List of First Ascents

1976 Broccoli and Ice-Cream
FAA. Stuart Cathcart, Gerald Swindley 1976. FA. John Codling 1990s
Single Handed Sailor
FA. Stuart Cathcart, Gerald Swindley 16.11.76
1980 Ladywriter
FA. F.Bennett, M.Hughes 6.7.80
Follow Me Home
FA. Stuart Cathcart, M.Hughes 6.7.80
Angel of Mercy
FA. Stuart Cathcart, M.Hughes 6.7.80
Great Slab Girdle
FA. Stuart Cathcart 21.8.80
1984 Grey Tripper
FA. Greg Griffith, C.O’Keefe 1984
1991 A Brown Shade of Lime
FA. John Elcock, N.Thomas 3.91
FA. Nick Thomas and S.Taylor 30.7.1991. An older and similar line, Communique E4 5c, is now unclimbable. FA.Stuart Cathcart, Gerald Swindley 11.8.1978
Comfortably Numb
FA. Nick Thomas 4.9.1991
1992 Bananas and Coffee
FA. Carl Dawson, Nadim Siddiqui pre 1992
An Ivory Smile
FA. Gary Gibson 12.8.1992
The Ten Year Fog
FA. (to a lower belay at 7b+) Gary Gibson 12.8.1992,FA. (as described) Lee Proctor 20.9.2012
Grand Canyon
FA. Gary Gibson 16.8.1992
FA. John Elcock 17.8.1992
1992 What's in a Word
FA. Gary Gibson 31.8.1992
1995 Cave Wall
FA. John Codling, John Moulding 1990s
2011 The Mark of Zorro
FA. Lee Proctor 25.9.2011
Fair Trade
FA. Lee Proctor 16.10.2011
2012 La Porte de l'Enfer
FA. Lee Proctor 21.3.2012
The Ten Year Banana
FA. David Flux 9.2012
2013 Underworld
FA. Pete Harrison 13.7.2013
FA. Lee Proctor (1pt) 8.2013. FFA. Ally Smith 11.7.2015
Born Slippy
FA. Ally Smith 28.8.2013
FA. Owen Davies 31.8.2013
FA. Ally Smith 10.9.2013
Trade Fair
FA. Owen Davies 29.9.2013
2014 Devil's Haircut
FA. Jamie Skates, Lee Proctor 24.9.2014
2015 Beetroot and Creatine
FA. Ally Smith 2.8.2015