List of First Ascents

1894 Mucky Gully
FA. Walter Parry Haskett-Smith, Scott Tucker 1894
1935 Climbers' Club Ordinary
FA. David Cox, Rennie Bere 2.9.1935
1936 Climbers' Club Direct
FA. Robin Hodgkin, David Cox 27.9.1936
1948 Colonel's Arete
FA. Jim Moulton, Skinner Saunders 7.1948
1949 Pinnacle Buttress
FA. Bob Higgins, Keith Lawder 28.1.1949
Central Groove
FA. Jim Simpson 5.2.1949
Needle Arete
FA. Jim Simpson 5.2.1949
Raven Face
FA. Bob Higgins 26.2.1949
Reverse Cleft
FA. Bill Higgins, Bob Higgins 3.4.1949
1957 Leviathan
FA. Tom Patey 9.1957
1958 Silken Thread/Imperialist
FA. Tom Patey 17.11.1958 (Silken Thread),FA. Len Benstead. Dennis Morrod 14.5.1969
1959 Spider's Web
FA. Tom Patey, Barry Page, P.Henry 5.1959
1962 Gideon
FA. Mike Rabley, John Jones 12.1962 (1pt),FFA. Len Benstead, Dennis Morrod 1969
1963 Vala
FA. Brian Shackleton, Pat Mellor 1963
1964 Cyclops
FA. Frank Cannings, Brian Shackleton 1.11.1964
1965 Fly on the Wall
FA. 1960s
1968 Scimitar Direct
FA. P.Littlejohn 1968
Scimitar Variations
FA. Pat Littlejohn, John Fowler 3.8.1968 (The direct start was climbed in the 1980s) The upper pitch is part of the route Extendable Arms. FA. Pete O'Sullivan 27.1.1979
1969 Fruitflancase
FA. Andy McFarlane, Deryck Ball 14.9.1969
1979 Extendible Arete
FA. P O’Sullivan 1979