List of First Ascents

1965 The Missing Link
FA. Hugh Banner 1960s
1966 Zed Climb
FA. Frank Montgomery 1966
1969 Crack of Gloom
FA. Allan Austin 1969
Fluted Crack
FA. Allan Austin 1969
1974 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
FA. Colin Binks, Willie Jeffrey, Chris Craggs 1974. The big fella' formed the base of a human pyramid to reach the first decent hold!,FFA. Steve Blake 1978
1975 Pink Gin
FA. Bill Wayman, Paul Stewart 1970s
Swan Wall Direct
FA. Steve Blake 1970s
The Elf Direct
FA. Steve Blake 1970s
Stirring up Trouble
FA. Steve Blake 1970s
The Crucifix
FA. Hugh Banner 1970s
The Gauntlet
FA. Rod Valentine 1970s
1976 Badfinger
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1976
1977 Red Rum
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1977
Bad Company
FA. Paul Stewart 1977
Monty Python's Flying Circus
FA. Dave Cuthbertson 1977
1977 Trouble Shooter
FA. Paul Stewart 1977
The Entertainer
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1977
1978 Penny Whistle
FA. Bob Smith 1978
High T
FA. Bob Hutchinson 1978
1979 Autowind
FA. Paul Stewart 1979
1981 Bad News
FA. John Earl 1981
1985 Swan Wall Arete
FA. Paul Stewart 1980s
Jocks and Geordies
FA. Dave Cuthbertson, Murray Hamilton, Bob Smith, John Earl, Ian Kyle 1985
1986 Upper Crust
FA. Bob Smith 1986
High Society
FA. Tim Gallagher 1986
2002 Feanor
FA. Darren Stevenson early 2000s
The Prow
FA. Andrew Earl early 2000s
2003 Monk Life
FA. Malcolm Smith 2003
FA. Malcolm Smith 2003