List of First Ascents

1927 Purgatory Chimney
FA. Maurice Linnel (of Stanage's Manchester Buttress fame) late 1920s
1929 Ordinary Route
FA. Herbert Hartley 1929
The Three Cs
FA. (The Corbel) Herbert Hartley 1929. FA. (Centipede) Frank Simpson 1939
Krypton Route
FA. Herbert Hartley 1929
The Layback Finish
FA. Herbert Hartley 1929
1936 Wrinkled Wall
FA. Allan Allsop 1936
Birtwhistle's Crack
FA. Arthur Birtwhistle 1936
Slime Chimney
FA. Allan Allsop 1936
Celebrity Buttress
FA. Arthur Birtwhistle 1936
1939 Libel
FA. David Jackson 1939
1947 Felicity
FA. J.Greaves 1947
Artificial Route
FA. Jack Umpleby late 1940s. There are reports that suggest it may have been someone else who climbed this first.
1948 The Flake Direct
FA. Arthur Dolphin 1948
The Krypton Eliminate
FA. Allan Allsop 1948
1955 Ceiling Crack
FA. Don Whillans 1955
1974 Thirty Seconds Over Winterland
FA. Mike Hammill 1974. FA. (Direct Start) Jerry Peel 1996
1974 Argon/The Final Step
FA. (Argon) Alan Austin 1974. FA. (The Final Step) Don Eastham 1985
1977 Afternoon Delight
FA. Jerry Peel 1977
Piton Crack
FA. Jerry Peel 1977
1983 Purgatory Problem
FA. Martin Atkinson 1983. FA. (Direct Finish) Dougie Hall 1988
1984 Swift and Sure
FA. Jerry Peel 1984
1986 Wrinkly Arete
FA. Derek Hargreaves 1986
Stage Fright
FA. Roy Healy 1986
1995 Pulp Friction
FA. P.Dudgeon 1995
Reservoir Dogs
FA. Robin Barker (southern raider) 1995
1996 Canine Fruitbat
FA. Mark Radtke 1996
1998 Gallon Drunk
FA. Derek Hargreaves 1998
Widdop Wall
FA. John Dunne 1998. He had done the upper part the year before starting
FA. Derek Hargreaves 1998
Forty Calorie Cocoa
FA. Derek Hargreaves 1998
1999 Hammertime
FA. Roy Healey 1999
2002 Sisyphus
FA. Paul Wheeler 2002