List of First Ascents

1975 Slings Shot
FA. J.Tookey 1975. FFA. Nigel Coe 24.9.88. The line was bolted by Pete Oxley 11.5.94 and claimed as The Scales of Balance.
1992 Hot From the Forge
FA. Pete Oxley 13.2.1992
England's Dreaming
FA. Pete Oxley 4.9.1992
Seattle Be the Day
FA. Pete Oxley 4.9.1992
FA. Pete Oxley 4.9.1992
Onto the Ice Flow
FA. Damian Cook 5.9.1992
FA. Joff Cook 5.9.1992
Very Sleepy River
FA. Damian Cook 12.9.1992
Downtown Julie Brown
FA. Pete Oxley 12.9.1992
Reptile Smile
FA. Pete Oxley 12.9.1992
Henry Rollins for President
FA. Pete Oxley 12.9.1992
Death of Cool
FA. Pete Oxley 20.9.1992
Beer and Corruption
FA. Pete Oxley 20.9.1992
Freaky Ralph
FA. Pete Oxley 3.10.1992
Is Vic There?
FA. Steve Taylor 3.10.1992
Quakin' in My Bones
FA. Pete Oxley 4.10.1992
Wolfgang Forever
FA. Pete Oxley 4.10.1992
FA. Joff Cook 11.10.1992
Cake Walk
FA. Steve Taylor 11.10.1992
Meg's Got Leukaemia
FA. Simon Vaughan 10.1992
Suck, Don't Blow
FA. Aiden Cook 31.10.1992
Mother's Milk
FA. Simon Cook 8.11.1992
1993 Apfelstrudel
FA. A.Jende 13.3.1993
Captain Klutz and the Sailors of Fortune
FA. Steve Taylor 20.3.1993
Drag Racing Underground
FA. Pete Oxley 28.4.1993
Edge Hog
FA. Steve Taylor 28.8.1993
1994 Californian Hot Licks
FA. Gordon Jenkin, Andy March, Keith Marsden 26.11.1994
1995 Reinheitsgebot
FA. Helen Heanes 7.5.1995
Another One for the Pot
FA. Neal Heanes 7.5.1995
Boiled Lobster
FA. Neal Heanes 7.5.1995
Slim Fingers' Revenge
FA. Neal Heanes 27.5.1995
1995 Doughnuts and Duvets
FA. Steve Taylor 10.6.1995
FA. Neal Heanes 2.7.1995
Captain Lob Meets the Nipple Pincher
FA. Neal Heanes 9.7.1995
The Fabulous Bakery Boys
FA. Paul Twomey 9.7.1995
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
FA. Paul Twomey 19.7.1995
In Dust We Trust
FA. Paul Twomey 3.8.1995
1996 Talking Smack
FA. Will Jones 5.1996
Toes Curl
FA. Will Jones 1996
Do You Like Our Owls?
FA. Nic Hellyer 27.6.1996
Spanner Eyes
FA. Will Jones 8.1996
Where's Blue Hippo
FA. Neal Heanes 15.8.1996
Indian Summer
FA. Helen Heanes 9.1996
Grease Paint and Monkey Brains
FA. Neil Burton 14.10.1996
1997 Aim High, Shoot Low
FA. Nic Hellyer 4.4.1997
Dwarf Lops
FA. Nic Hellyer 5.4.1997
Blowing Chunks
FA. Neal Heanes 1997
2002 Major Mushrooms and that Mentally Muffled Mentality
FA. Gary Gibson 9.5.2002
Absolute Beginners
FA. Mick Ward 2002.
Cinema Paradiso
FA. Mick Ward 2002
2005 Chin Reaction
FA. Gary Gibson 10.2005
FA. Gary Gibson 10.2005
Sanfte Kuss
FA. Gary Gibson 10.2005
FA. Gary Gibson 10.2005
2007 Popeye Doyle
FA. Andy Long 3.2007
French Connection UK
FA. Yann Genoux 17.3.2007
The Taylor Show
FA. Steve Taylor 9.6.2007
2008 Living the Dream
FA. Mick Ward c.2008
2010 Ghost Writer
FA. Mick Ward 6.6.2010
Mystery Stripper
FA. Mick Ward 3.7.2010
The Tea-Cake Path
FA. Gary Gibson 8.9.2010