List of First Ascents

1927 Bench Mark Crack
FA. Arthur Barker late 1920s
Sheep Walk Slab
FA. Arthur Barker late 1920s
Ling Buttress
FA. Arthur Barker late 1920s
The Bulge
FA. Arthur Barker late 1920s
Wall and Ledge
FA. Arthur Barker late 1920s
1928 Main Route
FA. Arthur Barker 1928
1939 Groove and Crack
FA. Jack Devenport 1939
Ridge Route
FA. Jack Devenport 1939
1945 Solomon's Porch
FA. Phillip Horne 1945
Humpty Dumpty
FA. Phillip Horne 1945
1951 Little Bo-Peep
FA. Tony Evenett 1951
1954 Sphinx Nose Traverse
FA. Cliff Fielding 1954
1955 Steeple Face
FA. B.Mankin 1955
1956 Christopher
FA. Christopher Columb 1956
Virgin Wall/Garfit Face
FA. Johnny Clark 1956. The route's name was censored for many years - how times change! FA. (Direct Start) Tony Marr 1980
1957 Steeple Gap
FA. Maurice Wilson 1957
1958 Green Wall
FA. Bill Dell 1958
1959 North Route
FA. Brian Evans 1959
West Sphinx Climb
FA. Harry Hall 1959
East Sphinx Direct
FA. Harry Hall 1959
The Bulge Super Direct
FA. Eric Penman 1959. FA. (Wilson's Groove) Dave Wilson 1982
Central Route
FA. "An unknown climber from Halifax" 1959
1960 The Direct Start
FA. John Cheesmond 1960
Ali Baba
FA. Terry Sullivan (3 pegs - well it was freezing) 1960 ,FFA. Tony Marr (finished to the right) 1965. FA. (Direct) Paul Ingham 1977
FA. Terry Sullivan (in a blizzard!) 1960
1965 Bird Lime
FA. Miles Mosely 1965
Concave Wall
FA. Stan Shout (1 peg runner) 1965
1967 Garfit Eliminate
FA. Ken Jackson 1967
1968 Lurch
FA. Tony Marr 1968
1972 Ridge Route Right-hand
FA. Tony Marr 1972
1977 Tiny's Arete Direct
FA. Chris Shorter 1977
1978 Peel Out
FA. Ian Dunn 1978. Named after Chris Shorter's tumble from the last move when a hold snapped. Fortunately (!) he landed on his sister who slept below.
1979 Centre Fold
FA. Tony Marr 1979.
West Sphinx Direct
FA. Paul Ingham 1979
FFA. Paul Ingham (1 peg runner) 1979
1980 West Face Direct
FA. Dave Paul 1980
1982 Bench Mark Wall
FA. Paul Ingham 1982
1984 Psycho Syndicate
FA. Paul Ingham 1984
1986 Black Knight
FFA. Steve Brown (2 peg runners) 1986
1992 Walk on the Wild Side
FA. Martin Parker 1992
1995 Lemming Slab
FA. Kelvin Neal 1990s. FA. (Direct Finish) Paul Ingham 1980
1997 Summit Crisis
FA. Tony Marr 1997
2007 Ling Arete
FA. Franco Cookson 2007