List of First Ascents

2004 The Ticking Crocodile
FA. Al Evans, Carol Mc Tavish 2004 FA. Al Evans, Carol Mc Tavish 2004
FA. Al Evans (solo) 2004 The first route put up here.
FA. Rob Lillywhite, Chris Lilley, Trent Rosenbaum 2004
Peter Pan
FA. Al Evans, Adrian Bates 2004
FA. Adrian Bates, Al Evans, Claire Allen 2004.
Time Team
FA. Al Evans, Rob Lillywhite 2004
FA. Adrian Bates, Trent Rosenbaum 2004
Black Adder
FA. Al Evans (solo) 2004
2004 Bob
FA. Rob Lillywhite (solo) 2004
The Baldrick Extension
FA. Al Evans, Catherine Rolfe 2004
A Senior Moment
FA. Graham Rawcliffe, Al Evans 2004
Last of the Summer Wine
FA. Al Evans (p1), Graham Rawcliffe, Mick Ward (p2 and 3) 2004
Unconventional Lives
FA. Al Evans, Helen Taylor, Annabelle Ison 2004
No Pockets in Shrouds
FA. Gavin Roberts, Al Evans, Graham Rawcliffe 2004
Days of Wine and Roses
FA. Roger Whetton, Graham Rawcliffe (alts) 2004