List of First Ascents

1965 Wild West Show
FA. Hugh Banner 1960s
Ravensheugh Crack
FA. Dave Roberts, Hugh Banner (alternate leads!) 1960s
Baluster Crack
FA. Allan Austin 1960s
The Trouser Legs
FA. Hugh Banner1960s. Success on a return-match after a fall a week earlier.
FA. Allan Austin1960s. Second, Dave Roberts, took a swinger on the first move.
1967 Honeymoon Crack
FA. Geoff Jackson (with a shoulder) late 1960s. FFA. Bob Hutchinson 1976
Half Minute Crack
FA. Allan Austin (in less than 30 seconds!) late 1960s
1974 The Sandrider
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1974
1975 Gates of Eden
FA. John Earl 1975
Candle in the Wind
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1975.
1977 Pink Lane
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1977
FA. John Earl 1977
1978 Childhood's End
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1978
FA. Steve Blake 1978
Old Man River
FA. Paul Stewart, Steve Blake c1978. With a hanging belay above the lip.
FA. Steve Blake 1978
FA. Steve Blake 1978
The Plumber
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1978
FA. John Earl 1978
1979 Wide Eyed and Legless
FA. Bob Smith 1979
The Judas Hole
FA. Bob Smith 1979
Billy Biscuit
FA. Bob Smith 1979
1984 Rock and Roll Star
FA. Bob Smith 1984
1985 Redskin
FA. Bob Smith 1980s
Sitting Bull
FA. Bob Smith 1980s
FA. Bob Smith 1980s
Moccasin Slab
FA. Bob Smith 1980s
Borstal Boy
FA. Bob Smith 1980s
FA. Bob Smith 1985
1987 Trial Separation
FA. Bob Smith 1987. Another audacious solo.
1989 First Among Equals
FA. Hugh Harris 1989
Verbal Abuse
FA. Bob Smith 1989s. FA. (Direct Start) Nick Dixon 1996
FA. Tim Gallagher 1989
FA. Richard Davies 1989
Lapse of Reason
FA. Hugh Harris 1989. The on-sight solo gave the name.
1991 Paradise Lost
FA. Hugh Harris 1991
1996 Dawes' Route
FA. Johhny Dawes 1996
FA. Noel Crane 1996
1997 Just Ice
FA. Steve Crowe 1997
2001 Overpowered
FA. Andrew Earl 2001
2003 Crocodile Arete
FA. Andrew Earl 2003
2006 The Apprentice
FA. Graeme Read 2006
2007 Hang em' High
FA. Graeme Read 2007
The Magician
FA. Andy Earl, Chris Graham (both solo) 2007