List of First Ascents

1969 Loose Woman
FAA. Bill Chevrest, Ian Duckworth 4.1969,FFA. Keith Darbyshire 9.1974
1970 Rite of Spring
FA. Pat Littlejohn et al. 8.2.1970
The Archtempter
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Graham Skerrat 30.3.1970
1974 Sacre Coeur
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Hugh Clarke 20.5.1974
1974 Notre Dame
FA. Keith Darbyshire, Dave Garner 1974
The Verger
FA. Keith Darbyshire, Paul Buttrick 14.8.1974
1978 Godspell
FA. Pete Whillance, Dave Armstrong 9.8.1978 (climbed in 2 pitches)
1981 Jamaican Dub
FA. Pete O'Sullivan, P.Bingham, J.Thompson 11.7.1981