List of First Ascents

1955 Trinity
FA. Eric Clarke 1950s
Deception Crack
FA. Eric Clarke 1950s
1957 Devil's Edge
FA. Geoff Oliver 1957
FA. Nev Hannaby 1957
1965 Parity
FA. Dave Ladkin 1960s
1970 Coldstream Corner
FA. Allan Austin 1970
Penitent's Walk
FA. Allan Austin 1970
1971 The Elevator
FA. Dave Ladkin 1971
1972 Australia Crack
FA. Bob Hutchinson early 1970s. Northumberland's first 6b.
1975 The Pincer
FA. Johh Earl 1970s
Gargarin's Groove
FA. John Earl 1975
FA. Bob Hutchison 1970s
1975 Wilfred Prickles
FA. John Earl 1970s. Named after an extinct gorse bush.
Chris's Arete
FA. Chris Craggs mid 1970s. He has to wait 30 years and write his own guide to get due recognition.
1978 Original Sin
FA. Steve Blake 1978. Named because of the 1st recorded use of chalk in the County by a local.
1979 Wasted Time
FA. Bob Smith 1979
1980 The Sabbath
FA. Bob Smith 1980
FA. Bob Smith 1980
First Born
FA. Bob Smith 1980. Originally given 7a.
1982 Hot Spring
FA. John Earl, Bob Smith (alts) early 1980s
1985 Lost Property
FA. Tommy Smith 1980s
Prime Time
FA. Steve Blake mid 1980s
Elder Brother
FA. Tommy Smith 1980s
1991 The Seventh Day
FA. Hugh Harris 1991