List of First Ascents

1971 Himmel og Helvete
FA. Arild Meyer, Sjur Nesheim and Ulf Prytz made the first attempt on the general line in 7.1971. "... but luckily we got rained off before we got into trouble," said Arild. Niels Poulsen and Jørgen Sundby added the pitch 3 - Yosemite Dihedral - in 1989.
1978 Vestpillaren original starten
FA. Arild Meyer, Brynjar Tollefsen 18.6.1978. As part of Vestpillaren.
Original avslutning
FA. Arild Meyer, Brynjar Tollefsen 18.6.1978
FA. Arild Meyer and Brynjar Tollefsen made the first ascent on their first try on 18.6.1978 (14 hours). The team carried their courage in their rucksac - pitons of all sizes, bongs and skyhooks. Meyer and Tollefsen swung leads, but high on the face, "we became very wet and cold." The upper section was climbed during a heavy rainstorm. "Shall we go down now?" asked Brynjar when the rain began. "Absolutely not!" replied Arild, typically determined to push on no matter what, and the pair succeeded. Twelve days later Arild returned with Finn Tore Bjørnstad and made the first ascent of the Normal avslutning (Normal Finish) on 30.6.1978.
1981 Korstoget
FA. The first ascent of To krigere by Sjur Nesheim and Yngvar Julin in 1981 included pitches 8 to 11 for the first time. A similar line to today's pitches 1 to 4 was first climbed by Håvard Nesheim and Tom Pedersen in 1979, but they finished up Vestpillaren. In 1980, Sjur Nesheim and Kjell Skog descended from the top of pitch 5 without bolting the crux slab. Bengt Flygel Nilsfors and Odd-Roar Wiik then added the necessary bolts and linked the complete free first ascent together, on their fifth attempt, in 8.1992
To krigere
FA. Sjur Nesheim, Yngvar Julin from 25.11.1981 to 1.12.1981. They finished the route in a storm after having had a fire on their portaledge!
1982 Himmelen kan vente
FA. (Pitches 2 and 3) Helge Stokstad and Harald Henden climbed the initial crack system (plus the Slanting Groove pitch of the Vestpillaren) in 1982.
1984 Klokkeren
FA. Tommy Nilsson and partner made the first ascent of the route, using some aid on pitch 7, in 1984 or 1985. ,FFA. Tim Hansen, Ingun Raastad Summer 1986
1992 Ypperstepresten
FA. Bengt Flygel Nilsfors, Aart Verhage 5.1992
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 8.1992
Variasjon til en variasjon
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen 9.1992
1993 Reisen
FA. Tom Cosgriff, Sjur Nesheim 9.7.1993. The first ascent took 11 hours and was done with all nut protection.
1995 Tarzan
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Johan Sandberg 1995
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Arild Meyer 1995
Full fart
FA. Krister Jonsson, Anders Lundkvist 1990s
FA. Krister Jonsson, Erik Berglund 1990s
Easy Rider and the Fat Boy
FA. Patric Fransson, Krister Jonsson 1990s
Spinning Wheel
FA. Anders Lundkvist, Krister Jonsson 1990s
Massor av kubik
FA. Patric Fransson, Anders Lundkvist 1990s
1999 The Codfather
FA. Mark Garthwaite, Mick Fowler 5.7.1999. A prolific 2 days for Mark and Mick who also completed the first ascent of Wee Beastie on Myggapillaren the previous day.
2006 Søndagskole turen
FA. Robert Caspersen, Andy Cave 6.2006
2009 Vestpillaren Variation Start
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, Simon Svendsen 6.2009