List of First Ascents

1990 Skomaker Grus
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold (Skomaker) with a party, and Odd-Roar Wiik with another party (Grus) more or less on the same date in 1990. Nobody could remember who went first, so they added the two names together to share the fame and glory. Odd-Roar Wiik and team did the left-hand start.
1992 Skiløperen
FA. Arild Meyer, Thorbjørn Enevold 5.1992
Straight Albatross
FA. (Starting up Lundeklubben) Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 5.1992. They climbed part of pitch 2 (not the crux) plus all of pitch 3.,FA. (as described) Thorbjørn Enevold 1990s
Fire forsøk
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Aart Verhage, Bengt Flygel Nilsfors 5.1992
FA. Bengt Flygel Nilsfors, Aart Verhage 5.1992
FA. Arild Meyer - The Old Puffin, Thorbjørn Enevold - The Young Puffin 5.1992
Johan Boyer
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Morten Solberg, Trond Solberg 5.1992,FRFA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 6.2008
Den Siste Viking
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 5.1992
Blod eller gull
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Johan Sandberg 6.1992
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen (3 points of aid on the last pitch) 6.1992. After climbing two other pitches at the start, Arild Meyer free climbed the top overhang with Ottar Skog in October 1993.
FA. (Pitch 1) Thorbjørn Enevold, Johan Sandberg 7.1992. ,FA. (as described) Odd-Roar Wiik, Thorbjørn Enevold 6.1993. They managed to break a key foothold on the crux in the process.
1993 Gaukerisset
FA. Odd-Road Wiik, Thorbjørn Enevold 6.1993. On the first ascent, Odd-Roar promised to belay part-way up the crack, but it was so good that he led it all in one go, with a cuckoo singing in the background.
Wandering Albatross
FA. Ed Webster and Tormod Klepper 1.7.1993
Running for Rasmus
FA. Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold, Truls Seines 4.7.1993
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 10.7.1993
FA. Ed Webster, Maria Hannus 16.7.1993
1994 Mackøl og måsegg
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 6.5.1994
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Ed Webster 6.5.1994
Four Pitch Route
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 6.1994,FA. (Trollmannens...) Odd-Roar Wiik, Johan Sandberg 1996
1995 Byger
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Ketil Lunde 1995
1996 Lille vikke vire
FA. Kirster Jonsson, Johan Reuterholdy 7.1996
1997 Blod eller gull Right-hand Finish
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Trond Helge Hansen 1997
1999 Måken Sven
FA. Aina Konradsen, Stein Stenkjær 3.7.1999
2000 Myror i ballorn
FA. Rick McGregor, 29.6.2000
2004 Shine a Light
FA. Andrew Norton, Klaus von Aynaten 21.7.2004
Jammen, Jammen
FA. Øvind Utby, Andreas Capjon 23.7.2004
Riz Raz
FA. Øyvind Utby, Andreas Capjon 24.7.2004,FA. (Alpinisten) Anders Bergwall, Odd-Roar Wiik 1.1993
2005 The Joker
FA. Nic Bassnett, Roger Brown (alts) 11.8.2005
2008 Smulpaj
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Bobo Gustavsson 2008
2010 Ole Johnny tribute
FA. Anders Rake, Joel Frans 2010-ish
May I?
FA. Morgan Sahlen, FFA. Carl Granlun both c2010
FA. Morgan Sahlen c2010. FFA. Carl Granlun c2010
2016 Wonderboy
FA. Eskild Pedersen (aid-solo) 6.2016
FA. Ingvild Øyjordet (aid-solo) 6.2016
Give some
FA. Kaisa Markhus, ?...sne ?...rhus 6.2016
FA. Sindre Selvig (aid-solo) 6.2016
Farfar (grandpa)
FA. Aslak Lima Braut, Christine Tilley 6.2016 ,FFA. Aslak Lima Braut 8.2016
Still Hard,
FA. Jonas and Helen Dahlstrup 2016
Guidinens travers
FA. Victoria Skram (aid-solo) 6.2016
FA. Ingrid Grønnestad, ,FFA. Jonas and Helen Dahlstrup 2016
Not giving up!
FA. Knut Magnus Haukeland (aid-solo) 6.16
FA. Thomas Thorstein 7.2016
The Babysitter
FA. Jonas and Helen Dahlstrup 7.2016