List of First Ascents

198 Powerless
FA. Steve Rhodes, Bruce Jardine 18.6.198
1984 Powerplay
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden, Tony Burnell 18.3.1984
Cavalier Cruncher
FA. Tony Burnell et al 18.3.1984
Yew Torqueture
FA. Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins, Tony Burnell 18.3.1984
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 7.4.1984
Empty Rhetoric
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 23.4.1984
Staying Power
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 19.5.1984
Against all Odds
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 20.5.1984
1985 Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
FA. Chris Sowden et al 18.6.1985
Power in the Balance
FA. Bruce Jardine, Steve Rhodes 18.6.1985
1986 The Power and the Glory
FA. Steve Rhodes 11.7.1986
Devil's Grip
FA. Steve Rhodes 14.9.1986
1988 Level Pegging
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 23.4.1988
1989 Beyond the Fringe
FA. Tony Burnell, Chris Sowden 10.6.1989
Vorsprung Durch Technik
FA. Chris Sowden 11.6.1989
1989 Bustin' the Block
FA. Tony Burnell, Paul Greenland 16.6.1989
Just Another Ordinary Route
FA. Chris Sowden, Tony Burnell 5.7.1989
Yew Terrace
FA. Tony Burnell, Chris Sowden 11.7.1989
1993 Pegged Out
FA. Ian Vickers 1993
Love Sculpture
FA. Ian Vickers 1993
1994 Strictly B Team
FA. Tony Burnell 1994
Justin Time
FA. Chris Sowden 1994
1998 Yew've Got To Roll With It
FA. Ian Vickers, Gareth Parry 5.1998
Happy Birthday to Yew
FA. Ian Vickers 5.1998
2003 Ten Year Itch
FA. Ian Vickers 8.2003
2004 Fringe Benefit
FA. Dave Musgrove, Matt Troilett 31.7.2004
2005 Wonderwall
FA. Ian Vickers 9.2005
2011 Yew and Me
FA. Roy Healey, Mark Radtke, Dave Barton 5.2011
Yew Jest
FA. Mark Radtke, Roy Healey, Dave Barton 6.2011