List of First Ascents

1961 Abbot's Way
FA. Dave Bassett 16.10.1961
1967 Chastity Corner
FA. Pat Littlejohn, D.Rogers, R.Crawshaw 7.5.1967
FA. Frank Cannings, Pete Biven, Pat Littlejohn 17.9.1967 (as described)
Magical Mystery Tour
FA. Rusty Baillie, John Cleare 31.12.1967 (some aid),FFA. Frank Cannings, Pete Biven 3.1.1968
1968 Goddess of Gloom
FA. Frank Cannings, Pete Biven, Mark Springett 6.4.1968
FA. John Hammond, John Fowler, Fred Stebbings 6.4.1968
1969 Dreadnought
FA. Frank Cannings, Pat Littlejohn 4.4.1969
1969 Seventh Dread
FA. Frank Cannings, Pat Littlejohn, Pete Biven 5.4.1969 (as part of the girdle traverse The Seventh Circle.
FA. Pat Littlejohn, John Fowler, Frank Cannings 13.4.1969
1973 Rainbow Bridge
FA. Andy McFarlane, Deryck Ball 10.1973 (8pts),FFA. Nick White 9.1991 (entire traverse)
1977 Yardarm
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Dave Roberts 4.8.1977
1982 Caveman
FA. Andy Meyers, Mick Fowler 11.1982
1992 Savage Earthsea
FA. Steve Mayers 9.1992 Savage,FA. Nick White, Dave Thomas 16.8.1989 The Earthsea Trilogy part 3