List of First Ascents

1987 Medusa Falls
FA. Crispin Waddy (soloed onsight) 8.8.1987
1988 Oblivion is Forever
FA. Pete Oxley 8.8.1988
1989 Sacred Angel
FA. H.Venables 15.4.1989. FFA. Steve Taylor 3.10.1993
Turned to Stone
FA. Pete Oxley 22.4.1989
Bum Droplets
FA. Martin Crocker 23.4.1989
Pining for Glossop
FA. H.Venables 8.7.1989
1991 Spontaneous Cattle Combustion
FA. Pete Oxley 2.2.1991
1992 Hot Pants Explosion
FA. Neal Heanes 25.7.1992
1993 Dirty Cow
FA. Damian Cook 9.10.1993
1994 Snakes Alive
FA. Pete Oxley 16.4.1994
To Wish the Impossible
FA. Pete Oxley 18.4.1994
Kamikaze Moped
FA. Pete Oxley 10.7.1994
The Oldest Profession
FA. Pete Oxley 10.7.1994
Cute Ass
FA. Pete Oxley 10.7.1994
1995 Well Done Poppet
FA. Jane Wylie 30.4.1995
Do Ixtlan
FA. Damian Cook 30.4.1995
FA. Joff Cook 30.4.1995
It's My Life
FA. Jane Wylie 30.4.1995
Draper's Henchmen
FA. Pete Oxley 19.8.1995
Silent, but Deadly
FA. Pete Oxley 19.8.1995
The Lizard of Oz
FA. Jan Rostron, Pete Oxley 24.8.1995
Toe the Line
FA. Joff Cook 1.12.1995
1996 Lifeline
FA. D.Glover 25.7.1996
1997 Still My Bleeding Heart
FA. Nic Hellyer 26.1.1997
Seaman Stains
FA. Neal Heanes 23.7.1997
Captain Pugwash
FA. Neal Heanes 29.7.1997
Master Bates
FA. Helen Heanes 1.8.1997
1997 Roger the Cabin Boy
FA. Neil Burton 1.8.1997
Cut Throat Jake
FA. Helen Heanes 4.9.1997
The Black Pig
FA. Neal Heanes 4.10.1997
1998 Talk
FA. Nic Hellyer 22.2.1998
Psychosomatic Addict
FA. Marty Hallett 16.5.1998
Crack My Bitch Up
FA. Marty Hallett 6.1998
Loose Cannon
FA. Mike Robertson 7.1998
I Love the Smell of Resin in the Morning
FA. Nic Hellyer 25.7.1998
2002 Skids of Mark
FA. Gary Gibson 24.8.2002
2004 No Ifs, No Butts
FA. Gary Gibson, Hazel Gibson, Gordon Jenkin 15.9.2004
How Now Brown Cow
FA. Gary Gibson 16.9.2004
2005 Hello Sailor
FA. Gary Gibson 2005
Kite Marks
FA. Gary Gibson 2005
2006 Slither
FA. Gary Gibson 2006
2007 Sunset Sessions
FA. Steve Muncaster 2007
Sunny Delight
FA. Steve Muncaster 2007
Memories of Blue
FA. Mick Ward 2007
Surf, Sun and Just Having Fun
FA. Josh Leonard 2007
Casting at the Sun
FA. John Leonard 2007
2008 Sunseeker
FA. John Leonard 2008
FA. Tom Beaumont 2008
Don't Kill Me
FA. Tom Beaumont 2008
Vertically Challenged
FA. Tom Beaumont 2008
The Mighty Bush
FA. Vic Middleton 2008
Sunny Side Up
FA. Josh Leonard 2008
2010 Love in the Mist
FA. Mick Ward 10.6.2010