List of First Ascents

1988 A Prize to Arms
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman 23.3.88. The first route climbed on Lower Empire.
Nice Move Perry
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman 4.4.88. The name quotes Mick Lovatt who described ‘I Can Taste those Cakes Already' on Pen Trwyn, a move rather than a route. In both cases he may have had a point.
Wipe Out
FA. P.Smith, N.Jowett 12.4.88
Nursery Crimes
FA. N.Jowett, P.Smith 12.4.88
FA. P.Smith, N.Jowett 15.4.88
Polo (the route with a hole)
FA. P.Smith, N.Jowett, P.Freeman 22.4.88
FA. P.Smith, N.Jowett 2.5.88
1989 Typhoon Terry
FA. N.Clacher 10.1.89
FA. N.Clacher 16.1.89
FA. W.Wayman 18.1.89
The Running Man
FA. P.Smith 1989
Going Through the Motions
FA. N.Jowett 6.89
Seagulls on Acid
FA. E.Thomas 1989
FA. N.Jowett 10.89