List of First Ascents

1967 Pitcher Wall
FA. Allan Austin 1967
Woolman's Wall
FA. Allan Austin 1967. Named after Austin's Yorkshire based trade.
Canada Crack
FA. Eric Rayson 1967. Just before he emigrated.
1968 Scoop 2
FA. Allan Austin 1968
FA. Malcolm Rowe 1968
1969 First Leaning Groove
FA. Malcolm Rowe 1969
Main Wall
FA. Malcolm Rowe 1969
1971 The Overhanging Crack
FA. John Earl 1971. Climbed sometime earlier with a chockstone for aid by John Hiron.
1972 The Trial
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1972
Hanging Crack
FA. Hugh Banner 1972. Alan Austin had just failed on the line.
The Runnel
FA. John Earl 1972
Stretcher Wall
FA. John Earl 1972
1974 Abanana
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1974
1975 The Sting
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1975
Exhibition Crack
FA. Tommy Smith 1975
1976 The Manta
FA. Jeff Lamb c1976
The Big Splash
FA. Steve Blake 1976
1977 Don't Let Go
FA. Steve Blake 1977
FA. Steve Blake 1977
1978 Scoop 3
FA. Steve Blake c1978
Scoop 1
FA. Steve Blake 1978
The Judge
FA. Tommy Smith 1978
The Jury
FA. Tommy Smith 1978
The Skate
FA. Bob Smith 1978
Flying Fish
FA. Tommy Smith 1978. FA. (Flying Stag) Malcolm Smith c2003
The Wave
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1978
FA. Bob Smith 1978. Whilst trying the route in the 1970s Jeff Lamb imported two single bed mattresses to pad the boulders - obviously a visionary.
Billy Liar
FA. Bob Smith c1978
FA. Steve Blake c1978
FA. John Earl 1978
FA. Bob Smith 1978
The Rajah
FA. Bob Smith 1978
The Lobster
FA. Bob Smith 1978
1978 Goose Step
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1978
The Gauleiter
FA. John Earl 1978. The name is a high ranking Nazi official (and nick-name of the leader) if you are interested.
1979 Rising Damp
FA. Bob Smith 1979. The crag's first undisputed 6b.
High Tide
FA. Bob Smith 1979
Yellow Peril
FA. Tommy Smith c1979
Creepy Crawly
FA. Bob Smith 1979
The Harvest Bug
FA. Steve Blake c1979
Brutally Handsome
FA. Paul Stewart 1979
Street Runner
FA. Bob Smith 1979
Klondyke Wall
FA. Steve Blake c1979
Crater Maker
FA. Bob Smith 1979
Main Wall Eliminate
FA. Paul Stewart c1979
1980 His Eminence
FA. Bob Smith 1980
The Cheetah
FA. Bob Smith 1980
First Century
FA. Bob Smith 1980
Kaiser Bill
FA. Bob Smith 1980
Hissing Sid
FA. Bob Smith 1980
1982 Toffs
FA. Bob Smith 1982
1983 The Bends
FA. Bob Smith 1983. FA. (Narcosis) Hugh Harris 1991. FA. (Growlers) Andrew Earl 2000s
Black and Tan Direct
FA. Bob Smith c1983
1984 Poverty
FA. Bob Smith 1984
The Belford Pie Shop
FA. Ian Kyle 1984
1985 Vienna
FA. Pete Kirton 1980s
1988 Rough Passage
FA. Bob Smith 1988
FA. John Welford 1988
Death Knell
FA. Mark Liprot 1988
1990 Rip the Lip
FA. Ian Cummings 1990
1991 Inner Space
FA. Hugh Harris 1991
Listen to the Rain
FA. Lewis Grundy 1991
1995 Working Class
FA. Ben Moon 1990s
FA. Richie Patterson 1990s. FA. (SS) Malcolm Smith 2003
1996 Quatra Twinkley
FA. Steve Nagy 1996
2003 Honeycomb Wall
FA. Malcolm Smith 2003