List of First Ascents

1979 Perihelion
FA. George Hounsome 7.5.1979
1981 Chalkie and the Hex 5
FA. C.Ellison, H.Venables 1981. Bolted in 2002.
Chips with Everything
FA. Dave Jones, J.Kenton 21.6.1981. Bolted in 2002.
1983 Two Fingers
FA. Pete Oxley, Tim Dunsby 16.10.1983
1985 Shiver Me Timbers
FA. Pete Oxley 7.12.1985
1988 The Cutting Edge
FA. Pete Oxley 18.12.1988
Evening Mistress
FA. Pete Oxley 18.12.1988
1990 Dumbfounded
FA. Martin Crocker 15.4.1990
Rusty Chubblock Seeks Oil of Lubrication
FA. Martin Crocker 15.4.1990
FA. Martin Crocker 15.4.1990
The Mouth Waters
FA. Martin Crocker 16.4.1990
Haute Cuisine
FA. Martin Crocker 16.4.1990
The Bournemouth Flyer
FA. Tim Dunsby 29.4.1990
Hall of Mirrors
FA. Pete Oxley 3.11.1990
Europe Endless
FA. Pete Oxley 3.11.1990. This was originally a trad route which straightened an older route called Gourmet which avoided the bulge on the left.
The Sears Tower
FA. Pete Oxley 4.11.1990
Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth
FA. Pete Oxley 5.11.1990
FA. Pete Oxley 7.11.1990. Reclimbed in 1993 after losing a hold.
Flowers on the Razor Wire
FA. Pete Oxley 7.11.1990
Stompin' with Bez
FA. Pete Oxley 7.11.1990. Direct start Jim Kimber 11.1999
Bend Sinister
FA. Pete Oxley 7.11.1990
1991 The Mind Terrorist
FA. Pete Oxley 13.1.1991
New Saladin
FA. Pete Oxley 13.1.1991
Hillman The Hunter
FA. Steve Taylor 13.1.1991
Another Notch in the Gun
FA. Pete Oxley 14.1.1991
Want Out
FA. Martin Crocker 24.3.1991
The Potting Shed
FA. Scott Titt 1991
Brief Encounter
FA. Tim Dunsby 6.10.1991
Old Buffer
FA. Tim Dunsby, Nigel Coe, Scott Titt 2.11.1991
1992 Lats, Babes and Bolts
FA. Pete Oxley 29.8.1992
The Unworthy
FA. Joff Cook 29.8.1992
1993 Round the Bend
FA. Tim Dunsby 1993
1994 Live by the Sword
FA. Pete Oxley 5.2.1994
Weird Shit, Keep Drilling
FA. Joff Cook 14.3.1994
Fighting Torque
FA. Pete Oxley 14.4.1994
Tipping the Scales
FA. Steve Taylor 23.4.1994
The Breathing Method
FA. Pete Oxley 24.4.1994
Modern Nightmare
FA. Pete Oxley 29.4.1994
Leer of Beethoven
FA. Mike Robertson 7.5.1994. Variations - Pete Oxley 29.6.1996
Plyometrically Speaking
FA. Pete Oxley 12.6.1994 (solo)
Sign of the Vulcan
FA. Pete Oxley 4.9.1994
Lusty Wedlock Needs Coil of Prevention
FA. Pete Oxley 27.10.1994
Blowing the Gimp
FA. Pete Oxley 23.11.1994
1995 Deadlosski Must Die
FA. Pete Oxley 25.2.1995
Nightmare Scenario
FA. Pete Oxley 25.2.1995
Ditch the Bitch
FA. Damian Cook 14.4.95
Elephant on Rollerskates
FA. Scott Titt 1990s
Two Nuns, a Hang-glider and Jesus
FA. Scott Titt 1990s
This Shit's Something
FA. Joff Cook 1995
The Dump Pump
FA. Joff Cook 1995
Pitch in the Ditch
FA. Joff Cook 1995
Gold Dust
FA. Joff Cook 1995
Rock Logs
FA. Joff Cook 1995
FA. Mike Vaicaitis 19.7.1995
Disobedience Contest
FA. Mike Robertson 17.11.1995
Figgy Dropwise
FA. Mike Robertson 23.11.1995
Dusty Fred's Winter Collection
FA. Joff Cook. 23.11.1995
The Holy Hand Grenade
FA. Mike Robertson 26.11.1995
1996 The Blandford Weasel
FA. Pete Oxley 28.4.1996
The Vulcanites
FA. Pete Oxley 29.6.1996
1996 Knockout Punch
FA. Pete Oxley 2.10.1996
Infernal Din
FA. Pete Oxley 2.10.1996
European Flavour
FA. Pete Oxley, Barry Clarke 2.10.1996
Hurricane on a Millpond
FA. Pete Oxley 21.11.1996
1997 Nobody Runs for Free
FA. Pete Oxley 1997
FA. Unknown. Unearthed and reclimbed by Jim Kimber 6.9.1997
1998 The Running Man
FA. Mark Williams, Gavin Symonds 10.4.1998
Bogus Roof
FA. Pete Oxley 4.5.1998
1999 The Fibonacci Sequence
FA. Jim Kimber 23.12.1999. Reclimbed after hold loss by John Gaskins 2004
2002 The Ramp
FA. Unknown. Bolted in 2002.
