List of First Ascents

1965 The Superdirectissima
FA. Dave Nicol, B.Palmer 1965. FFA. Rob Gawthorpe, Pete Jackson 1980
1966 Warlord
FA. Tony Barley, Robin Barley, Pete Rowat 2.10.1966. FFA. (Direct Start) Gareth Parry 5.1998
1972 Central Wall
FFA. Pete Livesey, John Sheard 1972. FA. Allan Austin, Brian Fuller 1961.
The Diedre
FFA. Pete Livesey, John Sheard 1972. FA. John Sumner, Dave Alcock 1956. . FA. (System of a Down) Derek Hargreaves, Paul Wheeler 23.6.2005
1974 Perverted Geranium
FFA. Pete Livesey, Ron Fawcett 1974
1975 Deja Vu
FA. Pete Gomersall, Jill Lawrence 1975. As an aid route which continued over the roof. FFA. (Pitch 1) Ron Fawcett 1980.
The Directissima
FFA. (at HVS!) Ron Fawcett, Al Evans 1975. FA. (Pitch 1) Joe Brown 1953
Dodger Direct
FA. Pete Gomersall 6.1975
Original Route
FA. Pete Gomersall 6.1975
FA. Pete Livesey, Ron Fawcett 1975
1976 Claws
FA. Pete Livesey, Jill Lawrence 1976.
1980 Worlds in Collision
FA. Dave Knighton, Dave Cronshaw 3.5.1980
Captain Tripps
FA. D.Knighton, B.Woodhouse 1980
Mistaken Identity
FA. Rob Gawthorpe 1980. FA. (Talons Start) Dave Knighton 1980
1981 Balas
FFA. Martin Berzins 1981
FFA. Ron Fawcett, Gill Fawcett 1981. Retro-bolted in 2016
Crank Stroke Groove
FA. Bob Berzins, Martin Berzins 1981
1982 Face Value
FA. Martin Berzins, Ashley Cowell 1982
Picnic on Hanging Rock
FA. Bob Bradley, Martin Berzins 1982
FA. (pitch 1) Martin Berzins, Graham Desroy 1982. FA (pitch 2) Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins 1984
Friends in High Places
FA. Martin Berzins, Graham Desroy 1982
1983 Wise Blood
FA. Martin Berzins, Neil Foster 1983
1984 The Overlap
FFA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 15.5.1984
Bird's Nest Crack
FA. Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins 16.5.1984
Ground Effect
FA. Pete Gomersall 6.1984
FA. Pete Gomersall 1984
Zero Option
FA. Pete Gomersall 6.1984.
White Rushin'
FA. (pitch 1) Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1984 and (pitch 2) 1985
Ice Spurt Special
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1984
Waiting for the Sun
FA. Pete Gomersall, Brian Swales 6.1984
FA Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins 7.7.1984
Little Ernie
FFA. Pete Gomersall 7.1984
1985 Nerve Ending
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 9.5.1985
The Bulgelette
FA. Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins 9.5.1985
Frankie Comes to Kilnsey
FA. Pete Gomersall 24.5.1985
Achilles Heel
FA. Gary Gibson 29.5.1985
FA. Martin Berzins and friends 9.6.1985
Division of Labour
FA. (pitch 1) Martin Berzins, Richard Davies 1985. FA. (pitch 2) Pete Gomersall, Richard Davies, Martin Berzins, Graham Desroy 1985
Smooth Torquer
FA. Pete Gomersall, Dave Green 1985
Prying Eyes
FA. Tony Burnell, Martin Berzins 16.6.1985
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden,Tony Burnell 22.6.1985
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 23.6.1985
High Octane
FA. Pete Gomersall 24.6.1985
Downright Theft
FA. Bonny Masson, Pete Gomersall 24.6.1985
Metal Guru
FA. Ron Fawcett 26.6.1985
Butcher's Dog
FA. Pete Gomersall, Bonny Masson 27.6.1985
FA. Bonny Masson, Pete Gomersall 29.6.1985
Exponential Exhaustion
FA. Pete Gomersall 2.7.1985.
