List of First Ascents

1935 Highcliff Crack
FA. The Barker brothers 1930s
Highcliff Chimney Direct
FA. The Barker brothers 1930s. FA. (The Arete Finish) Tony Marr 1992
Highcliff Chimney - Ordinary
FA. The Barker brothers 1930s
North West Route
FA. The Barker brothers 1930s
1952 Heart Throb Crack
FA. Cleveland MC members early 1950s
1954 Scarecrow Crack
FA. D.Holliday 1954. The story goes that he spotted the route when flying past the crag in his jet.
1959 Scarface
FA. Unknown (3 pts aid) 1959. FFA. Tony Marr 1992
1960 North West Direct
FA. (the start) John Carter 1960. FA. (the finish) John Smith 1970
1961 Wombat
FA. Terry Sullivan (aid) 1961. FFA. Les Brown 1966
Flake Crack
FA. Terry Sullivan 1961
1962 Esmerelda
FA. Terry Sullivan 1962. As the aid route Quasimodo using large curtain hooks for bolts. FFA. Paul Smith (at E6 6b - 1pt) 1988,FFA. Richard Waterton 1995
1972 Puffs Parade
FA. Dave Ladkin 1972
Queer Street
FA. Tony Marr, Ken Jackson (alt leads- the belay at the stance was the only gear on the route) 1972
1977 Trampled Underfoot
FA. Rick Graham (1 peg) 1977. FFA. Ian Dunn 1982
FA. Dave McKinney 1977
1979 Stargazer
FA. Paul Ingham 1979. FA. (Super Direct ) Nick Dixon 1983
1981 Moonflower Super Direct
FA. Nick Dixon 1981. FA. (Moonflower) Dave Paul 1981
1982 Magic in the Air
FA. Nick Dixon (with side-runners) 1982. FA. (without side-runners) Francis (Monty) Montague 1991
1983 Desperate Den
FA. Steve Brown (starting up Magic in the Air) 1983. FA. (Direct Start) Tony Marr 2001