List of First Ascents

1988 Last Rose of Summer
FA. Pete Oxley 21.8.1988
1989 Cocteau Phenomena
FA. Pete Oxley 11.5.1989
Portland Heights
FA. Pete Oxley 14.5.1989
1991 Driven Like the Snow
FA. Pete Oxley 14.9.1991
1992 Gaze of the Gorgon
FA. Tim Dunsby 3.10.1992
1993 Kit Kat
FA. J.Walker 2.2.1993
FA. Nick White 7.2.1993
FA. Pete Oxley 14.2.1993
Protein Delta Strip
FA. Joff Cook 2.1993
21½ Weeks
FA. Mike Robertson 17.2.1993
Shit Happens, Actually
FA. Mike Robertson 17.2.1993
Hysterical Solitude
FA. Mike Robertson 20.2.1993
Crucifix Kiss
FA. Pete Oxley 6.3.1993
Nothing is Cool
FA. Steve Taylor 6.3.1993
Twangy Pearl
FA. Damian Cook 6.3.1993
Pregnant Pause
FA. J.Robertson, Mark Courtier 1993
Fat Falling Pigs
FA. Gorden Jenkin 10.7.1993
1994 Toothless Vampire
FA. Will Jones 7.6.1994
We Are Not Men, We Are Roto
FA. Will Jones 6.1994
1995 Natural Born Drillers
FA. Pete Oxley 4.3.1995
Mexican Stand-off
FA. Pete Oxley 4.3.1995
Go With the Flow
FA. Pete Oxley 6.5.1995. Go With The Flow includes part of the trad route Last of the Summer Wine, HVS 5a.
FA. Mike Robertson 6.5.1995
Blame it on the Drain
FA. Damian Cook 5.1995
Cybernetic Orchard
FA. Pete Oxley 29.5.1995
Skank Central
FA. Damian Cook 11.6.1995
FA. Joff Cook 6.1995
Niagara Wall
FA. Mike Robertson 6.1995
Unstuck On You (Flowstone Shuffle)
FA. Joff Cook 1995. FFA. Pete Oxley 25.6.1995
Burning Skies
FA. Pete Oxley 18.6.1995
Lord Stublock Deepvoid Breaks the Chain of Causation
FA. Pete Oxley 18.6.1995
Corinthian Spirit
FA. Pete Oxley 13.8.1995
Return to Roissy
FA. Pete Oxley 13.8.1995
Babelicious Redhead
FA. Mike Robertson 1.12.1995
The Long Walk
FA. Mike Robertson 8.12.1995
1996 Into the Sun
FA. Neal Heanes 24.3.1996
1997 Whilst the Cat's Away
FA. Neal Heanes 3.1997
1997 Bring on the Night
FA. Gorden Jenkin 22.6.1997
Monsoon Malabar
FA. Gorden Jenkin, Mike Robertson 22.6.1997
1998 Through the Barricades
FA. Mike Robertson 19.4.1998
Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns
FA. Nic Hellyer 1998
Choc Speedway
FA. Gorden Jenkin, Francis Haydn 16.8.1998
FA. Gorden Jenkin, Francis Haydn 16.8.1998
The Stal's On Me, Pal
FA. Francis Haydn 16.8.1998
1999 Dudas sin nombres
FA. Nic Hellyer 20.3.1999
Isle of Slingers
FA. Nic Hellyer 18.4.1999
The Launch
FA. James Dunlop 14.9.1999
Grand Larceny
FA. Dave Pickford 9.1999
2002 Ocean Rock
FA. Mick Ward 2002
Best Destiny
FA. Mick Ward 2002
FA. Mick Ward 2002
One Fine Day
FA. Mick Ward 2002
Chasing the Sun
FA. Mick Ward 2002
2003 The Angry Sea
FA. Mick Ward 23.2.2003
2004 Dizzy up the Girl
FA. Gavin Symonds 7.2004
Athenian Tactics
FA. Steve Golley 8.2004
The Hong Jagged Flake of Death (Retired)
FA. Nic Hellyer 8.2004
The Shells, The Shells
FA. Gary Gibson 16.9.2004
2006 Sniffin' Glue
FA. Gary Gibson 2.5.2006
The Chronicles of Vladimir
FA. Gary Gibson 2.5.2006
Suenos de España
FA. Jason Pickles 4.5.2006
I Walk the Line
FA. Gary Gibson 4.5.2006
Dusty Bedrock in Need of Careful Preparation
FA. Gary Gibson 4.5.2006
The Viper's Tale
FA. Gary Gibson 5.5.2006
2007 Keeping Abreast of Things
FA. Gary Gibson 5.2007
Paws for Thought
FA. Gary Gibson 5.2007
2008 Birthday Girl
FA. Meilee Rafe 30.5.2008
2009 Step Away from the Gingga
FA. Neal Heanes 14.10.2009
2010 Divine Comedy
FA. Mick Ward 15.5.2010
FA. Gary Gibson 6.9.2010
When This Hits the Fan
FA. Gary Gibson 6.9.2010
That Honeycomb Centre
FA. Gary Gibson 8.9.2010
2011 Does Trunky Want a Bun?
FA. Gaz Fry 1.5.2011