 1971
1971 Shake
FA. Chris Jackson, Tom Proctor 1971
Queer Street
FA. Tom Proctor, Chris Jackson 1971,FA. (Direct Finish) Gary Gibson, Ian Riddington 1984
42nd Street
FA. Tom Proctor, Chris Jackson 1971
1975 Koroblin
FA. Unknown 1970s
Grinning Chimney
FA. J.Taylor, G.West (aid) 1970s. FFA. Unknown
1976 Old Man's Gambit
FA. Chris Jackson, D.Sant, Rod Haslam 1976
FFA. Jerry Peel and team 1976. FA. Bob Dearman, Dave Gill 1966
Rave On
FA. Geoff Birtles, Ernie Marshall, Al Evans 1976
Mortlock's Arete
FFA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles 1976 after a race against Fawcett and Livesey. FA. Colin Mortlock, Lynne Noble, P.Hutchinson 1962. The line they took incorporates Apocalypse P2.
FA. Gabriel Reagan, Mark Stokes 1976
Match of the Day
FA. Jim Moran, Al Evans 1976
FA. Tom Proctor, Ernie Marshall 1976
FA. Chris Jackson, Dave Sant, Rod Haslam 1976
FA. J.Peel 8.76
Pleasant Dreams
FA. J.Fleming 1.11.76. Direct start R.Davies 1985
1977 Apocalypse
FA. Steve Bancroft, John Allen - the only E6 in Bancroft's 1977 Recent Developments guide. As this was full of notorious sand-bags he must have had a torrid time on this route.
FA. Jim Moran, George Traish 1977
Sunny Goodge Street
FA. Al Evans, Jim Moran 1977
FA. Jim Moran, G.Traish 1977
1978 Tec
FA. C.Jackson 1978
Less Than Zero
FA. Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn, Simon Horrox 1978
1979 Jelly Fingers
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1979
Rue Morgue
FA. Chris Jackson 1979
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1979
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1979
Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1979
Ezekiel Stool
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1979
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1979
Absent Friends
FA. Mark Stokes, Mike Browell 1979
Dagenham Dave
FA. Gary Gibson, Phil Wilson 1979
The Bee's Knees
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1979
A Laugh a Minute
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1979
1980 Fey
FFA. Jerry Frost 1980. FA. Bob Conway, Chris Jackson (1pt) 1979.
Two Sunspots
FA. Gary Gibson, Barry Holmes, Tony Bailey 1980
Blind Alleys
FA. P.Livesey, A.Livesey 1980
Heart of Darkness
FA. John Fleming and team 1980
The Golden Mile
FA. Pete Livesey, Alec Livesey 1980. Livesey's last great route in the Peak which was named because Livesey had told Ron Fawcett that he was going to Blackpool for the day, but instead he sneaked here to pick this plum.
1981 Valentine (pitch 1)
FFA. (P2 ) Jerry Moffatt 1981 with pre-clipped gear.,FA. Jeff Morgan, H.Mares (aid on P2 ) 1970.
Splintered Perspex
FA. John Fleming (1 pt) 1981. FFA. Ducan Critchley 1981
Of Youth
FA. John Fleming 1981
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
Pink Panther
FA. R.Fawcett 6.81
1982 Une Crime Passionel
FA. Gary Gibson 1982
FFA. Jerry Moffatt 1982. FA. Gabriel Reagan, M.Dewsbury (1pt) 1976
White Gold
FA. Chris Gore, Dominic Lee 1982
Tequila Mockingbird
FA. Ron Fawcett 1982. Originally climbed with yo-yo techniques. Visiting Frenchman Jean-Pierre Bouvier red-pointed the route and renamed it 'Gandalf Le Magicien' claiming he had made the first real ascent. Since then the route has twice gained bolts on its initial wall against the wishes of the 1st ascensionist, and then had them removed.
Ceramic Extension
FA. Johnny Woodward, Dave Lee 1982
FA. Gary Gibson 1982
Brief Camouflage
FA. Gary Gibson 1982. Bolted in 1998.
FA. Gary Gibson 1982
Blood Lust
FA. Unknown. FA. (Bloodworm) Gary Gibson 1982
Bad Blood
FA. Gary Gibson 1982
1983 Otaix
FA. C.Hardy, Q.Fisher 11.4.83
The Spiders from Mars
FFA. Neil Molnar, J.Taylor 1983. FA. Chris Jackson, Rod Haslam 1976
War Memorial
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
Martial Music
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
Clarion Call
FA. Gary Gibson 1983. Led without bolts by Nick Dixon 1984. Bolts gradually replaced over the years.
