List of First Ascents

1995 Ninth Wave
FA. Luc Percival 6.1995
Zimmerframe with Attitude
FA. Luc Percival, Neal Heanes 6.1995. Reclimbed by Andy Long 2004.
The O'lympets
FA. Neal Heanes, Luc Percival 6.1995
1996 Pocketful of Shells
FA. Pete Oxley 19.3.1996
Honorary Froggatt
FA. Pete Oxley 19.3.1996. Artless is a famous route at Froggatt.
Burbage Belle
FA. Pete Oxley 27.3.1996
Private Dancer
FA. Pete Oxley 4.4.1996
Thirty Years Young
FA. Pete Oxley 4.4.96
L'eau Profile
FA. Pete Oxley 4.4.1996
The Big Blue
FA. Luc Percival 26.10.1996
1999 The Waveband
FA. Pete Oxley 6.11.1999
2000 El Scorchio
FA. Rob Godfray 23.1.2000
Maximum Grrr...
FA. Pete Oxley 23.1.2000
Wall of Squares
FSA. Katie Dominey 2000
Red Crane Wall
FSA. Phil Harris 2000
White Pony
FA. Pete Oxley 24.6.2000
The World’s Best Mono
FA. Pete Oxley 24.6.2000
End of the Land
FSA. Pete Oxley 25.6.2000
FSA. Pete Oxley 25.6.2000
Sugar Daddy
FSA. Ben Stokes 25.6.2000
2000 All Things Being Relative
FSA. Matt Stammers 25.6.2000
The Red Crane Traverse
FSA. Ben Stokes, Matt Stammers 25.6.2000
2004 Chymerie
FSA. Mick Ward 12.5.2004
The Good of Sleep
FSA. Mick Ward 13.5.2004
Edge of Beyond
FSA. Mick Ward 16.5.2004
Rapture of the Deep
FSA. Mick Ward 17.5.2004
Swirling Pool
FSA. Mick Ward 19.5.2004
2006 Bent Pigeon
FSA. Mike Robertson 27.6.2006
FSA. Mike Robertson 27.6.2006
Bleating Nincompoops
FSA. Mike Robertson 27.6.2006
2010 The Huts Have Eyes
FA. John Leonard 2.3.2010
Somewhere West of Laramie
FA. Mick Ward 2.3.2010
Not in Kansas Anymore
FA. Mick Ward 3.3.2010
A Girl of the Limberlost
FA. Mick Ward 4.3.2010
2011 Games Without Frontiers
FA. Mick Ward 9.9.2011
The Dog's Bollocks
FA. John Leonard 10.9.2011
Tide and Time
FA. Mick Ward 11.9.2011
Jug City
FA. Mick Ward 1.10.2011
FA. Mick Ward 1.10.2011