FA. Unknown. Bolted in 2002.
Three Fingers
FA. Unknown. Bolted in 2002.
FA. Unknown. Bolted in 2002.
Rusty the Red Neck Takes one for the Team
FA. Neal Heanes 2002
2005 Ectomorph
FA. Unknown. Bolted 2000s
FA. Unknown. Bolted 2000s
Princess and the Pea
FA. Nick Hellyer 2000s
Pillow Talk
FA. Nick Hellyer 2000s
2007 Little Sod
FA. Steve Muncaster 2.2.2007
Flying Peach
FA. John Leonard 31.7.2007
Grapefruit takes a Whipper
FA. Steve Muncaster 31.7.2007
2008 Quality Family Day
FA. Marti Hallett, Paul Fields 16.2.2008
True Love
FA. Marti Hallett 16.2.2008
Baron's Revenge
FA. Steve Taylor 11.4.2008
Chicken Boy
FA. Steve Taylor 11.4.2008
Tantrums and Tiaras
FA. Steve Taylor 11.4.2008
100 Sunny Days
FA. Steve Taylor 11.4.2008
Up the Junction
FA. Neal Heanes 4.2008
Limbo Dancer
FA. Jon Howell 27.4.2008
Pop for the Top
FA. Mick Ward 10.5.2008
Bunfight at the Portland Corral
FA. John Leonard 19.5.2008
Levitation by Proxy
FA. Mick Ward 19.10.2008
FA. Mick Ward 29.11.2008
Hidden Treasure
FA. John Leonard 3.12.2008
Time Out of Mind
FA. Mick Ward 8.12.2008
Winter Sun
FA. John Leonard 14.12.2008
2009 Sun Trap
FA. Mick Ward 2.1.2009
The Bumper Fun Book
FA. Mick Ward 2.1.2009
FA. Mick Ward 2.1.2009
Far From The Madding Crowd
FA. John Leronard 2.1.2009
FA. John Leronard 2.1.2009
Whispering Gallery
FA. Michèle Ireland 27.1.2009
Queen of the New Year
FA. Sarah Perrett 7.2.2009
Six Finger Exercise
FA. John Leonard 7.2.2009
FA. Mick Ward 24.3.2009
Voices in the Bower
FA. Mick Ward 1.4.2009
2010 Voices in the Mind
FA. Andy Dunford, John Leonard (alts) 4.5.2010
Men Behaving Badly
FA. Rob Kennard 21.7.2010
Under Duress
FA. Bob Hickish 14.9.2010
2011 Sunlover
FA. Mick Ward 12.2.2011
The Portland Crowd
FA. Mick Ward 15.2.2011
FA. John Leonard 19.2.2011
Come on Eileen
FA. Adam Perrett 26.2.2011
Boys Will be Girls
FA. Mick Ward 19.3.2011
Grand Tour
FA. John Leonard 19.3.2011
Buddleia Boulevard
FA. Mick Ward 14.7.2011
FA. Mick Ward 14.7.2011
Life is Life
FA. Marti Hallett, Steve Hau 21.12.2011
Rules is Rules
FA. Marti Hallett 29.12.2011