List of First Ascents

1976 Apa
FA. Ben Campbell-Kelly. Kjell Skog 1976. Campbell-Kelly, an Englishman, had climbed extensively in Yosemite Valley in California and, "with this climb introduced us to harder jam cracks that had a much higher pain threshold," said Kjell Skog.
1981 Puffrisset
FA. Bjørn Braathen and partner climbed the main finger-crack 6.1981. Anders Bergwall, Mark Diggins, Johan Arnegård, Dick Johansson, Anders Swensson, Stefan Palm made the first complete ascent of the route during a guide assessment for the Swedish Mountain Guides Organization in 8.1992
1992 Shivering Dick
FA. Dick Johansson, Anders Bergwall 8.1992
1993 Ormen Lange
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen, Anders Jacobsson 4.1993,FFA. Gustaf Leijontufrud, Joachim Vagner 15.8.2003
1999 Disco Volante
FA. Fredrik Rapp, Mathias Sjöberg 11.1999
2000 Baboon
FA. Tony Whitehouse, Sarah Whitehouse 2000
2006 Lemur
FRA. (Both) Rick McGregor, 24.7.2006