List of First Ascents

1937 Boot Crack
FA. Denys Fisher late 1930s
Pedestal Wall
FA. Allan Allsop late 1930s
1944 Plantation Ridge
FA. Nancy Heron 1944
1947 The Scoop
FA. Arthur Dolphin late 1940s. Then 'the hardest climb in Wharfedale'.
1950 Little Cenotaph
FA. Arthur Dolphin 1950. He called it Inverted Crack.
Rabbit's Paw Wall
FA. Arthur Dolphin 1950. He called it Overhanging Wall.
Block Chimney
FA. Johnny Lees around.1950
1952 Lad's Corner
FA. Arthur Dolphin 1952
Compulsion Crack
FA. Peter Greenwood 1952
Angel's Wall
FA. Arthur Dolphin early 1950s
1953 Unfinished Crack
FA. Alfie Beanland 1953
1958 Hanging Groove
FA. Allan Austin 1958
Tippling Crack
FA. Allan Austin 1958
1964 Permutation Rib
FA. Terry Burnell 1964
Fingerknacker Crack
FA. D.Cronan 1964. FFA. Ken Wood 1972
Noonday Ridge
FA. Allan Austin 1964
1970 Plantation Wall
FA. Dave Musgrove (probably, another first named by him) 1970
1971 Tipster
FA. John Syrett 1971
1972 Black Jumper
FA. Greg Tough 1972
1973 Dypso
FA. John Syrett 1973
1975 Otley Wall
FA. Dave Musgrove 1975
Morris Dance
FA. Al Manson 1975
High Noon
FA. Al Manson 1975
Forecourt Crawler
FA. John Allen 1975. FA. (Direct Finish - as described) Ron Fawcett 1975
1976 Gary Cooper
FA. Steve Bancroft 1976. Originally protected by an old bolt and given E3. The bolt was removed in 2007.
The Can
FA. Mike Hammill 1976
1977 Psycho
FA. Ron Fawcett 1977
Adrenaline Rush
FA. Al Manson 1977
FA. Tim Clifford 1977
Fred Zinnerman
FA. Al Manson 1977. FA. (Without the bolt) Ben Bransby 1999
Angel's Wing
FA. Dave Musgrove (probably, he certainly named it) late 1970s
Tip Off
FA. Mike Hammill 1977
FA. Mike Hammill 1977. FA. (Quark, Quark) Ben Bransby 1999
1979 Andy's Route
FA. Andy Brown around 1979
1980 The Cavity
FA. Al Manson c1980
1984 Marrow Bone Jelly
FA. Al Manson 1984
The Great Flake
FA. Craig Smith 1984
1988 Psycho Direct
FA. John Dunne 1988
Nothing's Safe
FA. John Dunne 1988
FA. (with side-runner) Graham Desroy 1988,FA. (without) Ben Tetler 1999
FA. Steve Rhodes 1988
1991 Black Jumper Indirect
FA. Neil Carson 1991
1995 Waite/ Welsh Rarebit
FA. Andy Swan or Christian Durkin 1995. They don't know who did it first.
1996 Welcome to the Neighbourhood
FA. Nigel Baker 1996
1997 Triple 'A'
FA. Dave Musgrove 1997
1998 Compulsive Viewing
FA. Nigel Baker 1998 (may be Compulsion Crack Variation, John Syrett 1973)
2003 High Fidelity
FA. Steve Dunning 2003