List of First Ascents

1972 Recht Rinne
FA. Svein Smelvær, Bjørn Hanche-Olsen 1972
1984 Thirst in the Clouds
FA. (First 11 pitches) Arild Meyer and Finn Jensen (5+/A1) 1984 ,FA. A Russian team of Orujov Alex, Andrew and Varvarkin Shamukov Alexander 6.2009
1991 Sea Breeze
FA. (to top of pitch 3) Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fageri 5.1991,FA. (full route) Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold 8.1991
The American Tourist
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Andreas Bergwall, Ed Webster 4.8.1991
1994 Sørvest pillaren
FA. Trond Seem, Haakon Christiansen 7.7.1994
FA. Andy Perkins, Clive Davis 7.1994
1997 Øst pillaren
FA. Arild Meyer, Jonas Tetli 1997. Repeating the route many years later Arild discoverd the 'easy scramble approach' had turned into Grade 5 climbing - such is the passage of time!
Left Approximation
FA. Ole Klingeman, Eggert Keller 7.1997
Permit to Åsgård
FA. Holger Jantsch, Ole Klingeman, Eggert Keller 7.1997. The stances were bolted top-down despite the local ethic.
1999 Sørveggen
FA. Ruth Fenn, Stefan Grisser (Switzerland) 6.6.1999
2002 Borr i Bekkmørtna
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Knut Storvik 2002. Named after a renowned Norwegian wanderer.
Kor e hammaren Edvard
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Knut Storvik 2002. Named after a well-known traditional Lofoten song.
2005 The Next Best Thing
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Adam Stack 2005.
Norwegian Sheep Ranch
FA. Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden 2005
It's All About the Numbers
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Adam Stack 7.7.2005
Looks can be Deceiving
FA. Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden 7.7.2005
FA. Miro Mrava, Brano Turcek 10.8.2005
2008 Todarodes Sagittatus
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Mie Kastet 7.2008
2009 Hungry Eyes
FA. Lukáš Marecek, Jirí Švihálek (Cze) 18.06.2009. After three weeks climbing in Lofoten and four days sheltering in the ferry waiting room the team were really hungry, for food and climbing.
Sound of Waves
FA. Jirí Švihálek, Lukáš Marecek (Cze) 19.06.2009. The route was so called because they spent lot of time climbing in the clouds with just the sound of the sea far below.
2009 Ticket to Greenland
FA. Lukas Marecek, Jiri Švihálek (Cze) 26.06.2009. Named as they saw this route as training for an upcoming Greenland trip.
Aina suger kantarell
FA. Andreas Holm, Ola Kalen 3.7.2009
Pure Addiction
FA. Andreas Holm, Ola Kalen, Henrik Sjöqvist 13.7.2009
Aanie Onyoo
FA. Mick Tighe, Doug Lee 2.8.2009
2010 Första approximationen
FA. Joakim Söderström, Jonas Wiklund, 27.7.2010
2012 Sweet Dreams then Beautiful Nightmares
FA. Jiri and Ondra Švihálek (Cze) in an 18-hr push 30-31.07.2012
2013 One Hundred Years Later
FA. Ivan Calderon, Fredrico Pisani (Venuezuela), Fernando Gonzalez Rubio (Colombia), Simon Kehrer, Helmut Gargitter (Italy) 10-11.08.2013
2014 Hoist the Colours
FA. Lars Martin Solberg, Johanne Broch Hauge 05.06.2014
2015 Terra i mar
FA. Jordi Esteve, Gerber Cucurell (Spain) 18.06.2015. Further right on the same face they climbed the first 80m of what has been dubbed 'The Catalan Route'. They encountered blank rock, returned to the ground, had a brew and then set off up Terra i mar the same day!
FA. Salvador Llorens, Guillermo Cuadrado (Spain) 19.06.2015. They climbed it in a single 15 hour push.
FA. Salvador Llorens, Guillermo Cuadrado (Spain) 19.06.2015
Achilles Tendon
FA. G Cuadrado, G Cucurell (Spain) 21.06.2015
2016 Sjømann
FA. F. and G. Queipo Cucurella 2016. The team thought they were repeating Hungry Eyes and only realised later they had done a new route. The route is named 'Sea Man' as it requires considerable navigation skills to ensure a safe passage.
Right Pillar
FA. J Esteve, P Gómez. 2016
FA. Rob Lamey, Mike Rolf 26.07.2016
Highway to Hell
FA. Åsmund Vaage, Steinar Holden 28.07.2016
Bilberry Meadow
FA. Rob Lamey, Mike Rolf 28.7.2016
FA. Mike Rolf, Rob Lamey 31.7.2016
FA. Rob Lamey, Mike Rolf 4.8.2016