List of First Ascents

1969 Diagonal
FA. P.Heys 1969
1986 Bayleaf's Beginnings
FA. Chris Crowder, Karl Lunt 3.5.1986
Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape
FA. Karl Lunt, Chris Crowder 4.5.1986
The Reply
FA. Chris Crowder, Karl Lunt 26.5.1986
Bayleafs Beginnings
FA. C.Crowder 1986
1988 Standing Traffic Ahead
FA. Karl Lunt 6.1988
1992 Late Night Final
FA. Nigel Baker, Dave Musgrove 25.6.1992
1993 Red Snapper
FA. Tony Burnell, Paul Clarke 2.5.1993
Diagonal Direct
FA. Dave Musgrove 9.5.1993
Touched by the Hand of Plod
FA. Mark Spreadborough, Nick Hallam 9.5.1993. Extended by Paul Clarke 10.2011
Cop Out
FA. Tony Burnell 11.5.1993
FA. Chris Sowden, Tony Burnell 16.5.1993
Police Brutality
FA. Tony Burnell, Chris Sowden 16.5.1993
Mass Exodus
FA. Tony Burnell, Paul Clarke, Nick Hallam 13.6.1993
2004 Saga Route
FA. Mick Johnson, Dick Tong, Richie Sanderson 2.8.2004
Silver Buttons
FA. Glyn Edwards, Colin Binks 29.9.2004
Walking the Dog
FA. Glyn Edwards, Colin Binks 6.10.2004
Kiln Time
FA. Mick Johnson, Dick Tong 11.10.2004
Profit of Gloom
FA. Paul Clarke 30.11.2004
Lang Time Coming
FA. Mick Johnson, Dave Musgrove, Paul Clarke 2.12.2004
2004 The Stone Axe
FA. Dave Musgrove and team 5.12.2004
2005 Birthday Suit
FA. Glyn Edwards, Colin Binks 1.2005
FA. Glyn Edwards, Colin Binks 1.2005
FA. (Top pitch) Glyn Edwards, Colin Binks 1.2005,FA. (Full route) Glyn Edwards, Nigel Baker 7.2009
Kemo Sabe
FA. Nigel Baker, Dave Musgrove, Paul Clarke 23.1.2005
The Lone Ranger
FA. Dave Musgrove, Nigel Baker 23.1.2005
Slow Train Passing
FA. Nigel Baker, Mick Johnson, Brian Rossiter 30.1.2005
2011 D'Action Direct
FA. (Direct start) Neil McCallum 2011
Minor Influx
FA. Neil McCallum 9.2011
Constabulary Duty
FA. Paul Clarke, Nigel Baker 9.2011
Return to Sender
FA. Mark Radtke, Neil McCallum 10.2011
Long Arm of the Law
FA. Neil McCallum 10.2011
Sky Diver
FA. Dave Musgrove, Paul Clarke 6.11.2011
2012 In the Line of Duty
FA. Paul Clarke 27.7.2012
W.P.C. Lovely
FA. Nigel Baker 28.7.2012
Finger on the Trigger
FA. Paul Clarke, Glyn Edwards, Nigel Baker 30.7.2012
2014 Bang to Right
FA. Neil McCallum, Terry Holmes 2014
In the Nick of Thyme
FA. Glyn Edwards, John Hunt, Nigel Baker 7.9.2014
Safer at any Speed
FA. Glyn Edwards, Nigel Baker 11.9.2014