Midnight Summer Dream
FA. Gary Gibson, Adam Hudson 1983
One Night
FA. Keith Sharples, Ian Riddington 1983
FA. Gary Gibson 1983
FA. Gary Gibson, Adam Hudson 1983
The Body Line
FA. Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn 1983
Duel in the Sun
FA. Dave Lee 1983
The European Female
FA. Gary Gibson 1983. Bolted 1998.
1984 Fatty Manwell and the Paranoid Oysters
FA. P.Mitchell 5.84
The Ape Escape
FA. P.Clarke 5.84
Kriklet's Cancer
FA. P.Mitchell 20.5.84
Up the River Without a Paddle
FA. Gary Gibson 1984
Armistice Day
FA. Gary Gibson 1984
Big Store
FA. Gary Gibson 1984. FA. (Egyptian Bizarre) Jon deMontjoye 1989
The Myrmidon
FA. Keith Sharples 1984
Eyes of Fire
FA. Simon Nadin, Richard Davies 1984. It was bolted in 1988 and received many ascents at 7b+. The bolts were removed later.
The Freedom Trap
FA. Simon Nadin 1984
Goal of the Month
FA. Gary Gibson 1984
Snap Dragon
FA. Gary Gibson 1984
FA. Richard Davies 1984
Nobody's Hero
FA. Gary Gibson 1984
1985 Negative Earth
FA. D.Kerr, N.Harrison 9.3.85
FA. D.Kerr, N.Harrison 17.3.85
What Aches?
FA. G.Gibson 2.5.85
A Widespread Lack of Imagination
FA. D.Kerr 13.6.85
FA. Gary Gibson 1985
The Third Order
FA. Gary Gibson 1985
Led Up the Garden Path
FA. Doug Kerr 1985
Flash Harry
FA. Gary Gibson, M.Jones 1985
Too Jugless for Douglas
FA. Gary Gibson 1985
FA. Doug Kerr, Paul Harrison 1985
Rinky Dinky
FA. Doug Kerr, Paul Harrison 1985
FA. Ben Masterson 1985
FA. Gary Gibson 1985
Two Generations
FA. Gary Gibson 1985
Nip the Nippon
FA. Gary Gibson 1985
1986 Old Man River
FA. Gary Gibson, Matt Ward 1986
1986 The Naive and Sentimental Lover
FA. Mark Pretty 1986
Snails of the Riverbank
FA. Gary Gibson 1986. FA. (Direct start) Ian Dunn 1997
After the Goldfish
FA. Gary Gibson 1986
Big Zipper
FA. Gary Gibson 1986
Bored of the Lies
FA. Mark Pretty 1986
Unleashing the Wild Physique
FA. Mark Pretty 1986
FA. Mark Pretty 1986
The Corniceman
FA. Gary Gibson 1986. New finish added when it was rebolted.
Um Bongo
FA. Chris Wright and friends 1986
The 'too small for the tall' Wall
FA. Gary Gibson 1986
The Goldfish
FA. Gary Gibson, Mark Pretty 1986
The Ogre
FA. Chris Gore 1986
Lily Street
FA. Gary Gibson 1986
Turbo-charged Monster Mouse
FA. Richard Davies 1986. Bolted in 1998.
Zebedee Visits the Clinic
FA. Paul Mitchell 1986
Blue-arsed Fly
FA. Paul Mitchell 1986
Scratch Your Eyes Out
FA. M.Ward, G.Gibson 13.7.86
Shake Hands With the Octopus
FA. G.Gibson 13.7.86
1988 Books on the Bonfire
FA. D.Pegg 12.6.88
That was the River
FA. Chris Hamper 1988
This is the Sea
FA. Mark Pretty 1988
FA. Chris Plant 1988. FA. (Powerpants) Mark Pretty 2011
Chemical Weapons
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
1989 The Messiah
FA. D.Jones 4.5.89
Ophelias Lobelia
FA. Paul Mitchell 1989
Forehead Trombone
FA. Malcom Taylor, Matt Szabo 1989
Masculine Power Trip
FA. Ben Moon 1989. Extended by Keith Sharples 1994. Formerly aided as 'The Crack'.
Mescaline Power Trip
FA. Mark Pretty 1989
Taylor Made
FA. Malcom Taylor 1989
Feminine Ego Trip
FA. Malcom Taylor 1989. Formerly the aid route 'The Groove'.
Monumental Armblaster
FA. Sean Myles 1989. Formerly the aid route 'Monumental Alabaster'.
The Monday Club
FA. Chris Hardy 1989
Trampled Underfoot
FA. Chris Hardy, G.Gilmore 1989
Crowd Control
FA. Keith Sharples 1989
A Basic Power Problem
FA. Richard Davies 1989
Whose Line is it Anyway?