Fit of Peak
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 5.7.1985
Dihedral Wall
FFA. Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins, Tony Burnell 6.7.1985
White Feather
FA. Chris Sowden, Tony Burnell, Martin Berzins 7.7.1985
The Organ Grinder
FA. Steve Rhodes 10.7.1985
Arch Rival
FA. Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins, Tony Burnell 16.7.1985
Optional Extra
FA. Martin Berzins and team 17.7.1985
No More Jumping to Conclusions
FA. Martin Berzins, Graham Desroy 17.7.1985
FA. Neil Foster, Martin Berzins 8.10.1985
1986 The Big C
FA. Dave Musgrove, Kim Greenald 9.3.1986
Open Road
FA. Greg Rimmer, Mick Ryan 1986
1987 Jump Leads
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 9.5.1987
FA. Chris Sowden 16.5.1987
The Thumb
FFA. Pete Gomersall 1.6.1987
I Ain't No Sponsored Hero
FA. Dave Humberstone 8.1987
1988 The Bulge
FFA. Craig Smith, Robert Smith 4.1988. A superb line that was initially named Let Them Eat Jellybeans but is now usually referred to as The Bulge. FA. Dave Nichol (A3) 1965.
Biological Need
FA. Mick Lovatt, Ian Horrocks 5.1988
Jumpin' and Squeakin'
FA. Martin Berzins, Tony Burnell 5.1988
More Rhubarb Faster
FA. John Dunne 1988
FFA. Mark Leach 9.1988. FA. Ron Moseley and others (A3) 1957. They approached the roof from the far right and pegged all the way along the flake. The direct line was aided on bolts by Ron Heilds and Ron Hirst .
1989 Aboriginal Sin
FA. Dave Pegg 27.5.1989
Man With a Gun
FA. Mick Johnston 1989
Hardy Annual
FA. Tony Burnell, Chris Sowden 1989
FA. Pete Gomersall 1989
Sticky Wicket
FA. Tony Burnell 1989
Quiet Flight
FA. Tony Burnell 1989. FA. (Direct start) Andy Moss 1989
China Crisis
FA. Justin Vogler 21.6.1989 - Extended in 2002 by Matt Troilett
The Ashes
FA. Geoff Weigand 26.6.1989
FA. Mick Ryan 7.1989
Urgent Action
FA. Pete Gomersall 7.1989
50 for 5
FA. Tony Burnell, Chris Sowden 3.8.1989. FA. (Link into The Ashes) Dalvinder Dunning 7.2009
FA. Dave Sarkar 8.1989
FA. Andy Moss 23.8.1989
The Yorkshire Ripper
FA. Dave Pegg 25.8.1989
1990 Bullet
FA. Pete Gomersall 1990
Taking the Mick
FA. Martin Berzins 6.1990
1990 Private Practice
FA. Tony Mitchell 1990
FA. Andy Moss 9.1990
1991 Tragedy
FA. Steve Rhodes 1991
FA. Chris Sowden 10.8.1991
Myra Hindley
FA. Steve Roberts 1.9.1991.
1992 Floccinaucinihilipilificatious
FA. Andy Moss 5.1992
They Brush Me
FA. Ian Horrocks 5.1992
FA. Tony Burnell 7.6.1992
Grooved Arete
FA. Tony Mitchell 1992
The Vanilla Path
FA. Mick Lovatt 12.7.1992
Massala Martyr
FA. Nick Sellars 9.1992. Incorporates Rob Gawthorpe's start to Mistaken Identity from 1980
FA. Pete Gomersall 10.1992
1993 True North
FA. Tony Mitchell 1993.
