List of First Ascents

1979 Dosethrisset
FA. Hans Christian Doseth, summer 1979. It had previously been an aid route.
FA. Hans Christian Doseth, Finn Jensen 1979
1981 Kveldskosen
FA. Arne Nybråten (top-rope) 7.1981
1982 Jesus
FA. Bent Svinnung, Bjørn Braathen 1982
Love Me Two Times
FA. Bjørn Braathen first top-roped the route in 1982. Arild Meyer and Finn Jensen led it in 1985, after placing three bolts on abseil - these were later removed. The route may still await a fully clean lead!
Svenske diedret
FA. Originally and aid route, two Swedish climbers made the first free ascent in the early 1980s.
Zig Zag
FA. Arild Meyer, Bjørn Braathen, summer 1982
1985 Biff Tartar
FA. Arild Meyer and partner, mid 1980s
FA. Arild Meyer (top-rope) 1985
Rått kjøtt
FA. Arild Meyer, Sjur Nesheim, Håvard Nesheim mid-1980s
FA. Arild Meyer and friends 1980s
1991 Stormvarsel
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 26.7.1991
1991 Butter Arms
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 5.8.1991. They aid climbed the top crack on nuts. FFA. Håkon Hansen 2.8.1998. He gave it 9- initially.
Living in Paradise
FA. Ed Webster, Odd-Roar Wiik 5.8.1991. Probably done before.
1992 Smutthullet
FA. Daniel Bidner early 1990s. It had previously been aided.
1995 A Cry in the Dark
FA. Jørgen Sundby, Niels Paulsen 1990s
1996 Kakadu
FA. Krister Johnsson 5.1996. Originally done on aid.
Ayers Rock
FA. Matt Heason, 'Max' 20 August 1996
Generation X
FA. Jason Porter, Mike Ayres 29.7.1996
2002 Gelbe kante
FA. Toby Foord-Kelsey, Toby Archer 7.2002. Initially top-roped by Arild Meyer and Magnar Osnes in 1984
2004 No Place to Flounder
FA. Max Durson, Will Wykes 12.6.2004
2007 Heart of Paradise
FA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 28.7.2007. This may have been soloed by Arild Meyer in the 1980s, in his rubber boots, whilst setting up a top-rope for his students, or maybe it was the one to the left!
2008 Demon Rib
FRA. Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 6.2008
Demo Route
FRA. Colin Binks, 6.2008