FA. Jon deMontjoye, Neil Foster 1989
The Egyptian Bizarre
FA. Jon deMontjoye 1989
Four Door Dostoyevsky
FA. Sean Myles 1989
Cordless Madness
FA. Nigel Slater, Rosie Brown, Alan Doig 1989
Flowers in the Dirt
FA. Keith Sharples 1989
Too Pumpy for Grumpy
FA. Nigel Slater 1989
Further Adventures in Greendale
FA. Keith Sharples 1989
FA. Allen Williams 1989
FA. J.deMontjoye, M.Taylor, M.Watson 1989
The Day of the Long Knives
FA. Keith Sharples 1989
Fat Ginger Cat
FA. Malcom Taylor, Jon deMontjoye 1989
Thrash Your Woodie
FA. Simon Lee 1989
Me Tarzan
FA. Allen Williams 1989
The Rainmaker
FA. John Welford 1989
Blood Transfusion
FA. Chris Hardy 1989
1990 The Jug Jockey
FA. Keith Sharples 1990
Cry of Despair
FA. Chris Hardy 1990
Rapid City
FA. Dougie Hall 1990
FA. John Hart 1990
Mike's Bike and the Collar-bone Experience
FA. Lucian Cottle 1990
1991 Last Eggs Before the M1
FA. John Hart 1991
The Roof Warrior
FA. Keith Sharples 1991
1992 Midnight at the Oasis
FA. Alan James 1992
1994 Wright-On
FA. Chris Wright 1994
FA. Keith Sharples 1994. Formerly the aid route with the somewhat comical name of 'The Slab'.
FA. Mike Lea 1994
Gardener's Question Time
FA. Seb Grieve 1994. FA. (Rue Morgue) Chris Jackson 1979
FA. Seb Grieve 1994
FA. Seb Grieve 1994. FA (K5 ) Kristian Clemmow 2011,FA. (K2 ) Steve McClure 2011
De Vine
FA. Ruth Jenkins 1994
1995 Sharp Practice
FA. Keith Sharples 1995
Wright to Left
FA. Chris Wright 1995
Zippy's Direct Finish
FA. Mark Pretty 1995
FA. John Hart 1995. His age at the time.
1996 Beelzebub
FA. Seb Grieve 1996
Love Amongst the Butterflies
FA. Seb Grieve 1996
FA. Andy Popp 1996. Superseded 'No Bolts We're British' (FA. Mark Pretty 1988 ) which used a similar start but went left into Rave On.
A Nasty Farming Accident
FA. Andy Popp 1996
FA. Andy Popp 1996
1997 Ouijaboard
FA. Dave Cross, Carl Dawson 1997
Devonshire Arms
FA. Craig Devonshire 1997
Asia Shadow Player
FA. Steve McClure 1997
1998 Basic Channel
FA. Craig Smith 1998
FA. Seb Grieve, Jez Portman 1998
Custard Pie in yer Eye
FA. Gary Gibson, Simon Rice 1998
Cry Havoc
FA. Gary Gibson, Simon Rice, Tim Gallagher 1998
Fallout Zone
FA. Gary Gibson, Dave Law 1998
Gaseous Exchange
FA. Gary Gibson, Dave Law 1998
Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb
FA. Gary Gibson, Dave Law 1998
Semolina Sunday
FA. Gary Gibson 1998
The Garlic Twist
FA. Gary Gibson, Dave Law 1998
Feline Fine
FA. Gary Gibson, Dave Law 1998
Lady's Finger
FA. Gary Gibson 1998
The Way of the Gone Wives
FA. Gary Gibson, Simon Rice, Tim Gallagher 1998
1999 Malcolm X
FA. Steve McClure 1999. FA. (MA) Dan Varian 2010
FA. Steve McClure 1999
2002 Loco
FA. Gary Gibson 2002
2003 Snatch
FA. Kristian Clemmow 2003
2004 Poppy Fields
FA. Simon Lee 2004
2007 32
FA. Kristian Clemmow 2007. His age at the time.
2008 Somehow Super
FA. Steve McClure 2008
2010 Dirty Old Man
FA. Mark Pretty 2010
Barney Ragin'
FA. James McHaffie 2010
Easy Rider
FA. Mark Pretty 2010
FA. Kris Clemmow 2010
The Dream Mile
FA. Mark Pretty 2010
2011 Techno Prisoners
FA. Bob Hickish 2011
Gran Techo
FA. Kris Clemmow 2011
FA. Kris Clemmow 2011
Captain Ahab
FA. Mark Pretty 2011