FA. Dave Pegg 1993. FA. (Variation) Andy Chrome
Witches Brew
FA. Tony Burnell 21.8.1993
1994 Soft Option
FA. Ian Horrocks 13.5.1994
FA. N.Foster, M.Berzins 1994
FA. Chris Sowden 1994
FA. Tony Burnell 7.1994
FA. Graham Desroy 2.8.1994
1995 Last Action Hero
FA Pete Gomersall 1995
FA. Jerry Moffat 6.1995
Full Tilt
FA. Nic Sellars 1990s
1996 Cold Steal
FA. Steve Crowe 8.6.1996
All Out
FA. Neil Carson 1996
Sabbath's Theatre
FA. Martin Berzins 1996
1997 Brief Encounter
FA. Tony Mitchell 1997
1998 Little Ernie Direct Start
FFA. (Direct Start) Ian Vickers, Gareth Parry 5.1998
Metal Mickey
FA. Ian Vickers 1998
Steal the Show
FA. Mike Lea 6.1998
FA. Mick Johnston, Matt Troilett 1998
La Connection
FA. I.Vickers 1998
The Quick Fixe
FA. Ian Vickers 1998.
1999 Jump Leads into Wise Blood
FA. Martin Berzins, Duncan Drake 1999
The Truth Drug
FA. Matt Troillet, Mick Johnston 1999
Next Direct
FA. Dave Sarker 9.1999
FA. Matt Troilett, Derek Hargreaves 9.1999
2000 Northern Lights
FA. Steve McClure 7.2000
FA. Steve Crowe, Karin Magog 18.8.2000
2002 Peepshow
FA. Craig Entwistle 4.6.2002
Mr. Nice
FA. Matt Troilett 6.6.2002
Highway 395
FA. Craig Entwistle 8.6.2002
Are't Full
FA. Steve Crowe, Karin Magog 6.2002
The Jekyll
FA. Matt Troilett 6.2002
Another Clip in the Wall
FA. Mark Radtke 6.2002
The Alternative Extra Option
FA. Matt Troilett 6.2002
Diminishing Returns
FA. Steve Crowe, Karin Magog 22.7.2002
Full Value
FA. Steve Crowe, Karin Magog 8.2002
Indian Summer
FA. Steve Dunning 25.8.2002
2003 Northern Exposure
FA. Steve Dunning 2003
2004 New Mystique
FA. Dave Musgrove 2004
Fit As
FA. Steve Crowe, Karin Magog 25.6.2004
Conglom Arete
FA. Neil McCallum 28.7.2004
Air Rage
FA. Matt Troilett 29.7.2004
2005 Elderberry Orchard
FA. Paul Reinsch c.2000s
Round the Mulberry Bush
FA. Paul Reinsch c.2000s
Orion's Belt
FA. Paul Reinsch c.2000s
Right-hand Route
FA. Paul Reinsch c.2000s
FA. Paul Reinsch c.2000s
FA. Paul Reinsch c.2000s
Complete Control
FA. Gareth Parry 8.2005. FA (Heresy, E6 6c) Craig Smith 7.8.1987
Guns in the Sky
FA. Gareth Parry 9.2005
2006 Full On Action
FA. Gareth Parry 2006
FA. Karin Magog 8.2006
Magnetic North
FA. Steve McClure 8.2006
Over The Thumb
FA. Arran Deakin 27.8.2006
2008 Dr Crimp
FA. Gareth Parry 5.2008
North Star
FA. Steve McClure 20.5.2008
Dead Calm
FA. Matt Troilett, Mick Johnstone, Dave Green 20.6.2008
2009 The Perfect Storm
FA. Matt Troilett 2.7.2009
Le Lapin et le Pigeon
FA. Aaron Tonks 25.07.2009
Fatoliti's Cat
FA. Mark Radtke, Dave Barton, Terry Holmes 26.9.2009
2010 A Smarter Martyr
FA. Andy Chrome 4.5.2010
The Puppeteer
FA. Aaron Tonks 28.8.2010
FA. Aaron Tonks 12.9.2010
2012 De-Stumped
FA. Neil McCallum 6.2012
First Impressions
FA. Matt Troilett 2.9.2012
2013 Exodus
FA. Nik Jennings 10.5.2013
2014 Give Me Convenience
FA. Neil McCallum 7.2014
Epic Adventures
FA. Jordan Buys 9.2014
FA. Matt Troilett 9.2014
FA. Jordan Buys 2.10.2014