List of First Ascents

1939 Nordryggen
FA. Arne Randers Heen, Lars Nordby 6.1939
1974 Mygga
FA. Bo Nyborg Andersen, Sverre Søgaard 6.1974. They managed to drop a bag containing most of their pitons from high on the route. The name Mygga was given by a later team of climbers.
1980 Storpillaren
FA. Arild Meyer, Kjell Skog, Finn Tore Bjørnstad 7.1980. They took 26 hours. ,FFA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Robert Caspersen, Arild Meyer 2001. The young hotshots brought the grand master along because they needed someone to lead them up the last grotty pitches. In 2006 Jonas Dahlstrup and Erik Grunnesjö did it car-to-car in 12 hours - speedy!,FFA. Oskar Alexandersson free climbed the original line on p4, 1.8.2013
1997 Søring variant
FA. Anne Grete Nebell, Bjarte Bø 1997
1998 Freya
FA. Robert Jasper, Daniela Jasper 7.1998,FFA. Martin Skaar Olslund 07.2015. Thomas Meling followed 'most of it' free cleaning the pitches.
1999 Wee Beastie
FA. Mark Garthwaite, Mick Fowler 4.7.1999
2003 Genus Locy
FA. Martin Jakobsson, Fredrik Rapp 2.7.2003. Pitches 3, 4 and 5 were done by Arild Meyer and Nils Paulsen "a long time ago" in a free attempt on Storpillaren.,FFA. Martin Skaar Olslund 7.2015. Torbjørn Solheim cleaned the route on jumar.
Storm Pillar
FA. Mike 'Twid' Turner, Louise Turner 9.2003