List of First Ascents

1933 Småkallanryggen
FA. Most of this ridge was traversed in 1933 (after an attempt the year before) by Arne Randers Heen and his cousin Eirik Heen. The pair started in Trolldalen, climbed a gully up onto the ridge, and then ascended Lille Vågakallen, Kallebordet and Litlkallen before descending to Kalle.
1977 Rom and Cola
FA. Arild Meyer, Finn Tore Bjørnstad, Hans Bjørnstad 8.1977. Finn Tore was singing a line from a popular political song called 'Rom and Cola', by the Swedish rock group, Norrbottens Järn, which went something like, “We're drinking rum and cola, laying in the sun, with no worries about tomorrow.” The singing stopped when the rain started, on the last pitch.
1981 Flua på veggen
FA. Edly Grape took a serious leader fall attempting the crux pitch in 1981 - and rope-burned the mouth of his partner, Ivar Olsen, who held him. Olsen returned with Bent Svinnung and completed route on 20.5.1982
1993 Gin Fizz
FA. Ed Webster, Sander Koetsier 21.7.1993
1998 Famous Grouse
FA. Andreas Christiansen, Ragnar Ekker, Lars Ekker, Knut Storvik 1998
1999 Återstilleren
FA. Martin Jakobsson, Krister Johnson 19.6.1999
2002 A Wee Nip
FA. Jonathan Bertalot, Jim Church 10.7.2002
2004 Sex on the Beach
FA. Oskar Alexanderson, Jonas Dahlstup 30.7.2004
2008 Turborg Classic
FA. Jonas Dahlstrup, Simon Svendsen 5.7.2008
2009 Doktor Spirit
FA. Leif Gunnar Brandal, Kari Hjelkem 10.7.2009
2015 Stine in Wonderland
FA. Fan Yang, Ola Tidemandsen, Sylvain Vallaghé (alts) 18.8.2015